Friday, November 28, 2008

We Need to BE down By 3 Going into the Third: Pens Lose

Get of the Ice Andrechuk, we have a hockey game to play.
Bob Errey mentions that is Fleury's birthday. get back Fleury.

17:42 The Pens own the 1st power play chance of the game. and it is par for the course, Crosby has to backcheck his balls off to stop a 2 on 1. Sabres kill the Penalty easy.

12:49 Talbot, which I didn't think was playing tonight, goes to the box along with some Buffalo d-bag. 4 on 4 hockey for 2 minutes.

9:30 The 3rd line gets it started for the Pens, Matt Cooke makes a beautiful pass to Kennedy for the 1st goal of the game. 1-0 Pens

8:35 It didn't take long, the Sabres tie it up with the same play the Pens used to get the 1st goal. Afiniginov to Stafford 1-1

7:49 Satan misses a sweet opportunity to deposit a rebound, off the side of the net. you gotta put that in Satan

6:21 Penguins get another Power Play, or as i like to call it, a waste of 2 minutes. Goligoski buy a penalty. The Sabres kill that Penalty with their eyes closed, they didn't break a sweat.

3:52 Dupuis draws a Penalty on a break away, Bob Errey wanted a Penalty shot. I have to agree, anything to keep the power play off the ice would be a good thing for the Penguins right now. Satan makes it east on the Sabres, he gets called for a hook that negates the rest of the Pens Power Play. 4 on 4 hockey for the next 30 seconds.
The Pens kill of the rest of the Sabres Power Play.

End of the 1st Period:

**The Penguins Power Play is not clicking right now.
**New Goaltender John Curry is starting his 1st NHL game.
**Did i mention the Pens Power play sucking right now

2nd Period:

19:03 Staal steals the puck in front of the net, Miller makes a save without seeing anything.
Curry makes a huge save on the other end. this why i like the Pens VS Sabres, up and down action, Western teams should watch this one.

16:40 Satan takes a hard hit from behind. 2 minute Power play for the Penguins, as usual, the Penalty killers get the better of the chances, Curry makes a huge save. Malkin takes a hooking Penalty in the Process, 4 on 4 hockey for 30 seconds. The Penguins end up killing the Sabres Power play.

8:28 Orpik Ends a Sabres Life against the Boards, he goes to the box for intereference.
a Power play goal by some d-bag Sabre 2-1 Buffalo.

7:05Crosby Ties the game up, batting the Puck out of the air, What a goal. Bob Errey informs us that Crosby practices that constantly. 2-2

4:41 Brooks Orpik draws a hooking Penalty driving to the net, yes that's what i said, Orpik draws a hooking Penalty driving to the net. Coach T tries to decline the Penalty but no dice, the Pens are forced to send their Power Play out. and yes the Sabres kill it off.

2:23 Hal Gill gets called for something. 2:00 Power Play for the Sabres. Vanek miises the wide open net behind Curry. Vanek Pisses himself and trips up Letang. 4 on 4 hockey

1:09 Crosby scores on 4 on 4 hockey, another Nice goal by Sid. 3-2 Pens

:29 Pominville head to the box, another Pens power play. 4 on 3 for a few seconds, then a 5 on 3.

End of the 2nd Period.

**is Curry the next Ty Conklin?
**Crosby is playing the way we are used to seeing him play.
**According to Steigy everything a hockey player does is on purpose.

3rd Period:

The Penguins will start the 3rd Period with a 2-man advantage
I know its hard to believe but the Sabres kill off the Penalty.

16:47 The Sabres tie it up. 3-3

The middle of the 3rd was some solid up and down action, just nothing happened that was important enough to write down.

7:46 we get to see Curry's glove hand, what a save to keep the game tied.
Curry has been making some huge saves, he's gonna have to go score a goal also because the Pens are playing some bad hockey right now. There are to many turnovers in the Neutral zone and right inside their blue line

3:24 and there it is, the Sabres take the lead on a give away. The way the Pens were playing it was only a matter of time. Curry can only do so much 4-3 Sabres

The Pens pull Curry for the extra attacker, and had a good chance to tie it up but the ref decided to blow the whistle. Game Pens lose

**Curry had a strong game
**The Penguins just looked bad in the 3rd Period.
Next Game tomorrow against the Devils.

Game 22: Piitsburgh Penguins @ Buffalo Sabres

Bring on the Sabres (7:38-FSN/WXDX)

Tonight the Penguins travel to Buffalo to take on the Sabres. If you read this blog you know I love games between the Penguins and the Sabres.

