Friday, October 31, 2008

Atleast we got some Shots: Pens Lose

The 1st period went by pretty fast with nothing going. The Pens 1st shot came around the eight minute mark. it was a good period for Bryzgalov to get some of his confidence back, he wasn't tested at all. the Pens just didnt look like they wanted to be there. It was trick or treat night in Dupuis's neighborhood, so he didn't show up for the game. i guess he dressed up as a Hockey Player.

The 2nd period took a few minutes to get going, early in the 2nd the Coyotes best player Dan MCcreary catches Orpik looking at a Coyote wrong,2 minutes-not having a pornstache.

The Pens Technically kill it off but Olie Dickenin will beat Fleury about 2 seconds after the Power Play was over. 0-1 Coyotes.

The Pens will get the equilizer on the Power play when Malkin bounces a slapper of the back boards only to have Satan knock it out of mid air into the back of the net, what a goal. 1-1

The Ice started tilting in the Pens favor after that, Malkin was shooting from everywhere, He would finish the period with a new Pens record of 9 shots in one period, the record was 7 shots on goal that Mario did about 6 times, the only difference is Mario Probably left the period with 3 goals.

Malkin doing all the shooting, Doan doing all the scoring. The Coyotes get the eventual game winner on a Jordan Staal boarding Penalty.

The 3rd Period had the Pens all over the place.

Crosby left for the Locker room? not again

Douche bag Carcillo takes a stupid penalty for boarding, what a cheapshot.
soon after that another d-bag puts it over the glass 5 on 3 for the Pens.
as is every 5 on 3 for the pens, it didnt last long, Satan gets called for a hook.
Then you hear 10 minute misconduct. Satan must not have agreed with pornstaches call.

Some dude makes Goligoski look like a rookie, passes to some other dude, no chance for fleury.

Doan get the empty netter.

*Goligoski had a tough game.
*Letang is a beast
*is their a Coyote that Orpik didn't hit?
*Was their a game last night? i forgot about it already.
*after all the bitching from the San Jose game, the Pens more than doubled their shot total only to get beat by more goals, the Pens shot the puck too much, thats why they lost.
*Jordan Staal let me down 2 games in a row

Pens Lose: Next game Saturday against the Blues.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Game 11 Pittsburgh Penguins @ Phoenix Coyotes

Tonight (10:00 FSN/WXDX) from the Arena The Phoenix Coyotes will host the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Coyotes, like the Pens, are having trouble putting the Puck in the net. They managed to put only one puck past the Calgary Flames goalie in a 4-1 defeat on Saturday night. Left Wing Todd Fedoruk had the goal for the Yotes.

In the 4 days off for the Yotes this week, Head coach Wayne phoned Michel Therrian and asked his advice.
HCMT always willing to help out says "you must change line around, if you dont see chemistry within first 5 minute the line must be changed".
Taking HCMTs advice, The great one has revised his line combos to look like this:

1st line: Todd Fedoruk/Olli Jokinen/Shane Doan
2nd Line: Daniel Carcillo/Martin Hanzal/Peter Mueller
3rd Line: Kevin Porter/Steven Reinprecht/Mikkel Boedker
4th Line: Daniel Winnik/Kyle Turris/Viktor Tikhonov

Goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov will get his first start in a week after sitting the past two games in favor of Mikael Tellqvist. Bryzgalov has been having a rough time in net so far this year.

It will be Hockey Fights Cancer night at Jobing.Com arena, some players will be breaking out the Pink sticks.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are also trying to get their offense started.

New Line combos:
1st line: Fedotenko/Crosby/Dupuis*
2nd Line: Cooke/Malkin/Sykora
3rd Line: Satan/Staal/Kennedy
4th Line: Biz-Nasty/Zigo/Godard

Also Dupuis left practice early today according to the [GAZETTE]. he got hit by a puck or something.

I wonder if HCMT will scratch Crosby if Dupuis can't play.
God forbid Crosby is ever allowed on the ice without Dupuis fanning on some sick passes from Sid. What would happen if Dupuis found himself a set of hands.

Interesting to see Staal back on the 3rd line tonight.
I'm gonna stick with Staal getting a goal tonight. He won't let me down 2 games in a row.

And finally in a tragic story, the Phillies have defeated the Rays to win the world series, a champioship has finally come to the city of Philadelphia.

(Our Philadelphia insider hasn't been seen since)



Is it Monday Night Yet?

Salutations, sports fans. If you don't know me, I'm Bob Smizik, sports writer extraordinaire. I have been tasked by the Wicked Wrister to provide game previews and predictions for upcoming Penguins games.

I'm new to all of this "hockey" coverage, however I did point out one of the reasons that the Pens would lose on Tuesday night. Fighting. That's all they did all night. Did you see? That's why they only had 11 shots! That Sidney guy and the Russian were too busy looking to fight. Who do they think they are? James Farrior? Now that's a fighter. If I were to build an NFL defense around anyone it would be James....sorry. I don't usually write more than one article a week. Also, that article is usually about the Steelers. Greatest team of all time. If Hines Ward would run for president and was a Republican, I would vote for him, despite the fact that I am a huge, flaming Liberal. Gay rights, people!

The Penguins tonight will take on the Phoenix Coyotes. I probably won't be watching because the game doesn't come on until 10 o' clock. That's way past this guy's bedtime. My bedtime ritual usually consists of slipping into my silk pajamas, lighting a few candles, and then crying myself to sleep as I watch either "Beaches" or "Steel Magnolias". Julia Roberts is the shit. This all takes place way before 10 o'clock so I may have to wing this one.

I don't know much about the Coyotes, but they must be one of the best teams in the league because behind the bench they have the greatest player to ever play the game, Wayne Gretzky, calling the shots as coach. Wow. I actually have heard of him. I doubt he's as good as Terry Bradshaw would've been if he'd have chosen hockey instead of football, but he's still the "Great One". Have you ever seen "Failure to Launch"? You actually get to see Terry's bare ass in that one! I fancy myself an aficionado on asses and I give that bad boy a solid "8". Even in his older years, Terry still gets my blood flowing. What a man.

There's not much more to tell you about the Coyotes. They play in Phoenix and Wayne is their coach. That's about all I have. I had a hell of a time just spelling "Phoenix" right, so google wasn't much help to me.

I'm giving the Pens the advantage tonight because they may have the best swimming team in the league. They're playing in Arizona, people. There's no way that ice doesn't melt before the game is over. It's hot there. Like it was in 1995 when the Steelers played in Super Bowl XXX. I saw Ernie Mills in the locker room after that one, naked and crying. He left my house the same way later on that week. Solid football player that man was.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Was it Really That bad?

We were there at the end!!

Although the Pittsburgh Penguins were out shot last night 462 to -3, they still could have taken that game.

Everybody today is calling for more shots on goal, better transition game, the Pens need Gonchar and whitney back. while, i agree with all of this, still the Pens could have taken last nights game.

