Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stanley Cup

Thursday, December 9, 2010

There is just nothing.....

To talk about right now. everything is going well. Finally the pens have gotten to their game for the entire month of november and so far in december. The Pens beat to the leafs last night to keep the win streak going, Crosbys point streak going and Maf's stellar play streak going. So now what? Kind of boring around Pens nation. Bylsma is even resting Malkin because of a bum knee, so we can't even bitch about him right now, although Madden certainly is still adding his 2 cents (if what he says is actually worth 2 cents).

The one thing that stands out about last nights game against the Leafs was the fact that through all of this winning and great play all around, the third period should be used as a reminder that if you don't play 60 minutes every game bad things can happen. The Pens were "lucky" enough to be up by 4 when everything fell apart. I use the term "lucky" loosely as it was a total domination until that point. That is the first time in a while where we saw a team come out and just put it to the penguins for an entire period, I think the shots ended up 15-2 in favor of the Leafs in the final period. The 3rd period also shows just how disciplined the pens have been during this streak. Lets face it, this is the NHL, all though there is sub par teams, any team on any given night can make you look foolish. The Pens took their foot off the gas for just a period and it took a few huge save from Fleury and a timely goal from Mark Letestu to put it away. To me that is the silver lining of last nights game. Its never easy.

By the way, thats what an enforcer is supposed to do. Not only that, Godard is playing some decent Hockey as of late

Go Pens

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things Were Good for A while anyways

The Penguins rattled off 2 in a row and everything was good. The Pens handled a tampa bay team without much of a problem. Maf only had to make 15 saves. It actually was a lot closer than the scoreboard says, and Maf had to play a better game than his shots against would lead you to believe, but it was a win and that is just what Fleury and the Pens needed.

Next up came the Atlanta Thrashers. That was a hard fought contest that the pens again came out on top. To be honest i'm pretty impressed with whats going on in Atlanta. They dont have that 1 or 2 superstars but they have a bunch of good players and role players that get the job done. How is Kovalchuk doing on his new team? But the pens prevail so all is well.

Now we have last night with a division rival The New York Rangers. This was a game where the pens Dominated in every aspect of this game, except for the part of potting a goal behind Lundqvist. That dude was on something for 57 minutes. The Rangers had a 1-0 lead all the way til 2 or so minutes left in the game when Kunitz and Cooke beat Lundy for 2 in the matter of 37 seconds. game over right? The Pens are up a goal with 2 minutes left. As clutch as Lundy was the entire night he had one more trick up his sleeve. He decides to smash his stick on the cross bar and throw the broken half in a ref s direction. Thus getting an unsportsman like penalty. This my friends was the play of the game. You're down by a goal your best chance is to go against the pens power play. The Pens with a man advantage are going to take this oppurtunity to ice the clock. No Bylsma is sending his top unit out there to get a goal. I take that back he wanted them to pass around in the zone for the rest of the game. Meanwhile the Pens are 0-6 so far with only 6 shots. At what point did Bylsma have enough faith in his putrid power play to believe they could accomplish this task. Maybe it was a Test.....................FAIL

Do I need to go over what happened next. Do i need to get a youtube video of the cross ice pass Malkin would try. How about the part where everybody stands around and watches Mark Staal (brother of Jordan) get to a loose puck. How about a shot that goes off Letangs stick, off Fleurys shoulder, of the left post, off the crossbar before dropping behind the goal line. Do i Need to get that video.

The All goes back to Lundy making a quick decision that if you want to beat the penguins you have to give them power play chances. I hate to blame any Penguin for what happened, heck i thought the game would end 1-0 for the Rags. Blaming a penguin would take credit away from the genius play of Queen Henrik.

I'm actually not even going to say anything about the OT period. By this point the penguins deserved everything they got in my book. A 2-1 lead with 1 1/2 minutes left, I'm happy with Adams, Crosby and Rupp kicking it around the boards with Orpik and Letang manning the points. If the puck pops out to Orpik whats he going to do? dump it!!! Nope we put are number one unit out there to start the play. Even if we needed a Power play goal, I would have trouble sending the number one unit out there.

for 58 minutes you couldn't ask for a better game. Bottom line is Henrik Lundqvist is a Genius......

Go Pens

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On My Mind...

...what's going to happen when Johnson "slumps"? With Bylsma questioning not only Fleury's abilities, but now his "psyche", I don't know how this is going to turn out. Bylsma says that Fleury lacks confidence right now...well, duh! That's because he is giving him no reason to feel confident. Pulling him after a 2-0 deficit, I thought, was a disrespectful and unnecessary move. He never would have done that last season.