The Sabres snapped a 5 game losing streak by beating the surpisingly dominant Boston Bruins Wednesday night. Derrick Roy had 2 goals in the win.

Heres an interesting stat i discovered from Yahoo sports: • This is the ninth consecutive year the Sabres are playing games the nights before and after Thanksgiving. Since 2003, the Sabres are 8-0-1 on the two days. Looks like the Goose egg in the Regulation loss column will be a memory after tonight.

First Line: Paul Gaustad/Jochen Hecht/Jason Pominville
Second Line: Thomas Vanek/Derek Roy/Drew Stafford
Third Line: Maxim Afinogenov, Clarke MacArthur/Mark Mancari
Fourth Line: Andrew Peters/Adam Mair/Patrick Kaleta

Defensemen: Jaroslav Spacek/Andrej Sekera/Craig Rivet/Toni Lydman/Teppo Numminen/Henrik Tallinder.

Goaltenders: Ryan Miller/Patrick Lalime

Tim Conolly and Ales Kotalik are both out with injuries.


The Pittsburgh Penguins were on the better side of a 3-0 comeback on Wednesday night. The 1st Penguins hat trick of the season belongs to Evgeni Malkin. Sidney Crosby had an average night for him, but a big night for normal NHL players like Alexander Semin, scoring a goal and getting 2 helpers in the contest.

Because of an injury to Max Talbot The Penguins have Recalled Janne Pesonen from WBS. You suppose if i predicted he gets 2 goals tonight i would be out of my mind? i'm gonna do it anyways. No word on which line he will be playing on, if i were a betting man i would say he will Dupuis moves up to the top line.

Sidney Crosby loves Pittsburgh. As compared to Lebron James who loves the spotlight. Don't compare hockey players with basketball player, please. unlike the NBA, There is not any hockey Players that consider themselves bigger than the sport.



We Still Got the Win

I apologize to all the Pens fans out there. As you've heard i picked up Sabourin in my fantasy league the other day. Everyone is aware of what happened I'm sure.

Although Sabu may not have had his best game in relief of Fleury, the Pens still got the win. So all is well. I did this to Conklin last season, After i picked him up, although still decent stats he gave me, he started to play like a normal goalie.

Marc Andre Fleury was just SICK in game 5 in the SCF. That was one of the best goaltending performances i've ever seen

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Anyone looking for a reason why the Pens will lose this game tonight you can blame Paure Sqy. He picked up Sabourin in our fantasy hockey league. Good job.

Game 21: Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Islanders

Game 21: Pens @ Islanders (7:08-FSN/WXDX)

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins battle the New York Islanders. Say what you want about the Islanders being in the middle of a rebuilding process, With veteran Doug Weight leading the charge, this Islanders team is smoking right now going 7-3-1 in their last 11 games. Even with all the injuries they are dealing with including all-star goalie Rick Depietro on the shelf.

The Islanders got a sweet win the other night against the Montreal Canadiens. I don't know if you heard about the impressive goal Guerin got to tie the game up, but it will be talked about for a long time. Serves the Habs fans right for stuffing the Ballot box to get their entire underachieving roster into the all-star game.

I got these Line Combo's from yahoo:

First Line: Sean Bergenheim/Doug Weight/Bill Guerin.
Second Line: Andy Hilbert/Josh Bailey/Trent Hunter
Third Line: Jeff Tambellini/Richard Park/Jon Sim
Fourth Line: Mitch Fritz/Jeremy Colliton/Tim Jackman

Defensemen: Mark Streit/Radek Martinek/ Andy Sutton/ Chris Campoli/Bruno Gervais/Brett Skinner.

The Islanders have some injuries:
• C Frans Nielsen is gonna miss some time from a dirty hit from some d-bag Devil.
• All star Goalie Rick Depietro had surgery, he will be out for a while.
• RW Kyle Okposo is out for something
• C Mike Comrie had some surgery this offseeson
• C Nate Thompson is out for something
• D Freddy Meyer had some surgery
• C Mike Sillinger is almost back from some surgery.