Did the Sharks have chances to get a bigger lead? yes. Did they? no
The Pens Definately didn't play their best game by any means and what did it result in, a 2-1 loss.

Malkin missed the Net on a play which he buries 8 out of 10 times.

Jordan Staal had a sweet deflection that just missed the Net.

Pascul Dupuis was robbed on a wrister from the circle.

Crosby put one off the crossbar.

With the dismal 11 shot output, the Pens had some golden chances they let slip away.

Sabourin made a few saves that he shouldn't have to make, but he did what the team needed and what the fans expect. Sabourin stepped up when his team wasn't playing their best, and almost stole another point. The goaltenders are always the ultimate equilizer.

As with every team that goes through injuries to key players, the other player have to step it up, and Fleury and Sabourin have definately been doing that. the team owes them a few 6-5 wins and 8-7 wins.

Letang and Goligoski are going to get better as the season goes on, and with that comes the better transition game, although Letang had a solid game last night.

Come playoff time this season, with the experience Goligoski has aquired, and Gonchar and Whitney back we will have a Solid defense and one of the best transition games.

The only problem is, Who sits?

I have a bigger problem with letting 2 goal leads slip away in the 3rd period than I do a game that we clearly shouldn't have won, but at the final whistle, can't say we didn't have a chance to win.

I'm waiting to see how Smizik Says Hines Ward wouldn't have let a game like this happen.

Besides, the last 5 minutes of the game......we owned them


Just Sayin'.....

Game Recap: Penguins @ Sharks

11 shots on goal. Seriously? This also may have been the worst game for Sidney Crosby in his NHL career. Is there a stipulation in his contract that prohibits him from trying to score goals? Being an unselfish player is one thing, but by not shooting he's hurting the team.

We're just going to forget this one and move on.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pens Lose

1st Period:

Cheechoo gets a solid chance early, Sabu says no.

Godard vs. Shelley, the fight goes to Godard because the other guy has 2- girls names (Jodey Shelley)

Nabokov gets an Oscar, 2 minutes for Satan, Talbot-less pens kill the penalty with ease, Jordan Staal is a beast.

Malkin with a steal misses the net, come on Malkin, Rico Fata buries that one.

Staal tripped up the Pens go on the power play, only to have some douche bag put in a shorty. Really did the Pens have a power play, i didn't notice.

Late in the 1st period Staal had a solid re-direct only to miss the net, he will get one tonight, mark my words.

End of the 1st period:
Sharks 1-Pens 0
Shots in favor of the Sharks 6-3.
Malkin and Staal both missed the net on prime oppurtunities.

2nd Period:

The 2nd period starts out about the same way the 1st ended, the Sharks putting it to the Pens,
Sabourin makes a save through traffic that he couldn't have seen.

Pascul Dupuis fires a wrister, beautiful glove save by Nabokov.

Sharks go on their 3rd power play of the game, i wouldn't say a good kill as much as i would say the Pens survived it.

the 2nd period was all San Jose and all Danny Sabourin.
The Sharks have 367 shots on goal so far.

The Pens maybe need to try Sykora with Malkin and Crosby, i think it will works

3rd Period:
The 3rd period was all Sharks all the time.

11:08 Sharks go on the power play, Pens kill it.

Crosby draws a Penalty pens go on the power play for about 25 seconds, then Fedotenko gets called for an interference penalty.

7:08 Mike Greir* puts a back hander behind Sabourin. thats a back breaker.
for some reason Mike Grier just doesn't look like he fits out there, i don't know what it is.

It takes this long for the Pens to start playing hockey, a nice play to get out of their own zone,
and Fedotenko puts it in the net at the other end, Pens down by one with a little over 5:00 left.

the rest of the game the Pens are Pressing, this is the first time all night that it looked liked the pens could hang with San Jose, and then Matt Cooke get whistled for a high stick.

Game. Pens lose

**Sabourin is a machine

**Crosby wanted it, just not enough i guess

**Mike Greir just doesn't look right out there, i don't know why.

**Jordan Staal didn't get one, my bad

Next Game Thursday against the Gretzky and the Coyotes.

Go Pens

Game 10 Pens @ Sharks

Pittsburgh Penguins VS. The San Jose Sharks (10:30p.m-FSN/WXDX)
Tonight instead of getting home in time to crack a beer and turn the game on, you will allready have 4 hours of drinking in before the game even starts.....Good times

The Penguins will visit the HP Pavilion to battle the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks remain unbeaten on their home ice, coming off a 3-0 win over the Tampa Bay jokes

Tampa Bay Goalie Mike Smith even made 42 saves in the contest, i guess thats not bad, mafer did it Saturday night and still lost.

(Pictured: Ryan Malone not scoring goals)

Goal Scorers for San Jose were Marcel Goc/Ryan Clowe/Devon Setguchi(what).

Brian Boucher got the start over the struggling Evgeni Nabokov and he did not disappoint, stopping all 22 shots sent his way by that ever so potent offense of Tampa Bay.

Line Combos for San Jose were:
1st Line: Marleau/Thornton/Setguchi
2nd Line: Milchalek/Pavelski/Cheechoo
3rd Line: Clowe/Gloc/Geir
4th Line: Shelley/Roenick/Philihal

Joe Thornton has been a beast against the Penguins scoring 12 goals and 29 assists in 19 career games against the penguins.(holy shit)

Since This isn't the playoffs it will be a good test for the Penguins, the Sharks are a solid team all around. they're usually close to the top of the points race at the end of the regular season, they must think thats all they have to do, because they exit the playoffs rather early. not this year though, Detroit does not make it through San Jose.

The Penguins are coming off another 3rd period meltdown, letting a 2 goal lead slip away before eventually losing in the shootout. I could just see Herb Brookes after losses like these....."AGAIN"......AGAIN".....AGAIN"....."what your name?" "BROOKS ORPIK", "how many periods do you play?" "2"....."AGAIN"...."AGAIN"....AGAIN"
that probably didnt come out right.

Danny Sabourin will be starting in net tonight, usually i would think this is a bad call but Sabu played his balls off last time.

Paul Bissonette will be replacing Talbot tonight because the "undisclosed injury" bug got a hold of him. thats like the flu, it keeps spreading around the locker room like your girlfriend legs.

Hal Gill will not be playing either.......unidisclosed still.

Jordan Staal gets a goal tonight, mark it down!!

**note** if you're bored and wanna see some Beer League action, the Altlanta Thrashers will face the Philadelphia Flyers on Versus. i think jeapordy in on at that time also, you make the call.
"i will take ice hockey for $1000 Alex"
answer-he is the best diver in the NHL
question-"who is Mike Richards"
That's right for $1000.



I Hate This Game

The joke of a professional sport that is the NBA kicks off tonight. Thuggery should ensue. There are no amount of words for me to describe my distaste for this sport and its league. So here's some mug shots of some supposed NBA "All-Stars".


