Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pens 4 Leafs 1

Some quick notes on the pens Leafs Game.

Game 6 Saturday night turned out to be the Malkin and Crosby Show. Crosby and malkin
both had a 4 point night playing on the same line. Crosby had one goal and 3 assists, Malkin had all 4 assists.

It probably wont last long, but Crosby and Malkin on the same line is just fun to watch, and Satan looked a lot better on the 3rd line i thought, or did getting demoted light a fire under his ass, either way he played a solid game tonight.

Crosby finally got his 1st goal of the season in Mario Lemieux Fashion, with a bank shot from behind the net, and getting 2 assists from 2 insane passes, one to Satan and one to Sykora, both identical plays, both beautiful passes.

Fedotenko seems like he is just lost out there at times.

Fleury is just a machine, another solid performance by M.A.fer. he made every save he should have and a few that he shouldn't have.

Goligoski continues to impress, it seems like he is getting better and more confident everygame.

Although we gave them way to many power plays in the !st period, it took Toronto almost 7 mins of to finally put one past fleury.

Toronto has a few young players that are impressive to watch, Schenn and Kuleman are solid hockey players.

Cujo had a decent game, other than getting caught out of position on the Crosby goal, i thought he played a solid goal.

nice win!!

Next game against the Bruins in Boston on Monday. that should be a good game to watch.
Boston will be good this season

Go Pens

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