The Drive for five has an Islanders quarterly report up.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming off a 3-1 loss to the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks used a method that seems to be sweeping the West. their game plan: Lets ice the puck so much that it puts the other team and their fans to sleep, then the Sedin Homos will sneak in and score a goal. Don't knock a game plan that works i guess. It must suck to be a vancouver fan.

The Penguins did learn something out of that game: Their Power Play Blows, and they need to work on it.

Back-up Goaltender John Curry has to battle a lot, that's what everyone says anyways. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Faceoff Factor is all business with the game preview.

There is still no Mafer, still undisclosed day to day

If Sabourin has a bad game tonight, you can blame me. I snatched him up in my Fantasy league.



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Killing Time

Anyone that was a child in the 80's will appreciate this. Here's the worst G.I. Joe vehicles of all time. [Cracked]

Have A Look Inside

An early X-mas present from us here at the wicked wrister.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

i can't think of Anything

Best Goalie in the east Marc Andre Fleury might not be coming back anytime soon, the gazette is saying he can't finish a skating workout. I don't know what the big deal is, why can't they tell us what injuries players have.

The Power play sucks and Coach T is gonna do something about it. Tyler Kennedy will be on the top power play unit. Maybe the Pens should try to utilize Max Talbot on the 1st or 2nd unit.

Letang and Orpik play well together. I would like to see Letang put a couple in the back of the net. His Defensive game is good, now lets work on some offense.

Mario Lemieux Needs your help, go vote for the Best Captain. Right now Steve Yzerman is winning and i'm sick of the Redwings.

After a late surge the Washington Capitals still suck. i hate the way the Minnesota Wild play but seeing Ovechkin makes me want to puke. this is actually starting to Rival my hatred for Philly.

Ryan O'byrne decided to score in his own net last night to tie the game and cost Montreal a point, as they endd up losing in O.T. Funny thing is he probably has 335,000,000 votes for the all-star game.

What a douche bag.

Claude Lemieux must have spent all of his money on drugs and hookers, he is trying to make a comeback. The 43 year old Goon signed a try-out contract with San Jose. Thats what we need another dirty player in the NHL.

(if he continues to do this to the Wings, i will be cool with it)

(yinz luv da guins episode 5)

Saturday to wednesday, Too many days off.

Go Pens

Monday, November 24, 2008

Trade Annoucement

The St. Louis Blues sent forward Stempniak to the Toronto Mapleleafs for Steen and Colaiacovo. [TSN]. Whatever i guess, does anyone even care about this. HockeyBuzz says this might be leading up to the Sundin Signing when Burke gets in town. I've had about enough of Sundin signing here/signing there.

This Week in Penguins Hockey

This week marks the 1st time the Pens will play back to back games since the Season Opener in Sweden. The 1st game this week is in Long Island against the Islanders on Wednesday, it doesn't matter how good the Islanders are each season, the Penguins always seem to struggle against them. The Pens won the 1st game 4-3 in a shootout. Frans Neilson of the Islander received a knock-out elbow from Devils defenseman Mike Mottau that will cause him to miss 8-12 weeks. Mottau received a 2-gamer for it, but the Islanders and some bloggers are thinking he should have gotten more. Was the hit payback for Doug Weight laying out Sutter earlier in the season, doubt it, if it was payback for the Doug Weight hit, Mottau would have hit Doug Weight.

Friday marks another match with the Sabres, this time it will be in buffalo. The 1st meeting between these 2 teams ended in a 5-2 win for the Penguins. The Sabres have fallen on some hard times as of late, Saturday marked their 5th loss in as many games, to make matters worse they got shut out by the Flyers on friday, if that isn't a kick in the balls, i don't know what is. As always i look forward to playing the Sabres, unlike the Canucks game, this game is how hockey is supposed to be played, not the icing game the Canucks play. Die By the Blade has a little more info on the losing streak.

On Saturday the Devils come to town for the 2nd meeting of the season, the 1st meeting the devils won 2-1 in O.T. that was the game where Fleury have 742 saves and still lost the game. If i remember correctly it was Parise that got the back breaker in O.T. in case you have been dead for the last 3 weeks or so you should know that Devils all-star goalie Broduer is out for like 4 months or something with an injury. 2Man Advantage is where its at.