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It's A Hockey Night, Knuckleheads

Hello there, fellow hockey fans. Bob Smizik here. If you don't know who I am, I cover all things on the Pittsburgh sports front for a large, distinguished Pittsburgh based publication. I sometimes will even cover the Penguins from time to time. Usually when they're playing bad and I need something to write about between Steelers games. Excuse me, I just soiled myself. Just being privileged enough to follow and write about such a legendary franchise like the Pittsburgh Steelers is enough in itself to get me excited, if you know what I mean.

I have been asked by The Wicked Wrister to give you a preview of tonight's tilt against some hockey team from California. The Anaheim Sharks, I think. I'd bother to look it up, but I'm too busy rubbing Vicks vapor rub on my chest while I stare at a picture of Hines Ward. So, we'll just call them the Sharks.

The Seals have been formidable once again in the early going as they seemingly have since they came into the league in 1949. I Googled that. I believe it's right. They have top flight scorers in Bob Thornton and an Indian guy by the name of Choochoo. That name makes me laugh. The phrase "choo-choo" reminds me of watching Jerome Bettis, galloping over opposing defenders in a late December game. Snow swirling, his tight, glistening muscles working to penetrate the gaps.....sorry. I did it again. Let me clean up and we'll get back to the preview.

The Pens come into tonight on the heels of a disappointing loss this past weekend. I'm not sure what happened, but I heard they lost. They can't be doing that. I'm sure the reason that they lost is because they were too focused on fighting everyone. That's all hockey is, you know. Fighting. When the Penguins aren't fighting, they play pretty well. I saw highlights once. That Jagr guy is going to be a beast.

In closing, I give a slight edge to the Pens tonight in Sacremento. The keys to the game are the Penguins ability to not fight and score more goals than the Sharks. Fighting is bad. Only knuckleheads that don't like the Steelers enjoy fighting. Now wrestling, that might not be bad. I think the Steelers should wrestle more. Nothing solidifies team unity like wrestling. Especially if the Steelers would do it in the showers after the game. Yeah, that was too much information. Go Steelers!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Chicago @ Minnesota

Frist period:

A Pretty even match up if you ask me, nothing to write to your Mom about.
Its surprisingly up tempo considering how the wild try to put their opponents to sleep, and then score.

No Marian Gaborik, they say he's out indefinately with an undisclosed injury, i say he packing up all of his belongings and heading to Pittsburgh.

The Goaltenders are playing well, Backstrom for Minnesota and Huet for Chicago. Huet must not have let Kolzig wear off on him last season, he is actually stopping pucks.

The teams traded goals in the 1st: Patrick Sharp getting the goal for Chicago, Andrew Brunette Getting the goal for Minnesota about 2 seconds after Chicago kills a Toews penalty.

Patrick Sharp is on fire with 11 points in the last 7 games, that's impressive to anyone who doesn't have Malkin or Crosby on their team.

If i remember correctly they said Minnesota is unbeaten in regulation time so far this season, I've been drinking so i can't remember for sure, and I'm not going to look.

Now the high impact Versus Intermission report.....

2nd Period:

Around the 15:00 mark Miettien scores for the wild making it a 2-1 game, about a minute later Toews Was denied on a solid chance in front of Backstrom.

The Wild impressively kill off a 5 on 3 for 1:06, they made it look easy.

Wild on a power play, Koivu brings it over the line, passes to Brunnette, Brunette finds burns on the back, Huet didn't have a prayer. what a play. 3-1 Wild.

End of 2 the Wild lead 3-1 even though they are getting out shot by a ridiculous margin, almost reminds you of the penguins shot differentials in 3rd periods, but not quite that bad.

it took about 35 seconds left in the 2nd period for someone to mention the joke Ben Eager, i forgot he plays for Chicago, that should tell you how important he is in this game so far.

Time for another high impact Versus intermission report.....

3rd Period:

17:30 Backstrom comes up huge on a deflection from the point.

Wild have a 4 on 2, Brent SeaBrooke blocks the shot with his knee, he's not getting up, off the inside of the knee, that's gotta hurt, never mind he doesn't play in the NFL, he's back.

9:42 Owen Nolan is sent to the box for a hook, Chicago on the Power play, no dice. not even close. Minnesota is like a machine killing penalties

4:34 Duncan Keith converts a Mikka Koivu turnover. a slapshot that somehow got through Backstrom, Lindsay Soto was right in the middle of talking about Backstrom, Awkward situation. Don't talk about the goalie until the game is over.

Timeout Chicago...1:19 left

Quienville must have drawn up the wrong play. Wild Win 3-2

**The Minnesota Wild are killing Penalties at a rate of 100%, that's right, they haven't allowed 1 yet. they tied the 196-something Maple leafs for 7 games without allowing a power play goal.

**Owen Nolan has been in the league for a longtime, he can still play some solid hockey

**Duncan Keith is a solid hockey player

**Lindsay Soto is hot. i will forgive her for the Goalie thing.

**I did remember correctly, the Wild are unbeaten in regulation.

**i make my own wine, it tastes good.


The guys at Emptynetters break down who is the best.....Sid or AO.


suck us douche bags

You Stay Classy, Philly

Some asshat threw a smoke bomb on the ice during the Flyers-Devils suckfest Saturday night. No word yet if the fan has been awarded free season tickets. [AO]

The Pens Hate 3rd Periods

Sydor is requesting a trade [Faceoff Factor]. Sydor is a solid defenseman, if he can't crack the line here, Ray Shero should try to trade him, it would suck to see the last years of a good career being spent in the press box. Not to mention the 2.5 million sitting in the press box.

Eric Godard knows his role, i've said it before, he's a lot better enforcer than Larouque.

Letang is gonna practice his shootout moves, maybe Crosby could be on the ice with him.

Carolina G.M. Jim Rutherford is pissed off about the hit Doug Weight put on Brian Sutter.

It was a clean hit, this should be the first step in teaching Sutter to keep his head up.

RedWings Left Winger Johan Franzen is out 3 to 4 weeks with a sprained knee. what a shame.

Movie director Kevin Smith likes hockey. [Puckdaddy]-too bad he's a Devils fan

Goalie Manny Legace is Probably going to vote for Obama [ESPN]
• Is there an NHL team that gets stranger injuries than St. Louis? First, it was Erik Johnson in a golf cart incident. Then, Chris Mason had an emergency appendectomy. And on Friday night, Manny Legace tripped on the red carpet set out for Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's puck ceremony before the game and injured himself. "It is weird, it's just weird. But you just have to persevere and get through it, there's nothing you can do about it," Blues president John Davidson told on Saturday. Luckily, Legace is only day to day with a muscle pull.

Go Rays, dont let Philly Get a Championship


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why do they do this-Pens Lose

Sydor opens up the scoring in the first period with a shot from the point that bounced off the entire Rangers team before getting behind Lundqvist. A Goalie Like Lundqvist, sometimes thats the only way he can be beat. Other than the goal in the first there really wasn't much going on. it was the Rangers coming then it was the Pens coming.

