Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pens VS Caps Game 5

Game 5: Pittsburgh Penguins Host the Washington Capitals

The Capitals coming off a 5 to 1 ass beating of the Vancuver Canucks, while setting a team record of allowing just 10 shots to their opponents.
Alexander Semin had 2 goals, and Nylander had a goal and 2 assists.
Capitals Capt. Caveman Alexander Ovechkin was held pointless for the 2nd time in 3 games. (They should trade him)
Geico-so easy Alexander Ovechkin could do it.

With Kolzig down at that other pens team stationed in Tampa Bay, The Penguins chance of scoring have been greatly reduced, but Last season the pens got help from an unlikely source.

(lets hope he pulls thru for us again)

To say the least, the Caps are loaded up front.
The Line combos last game were:
1.) Capt. Caveman/Backstrom/Kozlov*
2.) Laich/Federov/Semin
3.) Fleischman/Nylander/Clark
* Rumor Has it that Viktor Kozlov could miss tonights game and the next 2 weeks with an injury.

The Penguins on Tuesday night Beat the Philadelphia d-bags 3 to 2 with an o.T. goal by Pascul Dupuis.
The Pens still aren't clicking on all cylInders, although the last game looked a little more promising, if your not beating the flyers by at least 5, you're not really there yet.

The biggest thing the Pens need to do right now is put the puck on net, and why not start tonight the Capitals goaltending blows right now.

The projected lines tonight are whatever the hell HCMT decides in warm-ups,but these might be it:



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