Friday, October 24, 2008

Leave Hockey Alone

Where was she last year gainst the Flyers.
The Montreal Candians invited a different kind of allstar goalie to fill in for a sick Carey Price.
If they would have had her last playoffs against the Flyers, things may have been different. She couldn't have done any worse.

The Senators coach Hartsburg hates his goalie, Gerber is having a tough time keeping the puck out of the net, and to think they are just realizing this.

Puckdaddy has a solid read on the rule changes the NHL are thinking about. to be honest i'm getting sick of everyone changing my game. leave it alone, i like it the way it is. They are so obsessed with getting more goal scoring that they are messing with the integrity of the game.
Is it to hard to comprehend that the goalies are just that good nowadays. Watch a classic game and see the kinds of goals that are being scored, the position has come along way as far a technique and equipment goes, and the conditioning of these athletes are a night and day difference.

Now they are messing with shot blocking in the league, if you have enough balls to put yourself in from of a slap shot, then you should be able to do it anyway you want. If you want Defenseman to stop blocking shots make shin pads illegal, i bet that would cut down on blocked shots.

Making the rinks bigger? This one could go either way, it would definately open things up, but i also think it would cut down on the hitting, a defensemen isn't going to go out of position to hit players anymore because it would be to hard to get back to your position.

The last 4 games i watched, Pens VS. boston/Boston VS. Buffalo/Pens VS Canes/Montreal VS. Florida have all been low scoring high paced games, and they have been exciting games to watch. Fast transition, a lot of scoring chances, and goalies playing their balls off. Last night the score was 1-0 going into the 3rd and i doubt there is any hockey fan that thought that was a boring game. I would rather see a 2-1 game with the goalies coming up big than a 7-6 game.

Hockey is more than just goal scoring, whose not on the edge of their seat when they see an odd man break or someone winding up for a slap shot from the point, or your defensemen blocking a slap shot late in a 2-1 game, your goaltender making an incredible save, a fighter sticking up for his star player, a clean body check that puts someone on their ass. if that isnt enough to excite you.......follow a different sport.


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