The 2nd period was more of the same, The Rangers were putting shots on Fleury and he was turning them away, The Pens were putting shots on Lundqvist, he was turning them away.

Sid Gets his 3rd goal of the season picking up some garbage in the crease. The Rangers did have a full 2 minute 5 on 3 that the Pens killed off. The Penalty killers for the pens were unreal. Jordan Staal may not be scoring a lot but he was just a beast this game.

Entering the 3rd Period the pens had a 2 goal lead and a 24-23 edge in shots.
if it wasn't in the back of your mind then you don't know Penguin Hockey.
Like they always do the Pens Sat back and let the Rangers put it to them in the 3rd period. The Rangers outshot the Penguins 18-2 in the 3rd while getting the 2 goals they needed to tie the game up.

Marcus Naslund got the 1st goal while jordan Staal was in the box, and Zherdev got the 2nd goal with 9 seconds left in the game, putting a shot over M.A.fers shoulder.

In the overtime period the pens decided to play again, out shooting the Rangers 4-2 and having a few solid chances.

The Shootout went about as well as the 3rd period for the penguins, there was only one goal scorer and it wasnt for the Penguins.

-Jordan Staal is playing some good hockey, i dont care what anyone says
-the 5 on 3 was gold
-Fleury had 42 saves, this shouldn't be happening.
-it's still early.
-San Jose will not be an easy game.

Next game is Tuesday @ 10:00 at San Jose, how about the pens get a lead and hold onto it.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Game 9-Pens @ Rangers

Game 9-Pens @ Rangers (FSN/WXDX) 7:00 pm

The Pittsburgh Penguins will face the Jagr-less New York Ranger at Madison Sqare Garden.

The Rangers had an impressive start to the season going 5-0, proving to all the so-called experts that just because they opened the season in Europe doesn't mean they have to suck balls the entire season.

They did drop 2 in a row before regaining their winning form by beating Columbus 3-1.
Zherdev had a big night with a goal and 2 assists.

Lungqvist had 25 saves

But the biggest news coming out of that game was Rangers coach Tom Renney getting knocked out by the stick of Columbus Defensemen Dan Klesla. Renney was helped to the locker room by the assisted coaches, he did not return to the bench.

The Pittburgh Penguins are starting to heat up, winning 3 in a row, with a 3rd period rampage against the Hurricanes, scoring 3 goals in 3 minutes before ending the game with a Malkin empty netter.

The [TRIB] is reporting that Hal Gill will not be playing, althought HCMT thinks he will return to line up at some point on this road trip.

Matt Cooke is expected to play today aftere missing the previous 4 games with bruised ribs or something.



Friday, October 24, 2008

Leave Hockey Alone

Where was she last year gainst the Flyers.
The Montreal Candians invited a different kind of allstar goalie to fill in for a sick Carey Price.
If they would have had her last playoffs against the Flyers, things may have been different. She couldn't have done any worse.

The Senators coach Hartsburg hates his goalie, Gerber is having a tough time keeping the puck out of the net, and to think they are just realizing this.

Puckdaddy has a solid read on the rule changes the NHL are thinking about. to be honest i'm getting sick of everyone changing my game. leave it alone, i like it the way it is. They are so obsessed with getting more goal scoring that they are messing with the integrity of the game.
Is it to hard to comprehend that the goalies are just that good nowadays. Watch a classic game and see the kinds of goals that are being scored, the position has come along way as far a technique and equipment goes, and the conditioning of these athletes are a night and day difference.

Now they are messing with shot blocking in the league, if you have enough balls to put yourself in from of a slap shot, then you should be able to do it anyway you want. If you want Defenseman to stop blocking shots make shin pads illegal, i bet that would cut down on blocked shots.

Making the rinks bigger? This one could go either way, it would definately open things up, but i also think it would cut down on the hitting, a defensemen isn't going to go out of position to hit players anymore because it would be to hard to get back to your position.

The last 4 games i watched, Pens VS. boston/Boston VS. Buffalo/Pens VS Canes/Montreal VS. Florida have all been low scoring high paced games, and they have been exciting games to watch. Fast transition, a lot of scoring chances, and goalies playing their balls off. Last night the score was 1-0 going into the 3rd and i doubt there is any hockey fan that thought that was a boring game. I would rather see a 2-1 game with the goalies coming up big than a 7-6 game.

Hockey is more than just goal scoring, whose not on the edge of their seat when they see an odd man break or someone winding up for a slap shot from the point, or your defensemen blocking a slap shot late in a 2-1 game, your goaltender making an incredible save, a fighter sticking up for his star player, a clean body check that puts someone on their ass. if that isnt enough to excite you.......follow a different sport.


Game 8-Pens Win

Is it possible that Pens were just toying with Leighton all night, Letting him feel good about himself before before burning him for 3 goals in the 3rd period.

The scoring started with Brooks Orpik handing the puck over to Sutter for a breakaway goal in the 1st period, and it would stay that way for the most of the game, but not without the pens getting chances on the Carolina brick wall.

Crosby and Malkin would have a few good chances that only goalies on shrooms could stop, even Jordan Staal had a few shots on goal, unable to solve the Carolina goaltender.

The refs weren't calling penalties so the power play was worthless. The Crosby/Malkin 2 on 1 was a blatant hooking call that didnt happen.

It wasn't until the 3rd period that the shrooms would start wearing off and the Carolina goalie came back down to earth. With the Pens on an unusal power play, Malkin fires a slapshot, that gets deflected by Crosby and finds the back of the net. That proved to just open the flood gates, not to long after that, one of the best playmakers in the league, Jordon Staal dishes off to Fedotenko for what would turn out to be the game winner. 2-1 Pens

The Pens still not satisfied, Mad Max would come in on a semi break away and beat leighton for the 3rd goal, with a nice deke to the 5-hole. Talbots 1st goal of the season, i'm glad he listens to me, i said he needed to get in the goal column.

With the game pretty much put away, the Pens play their system and shut down the Carolina Hurricanes for the rest of the game.

With Leighton pulled fleury stops the puck behind the net, if you watched last season you knew what was coming, M.A.fer fires the puck at the open net only to miss by a few feet, he gets one this season.
It wouldn't be long after that, Crosby to Malkin which usually means- goal......Game

What a game. these last 2 games have been great hockey.

Fedotenko gets his 1st goal as a Penguin in his best game so far.

Jordan Staal had a nice game, There is some chemistry building between him and Fedotenko.
Finally Talbot gets going with a goal, he should of had 2.

Fleury was his normal self, an elite goaltender that gave his team a chance to win, he held the pens within one until they could solve the Carolina stopper.

Did Satan play lastnight?

Next Game Saturday against the Rangers.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Game 8-Canes @ pens

Game 8-Carolina Hurricanes @ Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Mellon Arena will be rocking tonight when the Carolina Hurricanes come to town. Lead by Captain Rod Brindamore, The Canes will try to build off a 3-1 win against the Ducks on Sunday night.