The Gazette has a good article on why you can't spell "Shero without "Hero" how solid was the Zigomanis pick up.

The Penguins site is informing us that Defenseman Ryan Whitney is practicing with the team. Whitneys return could spell the end of the road for Goligoski, he will probably be sent to WBS until Shero makes a trade at the deadline, with all the NHL ready defenseman the Pens have, You know Shero is gonna make a deal on March 4th.

Looking for some updates on Marc Andre Fleury? Good luck so am i.

Go Pens

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sedins are Homo's: Pens Lose

Game 20: Vancouver Canucks @ Pittsburgh Penguins

1st Period:

19:35 Cooke throws a nice hip check into some Canuck d-bag and all hell breaks loose. Like a scene from slapshot there is 3 different fights going on. Kennedy, Orpik and Cooke are all knuckleheads. Some how Cooke gets a game misconduct out of it, and the Pens come out of it with a power play. Tough blow for Cooke, i'm sure he was looking forward to playing his old team.

The Pens get some solid chances on net, with Luongo coming up big, Sykora bounces one of the Pipe to the right of Luongo. Canucks kill the penalty

17:16 Talbot and O'brien go to the box for something, i didn't catch what it was. 4 on 4 hockey for the next 2 minutes.

15:06 Luongo's oversized pads gets the best of him, it looked like he pulled something of twisted something, we won't be seeing him again today. Back-up Curtis Sanford comes in in relief. Pens get a power play chance again.

Now Staal runs Sanford, he goes down, hey i play goal in a beer league maybe i should go down to the arena, i might get in the game. Turns out he was just trying to buy a penalty. The Cunucks kill the Penalty.

11:58 Vancouver goes on the Power play, Solid play in the zone but i don't think they got a shot off, Penguins kill off the Penalty.

7:03 Sabourin has to make a big save on a juicy rebound he gave up. nice save, bad rebound.

5:37 Crosby gets a feed on the back door, off the heal of his stick. You gotta bury that Crosby.

4:21 Some Canuck d-man shoot the puck over the glass, delay of game Penalty. The Pens turn in one of the worst power plays i've seen. The Canucks kill it with ease.

1:55 Pavol Demitra gives the Canucks a lead. a weird goal to give up i guess. 1-0

End of ONE:

**I still can't think of a reason why Cooke should have gotten a game misconduct.
**Crosby is playing a good good game but he should have buried that one-timer.

2nd Period:

19:45 Orpik beaks up a Canuck 2 on 1 perfectly. he made it look easy

18:30 Canucks get a power play
Orpik detroys one of the Sedin homo's behind the net. Talbot loses his stick, 5 on 3 1/2. Pens kill off the Penalty

13:10 One of the Sedin Homo's gives the Canucks a 2-0 advantage. It hard to make a save when you're in the net Sabu

The middle of the 2nd period is about as exciting as watching flies fuck. Icing/icing/icing/offsides/hand pass, by the way the pens do have a shot yet this period.

8:24 The Penguins register their first shot of the 2nd period.

1:50 the Pens go on a power play. no dice so far. 10 second to work with to start the 3rd period.

end of TWO:

**i really don't have anything to say

3rd Period:

19:38 Mike Zigomanis cuts the Vancouver lead in half, sneaking a puck under the pads of Sanford.

17:38 Sabu comes up big to keep the pens in the game.

The Pens are starting to get the bettere of the play.

Scuderi breaks up a 3 on 2 with Vancouver's top line, what a play by Scuderi.

Coach T units Crosby and Mlakin to ignite some offense. but nothing doing.
Demitra gets the empty net goal: Game Pens lose 3-1

**The Refs missed at least 4 calls in the last 5 minutes of the game, but it doesn't matter the Pens power play was garbage the entire game.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Puckheads VS. Convicts

The recent article at Puckdaddy about the NBA attendance dropping and the NHL holding steady for the most part, and he list some reasons why. You can throw all the charts and graphs at me you want, A profesional Basketball game is boring. Say on a rare occasion there is a close game, it takes 15 minutes realtime to play the last 2 minutes of a basketball game to decide the winner. If it looks like you touched somebody, the whistle blows and you shoot 2. Wow foul shots are exciting. or this is a good reason also

(this is the only way to make the NBA exciting...what a game)

In my opinion the problems the NHL has with getting new fans is the speed, and rules of the game. Most people don't get it. Did you ever watch hockey with someone who have never seen a game, how many questions did they ask you? Hockey can be a confusing game for the newcomer or the Casual fan. Better yet did you ever watch a hockey game with an avid Football fan, trying to get into Hockey? That is comical?
**Why do they just throw the ball down to the other end of the Field? There isn't anybody down there.
Why are they allowed to play with more players than the other team?