Anyway, this is such a frustration to me! I love Fleury and at the same time I am glad we are winning. I don't feel that the coach is looking to the future. Crosby is doing just that & yes you too P.SQY. He knows what his goalie can do and feels he needs to be able to do so.

I love my matter what. I really miss my #11!

Go Pens!

Monday, November 8, 2010

So anything on your mind?

Is there anything to talk about in the world of Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey. Not really i suppose. We have an offensive Jaugernaut. Way better than the 66/10/68 line. Nothing wrong there. The Defense is a wall. The defense never lets a shot through that any goalie from any beer league in the world couldn't stop. so no, nothing wrong there. How about special teams. You take a Penalty, you're down a goal. The Pens Power play is money. Penalty Killing? I think the Pens could play the entire season short handed and never lose a game, hell i bet they don't even get scored on, ever. Goaltending? BRICK EPHING WALL. There isn't a shot that either of our goalies couldn't stop. Hell they are going to stop wearing pads, just to give the oposition a chance. oh yeah everything is good.

The League front office is actually going to cancel the rest of the season and hand the stanley cup to Sidney Crosby because the Penguins are unbeatable. We have the best players in the world, we have the best coaches, we have the best gm, we have the best owners, we even have the best concessions at Consol. Life is good for the Pittsburgh Penguins. A select few are even going to play some baseball this summer for the pirates to give them a boost, you know what that means, The Pittsburgh Pirates will be the best baseball team in MLB history. Thats right the Penguins are that good. The Steelers declined Ray Sheros offer to let Malkin start at full back saying it would be too much for everybody to handle, it would be 6 points everytime he touches the ball. And to think Malkin only wanted to be the 3rd down back.

Thats the way it is for the Penguins, The Consol even has UMZ's. for all you non penguin fans that is an unmanned Zamboni's. The Zambonies are driven by Nintnedo WII remotes directly from suite 66. You guessed it. the best ice in the world. I'm not even going to mention the ice girls.

The Only problem with this team is that the acounts for all message boards and blogs have vanished. Nobody is even intersted anymore. Nobody posting on lets go pens. nobody commenting over at pensblog. faceoff factor is shut down. The rumor mill doesn't even recognize Pittsburgh because there is no reason to trade anybody...ever. The Biggest Crisis in The penguins camp is there in nothing left for anybody to bitch about. No leaky defense, no slumping goaltender, no bottom feeding power play. its all gone. If Penguin fans don't have their whipping boy/boys to bitch about what would they do. The defense blows, Fleury needs to go, The Power play is simply terrible. something needs to change. Is Disco on his way out. If I hear "getting to our game" one more time i swear to god i will hope the Flyers win a game.

To all the Penguin fans out there, shut the eff up and let this play out a while. give them til thanksgiving atleast. You want to fix the offense, let them play for a few games. you wanna fix the defense, let them play. all the new faces in the defense i bet they don't even know everybodies name yet. You wanna fix your franchise goalie. Let him play. He's not going to get any better sitting on the bench. Play him. I bet if Disco would have taken my advise 3 weeks ago we wouldn't have a slumping goaltender right now, we wouldn't have as many wins as we do now, but we would have 60 some games to make them up. He would have played through it and come out on top. And for Christ sakes if your going to give him that short of a leash, don't even start him. That did more damage than good. play him. Thats the only way to come out of this. He starts stringing some wins together, starts making some saves, getting comfortable with his defense he will return to form. Its a long season, lets get this shit out of the way early so we can hit our stride when it counts, and dammit can we stick with some line combos for more than 4 minutes a game. Is it wrong to think maybe we need some time to develope some chemistry through out our lines. People are making it harder than it needs to be. Overthinking things. There is a "system" in place......I think. Lets give the players time to buy into it.

Nope its the beginning of November and we are firing our coach, getting rid of our GM, trading Malkin, getting rid of Staal cuz he's injury prone, and putting our franchise goalie on waivers. Brent Johnson is actually a clone of the dominator and is poised to take us to the promise land. You people annoy me to no end.

Lets Let this play out just a few more game. Give me 25 games, then you can start jumping off the Liberty bridge all you want. Another thing for you so called "Penguin fans" if he puts on the Penguins sweater support him, and if he isn't playing well, get behind him.

So shut for a while........Please

Go Pens

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Is Starting to Really Blow

Get a lead...keep a lead! Seem to be having a little trouble with the second part of that. How do you get 2 shorties and lose the game?!