Goaltender Michael Leighton came up huge making 32 saves and getting the number 1 star of the game. Leighton will definately push Cam Ward this season, who really has amounted to nothing much since his Conn Smythe performance heading to the Stanley Cup.

The Goal Scorers For the Canes Sunday were Brindamore, Staal, and Ryan Bayda. i wonder if Eric Staal is related to Jordan Staal, they look alike, same last name, the only difference i see is Eric Staal can score goals.

Line Combo's for the Hurricanes that might be close to right are:

1ST line: Whitney/Brindamore/Cullen
2nd Line: Bayda/Staal/Samsonov
3rd Line: LaRose/Sutter/Eaves
4th Line: i didnt search this far

ex-penguin Dan Lacouture is playing somewhere for the Canes, As is Defensive Phenom Josef Melichar.

The Defensive unit is a talented, Mobile one wth the likes of Seidenburg/Gleason/Wallin/Pitkanen/Corvo/Babchuk. (i was kidding about the talented part)

Injuries for Carolina are:
Kaberle (Foot)
Ruutu (groin)
Williams (achillies)
Walker (Surgery on left hand)

The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming of an impressive win against Boston, Which in my opinion, shouldn't have won, but Sabu was huge. No word yet if we have a goalie controversy.

The Trib is reporting the USS Hal Gill will be docked tonight with an undisclosed injury.
Matt Cooke Practiced this week after missing a few games with bruised ribs, finally they tell us what was wrong with him. I'm sick of "undisclosed injuries.

The Pens Defense has been decent so far with Gonch and Whitney out of the lineup, Letang and Goligoski have filled those roles respectively, but replacing Gonchar is not any easy task, arguably the best blue liner in the league and the best PP quarterback in the league, hands down.

Since re-uniting Crosby and Malkin the 1st line has been impressive, the problem now lies in secondary scoring. Jordan Staal centering the 2nd line has amounted to mud so far, and it wouldn't hurt if Max Talbot got in the goal column a time or 2.

The Line Combos might be like this again tonight, although i always get burnt on that 4th line, it's either Thomas of Bissonette.

1st line: Malkin/Crosby/Dupuis
2nd line: Fedotenko/staal/Sykora
3rd line: Kennedy/Talbot/Satan
4th line: Thomas/Zigomanis/Godard

Penguins injuries:
Gonchar (shoulder)
Whitney (shoulder)
Gill (they won't tell us)
Cooke (ribs)



How About I Waste Some More Of Your Time?

Hello. Remember me? Yes, it is I, Mats Sundin. No one has talked about me for about a week so I figured it was time to ram my bald head right back up the NHL's ass. I'm coming to L.A. to showcase my vast array of diminishing skills. I hope you will attend. [TSN]

Everything Just Seems Right in the World

The Flyers continued their march back to the Conference Finals by remaining winless with a 7-6 shootout loss to the Sharks last night. That drops them to 0-3-3. I know that they've managed 3 points so far out of the charity of the NHL, but that's still 6 straight losses to open the season. And that's freakin' funny. Here's TSN's recap.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Leave Staal Alone

The Post Gazette gives us a little bit on what Zigomanis brings to the team. What a solid pick up by Shero. The Penguins finally have someone who can win a face off.

Also in that article come this:

NOTES -- Coach Michel Therrien gave the Penguins yesterday off. ... Readers of, a men's lifestyle Web site, made Crosby No. 45 on a list of men who had the greatest influence on the way other men think, behave and buy. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama (douche bag) was No. 1.

Miro Satan is on pace to be in a pretty Distinguished Crowd. Will he hit the 47 Goal Plateau?

The Bruins went to another shoot out last night against the Sabres and lost again. I tuned into this game on versus last night. What a hockey game, Ryan Miller made a few incredible saves to keep it tied late in the game. Vanek had the shootout winner, making Manny Fernadez look foolish.

The grades for the Bruins game are up over at Faceoff Factor.

They say that was the best goal tended game this season, i have to disagree, Fleury was incredible in the devils game. Sabu was good for sure, but i dont think that good.

The flames beat the Caps Last night [TRIB]. No word if Ovechkin actually played or if he spent the entire game trying to injure someone.

Barry Melrose and the Lightning finally got a win last night against the thrashers [tsn]. hey the sun shines on a dogs ass every once in a while, speaking of a dogs ass, Recchi had a goal in the contest.
Colby Armstrong and Todd White had the goals for Atlanta

The NHL governors are thinking about adding another team to the Toronto market. They really should work on making existing ones solid before adding anymore, But like most NHL decision makers they find the common sense choice, and pick the other one.

In Avangard Omsks first game since the tragic death of Cherepanov, his NO.7 Jersey was raised to the rafters, and an announcement was made that it will never be worn again. I couldn't imagine what the players were thinking trying to get through that game.

in a shocking turn of events Philadelphia Flyer douche bag Steve Downie Was sent to the phantoms [TSN]. unbelievable, Mike Richards was quoted as saying "he needs to play more like me, i showed him how to sucker punch people, and he did well at it, but when i tried to show him how to dive like i do, that's where everything falls apart". its rumored that Richards and Brierre both tried to teach him how to dive but he just couldn't grasp it.

Bring on the Canes tomorrow, i heard from somewhere that Staal has a brother on that team.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Is Too Easy

The Washington Capitals have decided for some unknown reason to invite fans to dress up for an Ovechkin look-a-like contest. [Japer's] No word if the neanderthal will have the last say on who wins. This is good for the self esteem of any disheveled, toothless, homeless people around the D.C. area. They should come up with some candidates that can win this hands down.

AO: I am not amused.

AO's mother: Neither am I.

A Sad Day For Hockey

The Flyers have sent down scoring sensation Steve Downie and some other tool to their minor league affiliate. He's been instructed to practice hitting people from behind more. [TSN]

Here's Steve getting the upper hand in the only "fight" he has ever won.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pens Win

First Period:
Other than the score board it was all Boston in the first period. The Pens gave the Bruins 3 power plays, with some solid kills.
the only real threat was the second power play when it seemd like the Pens couldn't win a face off to save their balls.

Godard and Thornton tried to fight but , Thornton forgot how to skate and ended up on his back. Lets do it again so Smizik has something to write about.

And finally at 1:09 mark Miro Satan comes out of the box and puts home the rebound from a Malkin shot. 1-0

The first period belonged to Sabourin, it could have easily been 3-1 Boston. Sabu made huge saves early and often.

2nd Period:

Early on Crosby and Malkin almost make it a 2-0 game but Tim Thomas was there.
About the 16:20 mark Biz nasty was looking for a fight, but then realized Smizik might be watching so he toned it down a little.

Am i mistaken or did steigy use "power move" for the first time this season, Godard had 2 of them this game.

12:52 mark- the Penguins get their first power play of the night.
it took a little under a minute to get set up, no goals, but a solid look.