Or if you're watching with a Flyers fan they only have one question, Why does my team suck every year?

The rules of Hockey are confusing and the speed is breathtaking at times. There isn't 40 seconds between plays to break up the action, they don't get 5 time outs a game, and you are allowed to hit other players.

I'll take Hockey and it's Fan base just the way it is.

zzzzzzzzzzzz....Huh! Whoa! What A Game!

Excitement. Nail-biting tension. That's NFL football and no one, and I mean no one, does it better than the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you didn't almost wet yourself with excitement last night watching the Steelers-Bengals tilt then call a doctor because you are almost surely not alive.

The Steelers pulled out a tough one last night with a 27-10 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. In what was surely the NFL's game of the week even though it's only Thursday the Steelers not only battled a dominant defense but also had to deal with mother nature. Well, God found out once again that there is no stopping the Black and Gold. Ben was back. What a gamer, a true competitor. I tweak my nipples just thinking about the performance he put forth last night. Even though he barely completed 50% of his passes, he was the difference. The way his passes frequently flew over the heads of his receivers only goes to prove my point that he has the strongest arm in all the football world. Once we draft some 8' receivers in the next draft Ben will be on the road to Canton.

Willie Parker torched the 20th ranked Bengals defense for 37 yards. He surely would've had 200 plus yards but this was clearly Ben's night. Why risk an injury to a guy that's already missed almost the entire season? I say let Ben keep throwing the ball 40 times a game and only good things can happen. I wish he was gay.

Also, there was a hockey game last night somewhere. I think the Pens beat the Braves or some shit. In all fairness, shame on the NHL. They should have know better than to schedule a Pens game on the same night as a Steelers game. I bet half the people in Atlanta didn't even show up to stay home and catch the Steeler's game on T.V. There's a strong following around this country for the Steelers and if the NHL had half a brain in their head they would avoid scheduling any hockey games on nights that the Steelers play. Just a suggestion. Thank old Bob when you try it and it works.

Smizik out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do We Have to Play Them Again: Pens Win

1st Period:

17:27 Satan gets the first shot of the game, Pavelec eats it up.

17:01 Boucher goes to the box, The Thrashers own the first Power play of the Game.
Crusher puts a decent wrist shot on net, Sabourin is there. Christiansen does have a nice wrist shot, its just not often he hits the net with it.

15:19 Kozlov gets the first goal of the game, Sabourin makes a nice save on Kovalchuk, but kozlov puts the rebound in. 1-0 Atalanta
The Thrashers get another power play, the goal was scored on a delayed penalty, the Pens kill the second Penalty.

9:03 Satan evens the game up off of a nice feed by Dupuis, nice play by Satan to handle a hard pass. 1-1

Tyler kennedy rips on from the knoll, Pavelec is there.

Wow everybody was bitching about the Wild game being slow, there are some many whistles in this game it has the flow of an NFL game, the only thing missing is Big Ben throwing a couple picks.

Cooke hobbles to the bench after taking a slapshot of the skate, tape it up and get back out there.

Armstrong tries to lay Crosby out behind the net, not gonna happen Colby.

End of one:
**This game is sloppy on both ends, no flow at all.
**Atlanta has the better of the play so far, that isn't saying much

2nd Period:

17:43 Sabourin makes a big save on Reasoner, the game is starting to open up a little bit early in the 2nd Period.

17:05 Talbot takes a stick to the face, Pens get their 1st power play of the night. Pavelac makes some big saves. The 29th rated Penalty kill in the league kills it off.

14:08 Cooke lays out Kozlov, what a hit.

13:15 with the entire Thrashers team looking for a piece of Cooke, he Draws an interference call.

