Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's on

The Wicked Wrister is indeed back after a short offseason, The Pens get a break why can't I?? The Pens skated in the first preseason game yesterday. Kunitz got the game winner within the 1st minute of O.T. to beat the BJ's 5 to 4. Not That it's really a big deal, but if gives me something to read other than the Steelers. Willie Parker blows? he has for a while now. Why is it so surprising to everybody?

The Post gazette has a good recap of the first preseaon game as defending stanley cup champs. It still shocking to say to be honest, Stanley cup champs. Nowhere will it say that some scrub 4rd liner put a cheapshot on Gonch and knocked him out the Line up for 6 months. So things are going better than they did last season already.

Go Pens