Around the 7:15 mark the Bruins get their forth power play chance and it didnt take long.
Phil Kessel finally gets one past Sabourin, what a shot. tied up 1-1

At 5:06 the Penguins go on their 2nd Power Play from a blatant trip by some douche bag.
Do Boston fans even know what a Penalty is, Go home and watch the Sox game.......oh nevermind they lost. Pens fail on the power play (0 for 2)

It got interesting towards the end of the period, Crosby and Savard go at it in the corner.
Crosby got the better of him since Savard was on his back his back the entire time.

Right at the end of the period Pascul Dupius explodes into someone, i've never seen him do that before, but i would like to see more of it.

End of the 2nd-tied up 1-1

the 3rd period starts out 4 on 4 as savard and Crosby are still in the box.
nothing really going on, back and forth with no real chances at anything.

it wasnt until about the 12:50 mark that Crosby finally gets a shot on goal (unless i missed one, i like to drink beer during the game), he shoots right into the logo on Thomas's jersey.

it started getting a little scary after that, Sabu had to come up huge a few times to keep the score even. The Pens should have been losing at this point.

The 1st line is about the only line that could really hold any sustained pressure this period, but there weren't any good looks at the goal.
Fedotenko had a good 3rd period, maybe his best period as a penguin.

Steigy must be gettin into mid-season form, i heard "power move" twice and he calls Tyler Kennedy "Little Tiger". he really needs to quit calling him that.

End of Regulation still tied 1-1.


Sabourin has to come up big again at about the 3:45 mark. this game should have been over, he was just insane the entire game.

2:00 minute left Orpik chips it up the boards to a waiting Malkin, who takes the pass right out of mid air, what a play, he made it look easy. it turns into a 2 on 1 with malkin and staal, nothing going. i dont know if staal was shooting or dishing back to malkin, either way thomas got a pad on it.
Malkin was hauled down on the play and the pens go to a 4 on 3 power play with 1:52 left.
Finish on a power play right? nope. Staal gets a slashing penalty. he had to know the refs would be looking for an even up call.

3 on 3 for the rest of O.T. which was fun to watch but i would rather be watching the pens on a power play.

End of overtime score:1-1


1st up Letang VS. Thomas=he loses the puck on the way in (0-0)
2nd: Kessel VS. Sabu= goal (0-1)
3rd: Sykora VS. Thomas=Goal what a move, he used that last season in the playoffs against biron (1-1)
4th: Bergeron VS. Sabu= missed the net, no goal (1-1)
5th: Crosby VS. Thomas= no goal, come on Crosby make a move (1-1)
6th: Ryder VS. Sabu =big save (1-1)
7th: Satan Vs. Thomas=Save (1-1)
8th: Krejci VS. Sabu:=poke check maybe- no goal(1-1)
9th: Malkin VS. Thomas=goal (2-1)
10th: Savard VS. Sabu=blocker save (he was still thinking about Crosby putting the beat down

Pens Win-what a fun game to watch

Next Game thursday

Go Pens

Game 6-Pens at Bruins

Game 7-Pittsburgh Penguins at Boston Bruins (7:00-FSN/WXDX)

Tonight from the TD BankNorth Garden Arena (fleet center) the Boston Bruins will host the Pittsburgh penguins.

This is Boston's home opener so i expect them to come out flying tonight and try to impress the home crowd.

The Bruins coming off a 4-2 win against the Ottawa Senators Saurday night.
Phil Kessel had a big night with 2 goals and Marc Savard Cont'd his pace with 3 assists.
Marco Sturm and Milan Lucic had a goal a peice.

The Bruins have a couple of injuries already with P.J. Axelsson questionable and Kobesaw out with an ankle injury for tonights game.

The line combos for tonight should be something like this:
1st line: Lucic/Savard/Ryder
2nd line: Sturm/Bergeron/Kessel
3rd line: Wheeler/Krejci/Noklainen

The 1st and 2nd lines have some fire power, Center Marc Savard is on a tear right now potting 5 goals and getting 4 helpers already.

Their Defense is decent. They have 12'-4" 450 pound Zdeno Chara(c) back there, Aaron Ward, Dennis Wideman, Ex-penguin Andrew Ference (we all know what happened last season), Shane Hindy and Marc Stuart.

the Defensive core is mobile and likes to pinch, so heres to the pens transition game getting some of the defenseman caught in their own zone.

The Goaltenders are All-star Tim Thomas and often injured Manny Fernadez, no word on who is starting tonight but i would say its Thomas as Fernadez got the start against Ottawa.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming off a 4-1 win against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night, with milestone nights for both Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, Which got ignored in the news this morning because the Steelers beat some half rate team on sunday. Oh my god is Hines Ward gonna get fined for that hit, who cares. I can't wait until Big Ben chokes in the playoffs.

Sidney Crosby Hit 100 goals, 200 assists, and 300 points (do the math)
Evgeni Malkin hit 200 points

Tonight marks the 1st road game inside North America.

the line combos will be the same as they were against the Leafs
1st line: Malkin/Crosby/Dupuis
2nd line: Fedotenko/staal/Sykora
3rd line: Kennedy/Talbot/Satan
4th line: Thomas/Zigomanis/Godard

Defense again should be the same:

This should be a good test for the defense, shutting down the top 2 lines of the Bruins will not be an easy task.

Starting netminder for tonight Fleury or Sabourin (how is that for vague).

UPDATE: The Penguins Website is reporting that Danny Sabourin will get the start between the pipes tonight. Tough call with the offense Boston has been putting out.
Paul Bissonnette will be on the forth line with Zigomanis and Godard, Cooke did not make the trip to Boston because of a secret injury.



Sideshow Bob

Bob Smizik is up to his old ways again. [PG] You have to read this article to really appreciate the stupidity of this man. Congrats to him, though, as he's managed to fit a Steelers reference into his 300th straight column. After reading it, the Pensblog sprang into action. They completely owned him.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pens 4 Leafs 1

Some quick notes on the pens Leafs Game.

Game 6 Saturday night turned out to be the Malkin and Crosby Show. Crosby and malkin
both had a 4 point night playing on the same line. Crosby had one goal and 3 assists, Malkin had all 4 assists.

It probably wont last long, but Crosby and Malkin on the same line is just fun to watch, and Satan looked a lot better on the 3rd line i thought, or did getting demoted light a fire under his ass, either way he played a solid game tonight.

Crosby finally got his 1st goal of the season in Mario Lemieux Fashion, with a bank shot from behind the net, and getting 2 assists from 2 insane passes, one to Satan and one to Sykora, both identical plays, both beautiful passes.

Fedotenko seems like he is just lost out there at times.

Fleury is just a machine, another solid performance by M.A.fer. he made every save he should have and a few that he shouldn't have.

Goligoski continues to impress, it seems like he is getting better and more confident everygame.

Although we gave them way to many power plays in the !st period, it took Toronto almost 7 mins of to finally put one past fleury.

Toronto has a few young players that are impressive to watch, Schenn and Kuleman are solid hockey players.