12:33 Reasoner heads to the box, the Penguins get a 5 on 3. Pavelac comes up huge as does the post. Oh my god the Thrashers goalie just got a drink of water while play was going on, unbelievable. the 29th rated Penalty kill and a water drinking goalie kill off the 5 on 3, and then eventually kill of the rest of the penalty.

10:28 The new guy heads to the box, this is not good, Atlanta has the momentum from a big Penalty kill, but the pens prevail.

7:36 Crosby gets a beautiful goal from a kennedy pass. 2-1 Pens.

6:11 Slater ties it up, Sabourin was calling for a do over, he wanted that one back 2-2

End of the 2nd:

**the later parts of the 2nd has some solid hockey going on.
**soubourin would probably want another look at the Slater goal.

3rd Period:

Letang Destroys White in the Corner, he didn't know his name after that, what a hit.

18:49 Sabourin shuts the door on Kovalchuk on a semi-breakaway.

10:12 Dupuis heads to the box for hooking. Pens kill it with ease.

5:12 Sabourin stones Christiansen from the faceoff dot, Seconds later sabourin has to come up big again on Reasoner, how he made that save he probably can't tell you. insane

3:44 Crosby draws a Penalty behind the net, Pens go on a power play.

2:40 The Pens cash in on the Power play, Sykora deflects a Crosby shot. 3-2 Pens. huge

:40ish The Thrasher pull their goalie for the extra attacker, no dice


**Its a win against the Thrashers, take it for what its worth.....2 points

It's A Football Night In Pittsburgh.

Pens preview? Get the fuck out of here. The Steelers play tonight.

Quick...I've Got Semin On My Ovechkin

Some douche for the Hockey News ranks the top duos in the NHL right now. Yeah, I'd vote for Semin and Ovechkin too because Semin has done nothing before this season. [THN]

Game 19: Pens @ Atlanta (7:08-FSN/WXDX)

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins battle the Atlanta Thrasher at the Philips arena in Atlanta. Both teams are coming off games in which they had winning streaks snapped, The Thrashers had their streak ended at 5 games when the Philadelphia Flyers beat them 4-3 [recap]. The Thrashers did storm back from a 2 goal deficit in an impressive 21 shot 3rd period, only to have some flyer dick beat Hedberg for the game winner.

The biggest story for the Thrashers is the lack of scoring from All-star winger Ilya Kovalchuk, Don't worry all you Kovalchuk fans, next season when he plays for Pittsburgh he will be filling the net at a record breaking pace.

The Thrasher Lines go a little like this:

First Line: Slava Kozlov-Todd White-Bryan Little.
Second Line: Ilya Kovalchuk-Jason Williams-Erik Christensen.
Third Line: Colby Armstrong-Marty Reasoner-Chris Thorburn
Fourth Line: Eric Boulton- Jim Slater-Eric Perrin

*Goaltneder Kari Lehtonen is out with back problems.
*Defenseman Mathieu Schneider is out with a hip flexor problem
*Defenseman Zach Bogosian is out with a broken leg or something.

The Thrashers411 has a solid preview up already for tonights game.
Also head over to Blueland Blog for a trivia question.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were also victims of a winning streak coming to an end, although it took a shootout to decide it so they have a point streak going. Playing the Atlanta Thrashers tonight may seem like an obvious tally in the win column. The Pens haven't won in the Philips Arena since the 2004 Season.

If you want to hear anything about the Penguins game on radio shows or news programs good luck, the Steelers play tonight, so it will be all morons calling into talk about Big Ben not being worth his contract or reruns of in the huddle/the Jeff Reed show/The Jerome Bettis show/The Charlie Batch show/The Mike Tomlin show. We are currently trying to get in touch with Bob to make sure he will be doing his version of the Pens game preview. His night stand consists of Jergins hand lotion, a box of tissues and a picture of Hines Ward so, he may not get out of bed today.

Marc Andre Fleury is still secretly injured, he did not make the trip to Atlanta, But Coach T says he might be ready to play Saturday [gazette].

The infamous Colby Armstrong will be meeting with his best bud tonight. [Penguins]

Looking for game day previews? This is the one you want!



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Bored

Put your hi-score in the comments

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

JOKE: Pens Lose

Its nice to hear that Keith Jones can pronounce Goligoski now, what a dick.