Stop benching Fleury!...Bylsma, you are ruining this talented young goalie! You are stripping him of his confidence! He'll work out whatever it is that may be going on with his game, but he needs the chance to do it. His team is behind him, but I don't feel his coach is. Defense, keep the puck out your own end. Malkin, score a freakin goal. Last of all come back Staal, we really need you!

Go PENS! See you on Friday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Hate Pens Fans.........

O.k that may have been a little harsh. Lets say i just hate most Pens fans. Me Being a Pittsburgh Penguins fan for as long as I can remember find that the Sidney Crosby era Pens fans are a little bit to ridiculous for me to take. Lets face it, most of the fans voicing there opinions on message boards and blogs probably were not a part of this fan base in 2003 let alone the glory days of the early 90's.

Lately I've been lurking around the local message boards, you know the ones,, the HFboards, even the pens main website Just to see whats going on, and there it is, The Official trade Fleury thread. Apparently the reason for the shaky start to the season was completely 100% Maf's fault. He's not focused his head isn't in the game. The first 3 games are the same goalie that single handedly lost the habs series for us last season. "Are you serious" I ask myself. One person even says Maf has been to the playoffs for 4 straight years, and to the finals twice, He should be Mature and seasoned enough by now. How Many fans would love to say that thier goalie was in the playoffs 4 straight years and to the finals twice, winning one of them. Seriously people. Maf has taken us to the promise land. Sure there were a soft goal or 2 along the way. Name me one goalie that hasn't let in a few bad goals, and really there has only been one so far this season.

The game winner against the habs was pretty bad, but hey if that potent offense doesn't go o-6 on the power play, that goal doesn't matter. Nope we don't see that, we see the red light go on and shame on you Fleury. If that goal doesn't go in he's player of the game.

So lets go back one more game, the opener against the Flyers. Name a Penguin that was better than Fleury that game. He was Solid. The rest of the team looked like 12 year olds playing pond hockey, but Fleury did what you ask him to. Give the team a chance to win, He completely Robbed Carter with 2 minutes left giving Bylsma the chance to pull him with a chance to tie. They didn't happen of course, I'm sure that was on Fleury too.

What about the Toronto game, 10 saves on 14 shots. For all you people that just get up in the morning and go through the stats would see that that was a horrible game for Fleury, you know what, You're wrong again. Sure Fleury didnt make that "big save" but you can't say that you consider those goals soft. Screens, a back door tap in even, and of course the deflection goal that every goalie should stop, right? Fleury didn't step up and make THAT save and what happens, Coach Bylsma calls him out in the media and puts him on the bench for 4 games so far. Brent Johnson has been on a tear lately, playing some really good hockey, He was called out for the 2 he gave up against Ottawa. Really A laser from Alfy that kissed the post before going in, Thats a soft goal? Testube scored almost the same way, but that one was a perfectly placed shot. it's confusing, I know.

Lets go through the so called top Goalies in the League. Lets start with the hero For Usa Ryan Miller (which i am a big fan of by the way) How many times has he won a playoff series, sorry, I'll take Fleury. Luongo you say, yep, he had a team full of overachievers last spring what did he win. Didn't he even have the art ross winner on his team? Marty Brodeur? We all know how his playoffs has been going for the last 3 years, again, I'm taking Fleury. Henrik Lundqvist? yeah he wasn't even a part of the post season, if you win a game you're in, if you lose you're out, well he lost. Sorry I'm quite comfortable with Fleury.

I don't know what these people are expecting from there goalie, but i went through the stats, there isn't a goalie in history that never gave up a goal, never saved all of them. I know everyone has heard this before but Fleury is 25 years old, he's accomplished more than a lot of goalies will do in there entire career. I'm sure these fans don't remember when Fleury arrived in the burgh, sure he wasn't winning a lot of games, but out of all the pens goalies he was the only one that could last an entire game, every one else would be pulled by the middle of the 2nd. Most of these fans probably dont know that because they didn't watch the pens until they made it to the finals the first time.

Now everyone is saying you need to "ride the hot goalie", which Johnson Definately has a hot streak going, Bullshit. Its October. you play your starter. what is going to come out of this. A rusty Marc Andre Fleury waiting for a fanbase full of idoits to pounce on the first hint of a soft goal. Actually someone even went as low as to hope the pens win 7-6 just so he can continue to bash Maf. Nice, you're a good fan dude. Can't you go root for the Flyers.

So In the end All of you idiot Pens fans out there you have to realize something. No Matter what happens with the penguins, Sink or swim, its gonna be Fleury leading the way. And you know what, There is going a bad goal here, a puck misplayed, a rebound kicked out, but there are also going to be some wins stolen, some incredible saves and a lot more playoff series along the way.

Go Pens