Cujo had a decent game, other than getting caught out of position on the Crosby goal, i thought he played a solid goal.

nice win!!

Next game against the Bruins in Boston on Monday. that should be a good game to watch.
Boston will be good this season

Go Pens

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pens VS Leafs Game 6

Game 6- Leafs at Pens
Game time: 7:00 (FSN/WXDX)

Tonight at the Melon Arena Tyler Kennedy and the Pittsburgh Penguins will host Mats Sundin and the Toronto Maple leafs......oh wait a minute, Mats Sundin doesn't play hockey anymore.

(Toronto Maple Leafs 1967 Team picture)

The Leafs are coming off an upsetting 0-1 loss to the New York Rangers in the shoot out.

Ryan Hollweg will be sitting his 2nd of a 3-game suspension for a Hit from behind, but as usual he says he didnt deserve it.

Right Winger Nikolia Kulemin will be hanging with Geno on saturday night, Those 2 were teammates back with the Magnitogorsk team in Russia.

Kulemin has been a pleasant surprise for his Head Cocach Ron Wilson in his Rookie season, while verteran Matt Stajan has been worthless.

Starting netminder tonight for the Leafs is rumored to be Curtis Joseph, while starter Vesa Toskala will probably get a rest because he played one hell of a game last night against the Rangers.
Line Combos for the leafs are something like this:
1st Line=blake/Antropov/Panikarovsky
2nd line=Hagman/Grabovski/Tlusty
3rd line=Kuleman/Moore(ex-pen)/Steen
4th line=whoever is left.

Defensemen: Tomas Kaberle, Luke Schenn, Pavel Kubina, Jeff Finger*, Jonas Frogren, Mike Van Ryn, Carlo Colaiacovo, Ian White, Anton Stralman.
Offseason accuisition and Mega-star defensemen Jeff Finger will not be in the line-up Tonight,
with him out of the line up the pens stand a chance.

On paper the leafs Look like bottom feeders for the entire Season but with Ron Wilson behind the bench, i dont think i would take this team lightly.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will look a little different tonight. Like always, when the Pens can't get an even strength goal what does HCMT do? That's right the 1ST line tonight will be Malkin/Crosby/Dupuis.
Maybe Staal centering Malkin and Crosby, MT should try that a little bit. It would remind me a little bit of when Francis was Centering Lemeiux and Jagr. With Staal at center, Crosby and Malkin wouldnt have to worry about their defensive game as much. Malkin could be like Capt. Caveman and hang out at the red line all game and take runs at people.
The other lines will round out like this:
2nd line=Fedotenko/Staal/Sykora
3rd line=Kennedy/Talbot/Satan
4th line=whoever is left

if you ask me, Crosby and Malkin will be playing together until Gaborik gets here.....i heard Mario is starting to clean up the guest room in the basement.

Left Winger Matt Cooke (torso) or center Mike Zigomanis did not practice on Friday, MT is keeping Zigo's injury a secret [TRIB].

From the Trib:
• Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury was presented a gift from a fan after practice -- a $1 bill with Fleury's portrait replacing former president George Washington. "I gave him a stick, he gave me that," Fleury said. "It's kind of a nice trade, I guess



Friday, October 17, 2008

And So It Starts

It took 5 games, but to be honest i thought it would have happened sooner.
The Post Gazette is reporting that HCMT has change the line Combos, and you guessed it, you will see Crosby and malkin on the same line.

Staal will move to center on the 2nd line.

HCMT say, "unacceptable"

Faceoff Factor has the grades for this melt down we witnessed last night.

The Penguins will Celebrate Hockey Fights Cancer Saturday night against the Leafs.

It Must be True, Marian Gaborik is scratched [Puckdaddy] he must be getting traded.
dont believe me? I also heard that he sent a txt message to Sidney Crosby asking if there is another room available at Mario's House. No word yet on who would have to take the trash out.

TheForthPeriod said they are already shopping Gabby around so eat it.

The Red Wings Chris Chelios says Joe Elliot is a Douche Bag. He did that to the cup on purpose.

Well, Chris Chelios of the Detroit Red Wings isn't buyin' it. Really not buyin' it. The outspoken and ageless defenseman appeared with JJ & Lynne on WCSX-FM (94.7), and said someone should have "drove that guy, he did that on purpose." The Freep reported on his conspiracy theory that's one Chupacabra away from Fox Mulder territory:

I'm Feeling a little better now about watching Capt. Cavedick take runs at malkin all night, and our team leaving after the 2nd period to catch the last episode of family guy.
the Leafs are toast

Go Pens


I dont understand why won't Malkin Stand up for himself? Instead of dropping an Elbow into that ugly Bastards Jaw, He whimpers like a little girl. I bet his bottom lip was even sticking out. Maybe Bissonnette could let him borrow one of his Huge Balls!! I agree with Arlow also. Where is the rest of the team when this shit is going on??


Want a recap? The first and second period, the Pens were the tits.
The third period they turned to ass.

Can I ask the question for the 4th straight match up with the Caps as to why no one on this team will stick up for Geno against the Caveman Cocksucker? What is it going to take? Geno getting knocked out for half the season with a concussion? I'm not saying you gotta slew foot him (hint) or anything, but it would've been nice to see someone take a run at him in Malkin's defense. Just a thought. Do you think they would've put up with this crap if it was Sid he was going after? I doubt it.

I do have to add that Semin is a beast. This guy is going to score 40+ goals this year. Mark it down.

This is no time to panic. I have to keep saying this to myself and I believe it. It's only 5 games into a very young season. But to lose to a team that we've dominated in recent years and to do it in the fashion that we did is troubling. The lack of even strength offense has to be addressed.

Time to move on. Bring on the Leafs!

Go Pens

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pens Lose

So i started writing a game recap for tonight but, what seems like the thing to do tonight is quit after the first period, which is what i did.

Someone forgot to tell the Penguins that once you get a 3 goal lead the game doesnt just end, you have to keep playing.

it's game 5 there is a lot of hockey to be played this season.
Obitchkin is a douche bag.

I've Seen That Fish Before

This is too easy.

Oonga Boonga

"Yeah...ha, ha....real funny Semin."

Pens VS Caps Game 5

Game 5: Pittsburgh Penguins Host the Washington Capitals

The Capitals coming off a 5 to 1 ass beating of the Vancuver Canucks, while setting a team record of allowing just 10 shots to their opponents.
Alexander Semin had 2 goals, and Nylander had a goal and 2 assists.
Capitals Capt. Caveman Alexander Ovechkin was held pointless for the 2nd time in 3 games. (They should trade him)
Geico-so easy Alexander Ovechkin could do it.

With Kolzig down at that other pens team stationed in Tampa Bay, The Penguins chance of scoring have been greatly reduced, but Last season the pens got help from an unlikely source.

(lets hope he pulls thru for us again)

To say the least, the Caps are loaded up front.
The Line combos last game were:
1.) Capt. Caveman/Backstrom/Kozlov*
2.) Laich/Federov/Semin
3.) Fleischman/Nylander/Clark
* Rumor Has it that Viktor Kozlov could miss tonights game and the next 2 weeks with an injury.

The Penguins on Tuesday night Beat the Philadelphia d-bags 3 to 2 with an o.T. goal by Pascul Dupuis.
The Pens still aren't clicking on all cylInders, although the last game looked a little more promising, if your not beating the flyers by at least 5, you're not really there yet.

The biggest thing the Pens need to do right now is put the puck on net, and why not start tonight the Capitals goaltending blows right now.

The projected lines tonight are whatever the hell HCMT decides in warm-ups,but these might be it:



Just Sayin'....

Got to love rumors and this one is picking up steam. []

I'm Just an Ordinary Average Guy

After 4 games so far this Season Sidney Crosby is on pace to be average. Post gazette
Mark Eaton knows what its all about:
He's due for an explosion here pretty soon," defenseman Mark Eaton said yesterday. "As long as we keep finding ways to win games, I don't think anybody cares who puts up the points, but it's like a time bomb waiting to go off. He's ready to throw up a four- or five-point game here any night.

The Trib is saying the Capitals are a lot like the Pens [trib].
i have to agree, Like them or hate them, If you're a fan of hockey you will enjoy watching the Caps.

The Faceoff Factor has the grades posted for the Pens VS. d-bags game.
Something tells me he's not a fan of Satan and Fedotenko.

The Godard fight was one of the best, it rivals the Roberts Beat down on Eager last year.

Thousands pay Respect to Cherepanov [TSN]. I'm still in shock over this tragic story.
Yahoo has a solid read on the Jiri Fischer incident in 2005.

Pens VS Caps GDP later


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And Boots Comes to Life

All 4 readers that frequent this site are probably wondering why their are 4 writers listed but yet all 3 people have been posting, well after a long and exclusive investigation we have found out the reasons why the infamous Boots has not been in the spot light.

After we found him in a pool of someone elses urine, we cleaned him up let the smoke clear so to speak and asked him some questions about where he's been, and how he has gotten to this point

Introducing the wicked wrister's contributor: Boots

1.) So When did you become a hockey fan?
Boots: the 2006 season, i think, holy shit how do i know

2.) At what point did you decide the penguins were your team?
Boots: i liked the fact that most of the players were young and that they worked hard to earn respect in the NHL.

3.) What's your fondest memory in you hockey fan career?
Boots: Being in the crowd at the igloo when the pens put away the flyers to win the conference

4.) If the Penguins were to win the Stanely cup, How would you Celebrate?
Boots: lots of beer.. a day off work and a trip to pittsburgh

5.) if the Pens were to lose to the flyers by a score of 15-0 how would you react?
Boots: id wake up. thats not ever going to happen. The Flyers suck

6.) You do a lot of Work behind the scenes for the Wicked Wrister, explain what you do?
Boots:I oversee the technical look and feel of the blog and add input to what the blog means to hockey

7.) Do you sometimes feel unappreciated by the writers of the Wrister? Explain how that makes you feel.
Boots: i get depressed sometimes because i dont feel i am part of the wicked wristers... Sometimes i go home and beat on the wife to cheer me up.. but at the end of the day im still sad

8.) If you could say one thing to them right now, what would it be?
Boots: we need porn,NO ARLOW..not men getting into bathtub porn either. nothin else comes to mind, who wrote these dumbass questions?

9.) There was recently some controversy within the Wricked Wrister, they caught you rooting for the flyers, what was going on in your life to make you hit rock bottom?
Boots: Drugs...lots of drugs!

10.) Can you explain the obssesion you had for Steve Downie? and when did you realize he was a homo with no hockey skill?
Boots: All Flyers Fans like him, it didnt take long to realize they must like him for something other than hockey skills

11.) have you ever contemplated taking your own life while watching the flyers play? if yes, how many times per game would you say you have these feelings?
Boots: it wasnt until afterwards that i was so embarrassed that taking my own life seemed like the only option.

12.) you went into hiding after that and told them you were fixing your house, explain why you lied to the wrister?
Boots: i was embarrassed to say that i rooted for the flyers. I figured to lose friends is better than admitting i had problems like that.

13.) After you came out of hiding you never told them about the flyers, you let them find out for themselves, how did they react?
Boots:They still hate me... everytime i see them they look at me with disgust

14.) How Does that make you feel?
Boots: its my fault, i hated myself for being a flyers fan, i dont blame them.

15.) Now that your life is back on track and you're a Pens fan again, do you think back on the dark days and wonder how retarded you must have been to root for the flyers?
Boots: i try to forget those days. Ive done alot of stuff im not proud of but those days are the worst.

16.) Now that you're a Pens fan again, what is it like to once again have relations with the opposite sex as opposed to a homosexual lifestyle?
Boots:It feels great...I suppose anybody would be happy not having to cheer for homo's like Steve Downie.

Did I Miss Something?

Game #4 - Pens Win

First off, Mike Richards is probably the biggest douche in all of hockey. That's a ridiculous accomplishment for someone who plays on the Flyers because you'll always have someone on your team challenging you for that spot. The Pens didn't have much going on in the first period. Then came the incident that I mentioned above. Crosby was held up on one of the most obvious interference calls I have ever seen. On the ensuing faceoff, Richards decided to use his face time and berate Sid. I hate Downie. I hate Cote. I hate Briere. But this assbag takes the cake. He takes it upon himself to tell Sid how much of a disgrace he is to the league every time they play. Then he does this:

I don't know if this was a dive, but it must be. Simply because it's Richards. Mike, you are a dick. Go to hell.

Other than that scenario, not much else happened in the first. Cote and Godard threw down. Truly one of the better fights I've seen in a long time. The final punch gives Godard the win.

Second Period

The Pens Powerplay finally looks like something resembling a unit that may score a goal or two this year. However, the first unit could not get the job done. Bring on the offensive juggernaut that is Brooks Orpik. He pulls of his patented floater. Pens 1-0

Shortly after that, Cooke ruins a Flyers life behind their own net and centers a puck to a wide open Zigmanis. Pens 2-0

It looked like things would stay that way, but in the final minute of the period, Hal Gill continued his march to the Rocket Richard Trophy as he notched his second goal of the year. If only he could bury it in the opposition's net. Pens 2-1

Then, before you could get over swearing at your T.V., Simon Gagne quit drooling on himself and crapping his pants long enough to deflect in the equalizer on a shot from the point. 2-2 Well, Shit.

End of the Second.

Third Period

Good period of hockey. But neither team was able to capitalize. It looks like Jordan Staal's inability to bury the puck has followed him into this season (sorry, wickedsister). Great chance lost.

End of third.


Just for the record, shootouts are overrated. I don't mind them but would much rather have an overtime goal than a shootout victory 100 times out of 100.

Pascal Dupuis answered my prayers with under a minute left as he beat Nittywhatever high glove side from the left wing boards.

Pens win 3-2