1st Period:
Jordan Staal gets the first shot of the game, a wrister easily gloved by Backstrom. The third line has picked up right where they left off last game.

The Pens own the Minnesota Wild early on. Orpik has a nice hit on Koivu behind the net.

12:03 Zigomanis finally scores one off the faceoff, wrong net. I'm not sure how that got through Sabourin, but Brunette gets a goal without ever touching the puck. 1-0 Wild

11:53 Matt Cooke bails out his goaltender, Ties the game up with a goal: 1-1
3rd Line=beast

9:25 We get our 1st look at the new guy, it's nice to see he isn't afraid to get in front of a shot.

Somemore Pens owning the Wild ensues. i thought this Wild team was known for their Defense, looks to me Like it has more to do with the Goaltending, or are the Pens that good.

2:40 The Wild get the first power play of the game. Letang heads to the box for a trip.
The Wild have a solid power play, keeping the Pens in their own zone for most of it, but only registering 1 shot. The Pens kill it.

Right after the Wild power play Malkin gets a Semi break away. no dice. We all know what he usually does on a breakaway, nothing.

The Wild almost get one past Sabourin at the buzzer.

End Of ONE:

** This is surprisingly fun to watch, considering the Wild system, maybe because the Pens are putting it to them
** Probably the softest goal given up by a Penguin Goaltender, Sabourin looks like he is fighting the Puck a little bit.
**Has the top line made to the offensive zone yet, Seems like they can't get the Puck out of the Wild zone.

2nd Period:

18:15 Sykora gets a solid chance from right in front. No dice, Backstrom is there.

17:16 Crosby makes a beautiful pass to Talbot, again Backstom is there. The ensuing faceoff is why by Zigomanis to Dupuis again Backstop is there.

15:26 Staal is pissed off and wants to beat someones ass, Reitz is the unlucky Candidate. unlike Staals last fight, this wasn't just a wrestling match for 1:30. Staal landed a few before he fell to the ice.

13:38 The Post behind Sabourin come up big with 2 saves from right in front. The 1st shot gets a post to the right of Sabourin and the rebound shot gets the Post to the left of Sabourin, wow, what save.

It seems like since the Staal fight the ice has tilted in the Wilds favor, as they are getting the better of the play.

8:49 Too many men on the ice Penalty for the Wild. i actually cringed thinking about what The Pensblog is gonna show for this one. The Pens Power play was a joke, Goligoski got a shot on net that my dog could have stopped.

(Champ makes that save every time)

I guess thats why they have the best Penalty kill in the league

6:26 Malkin gets hit in the face with the puck. The Season is lying on the ice behind the net. Malkin heads to the locker room.

The Pens start to pick up the Pace, a turnover by the Wild, Talbot elects to shoot on the 2 on 1 with Crosby, I bet he knew Crosby was gonna go 5-hole' Backstrom was there.

Crosby gets a solid chance late, but nothing doing, can he shoot at a corner?

End of TWO

** Sabourin looked like he settled down a bit for the Second.
**It Was cool to see Staal fight, but leave that to the players that aren't scoring right now.
**Backstrom is a beast

3rd Period:

Sabourin is forced to make a save early.

The Pens top lines get some things going in the Wild zone, Then it looks like Crosby just quit, he easily slides a pass over to the Wild so they can take it the other way. It looked bad to me.

16:01 Staal draws another Penalty, Minnesota have been slashing him all night. what gives
The Top power play unit was all over it this time, they should have got a goal, but no dice, Wild Kill it.

13:16 Sabourin plays a puck into the stands, 2:00 delay of game Penalty.
the Linesman gets hit with the puck and rolls around on the ice for a while in obvious pain, what a beast he's back on his skates. Pens kill the Penalty.

Satan almost gets one on Backstrom by the Obvious hook holds him up, no call, no goal
The Linesman ends up leaving the ice. you're no Daisy, you're no daisy at all.

7:11 Fedotenko draws an interference Penalty, What a pass with a skate by Malkin, just sick that it was, but it did no good Wild kill the Penalty.

1:18 Dupuis sends a bomb in on Backstrom, kicked to the corner, Malkin hammers one from the faceoff dot, outside of the post.
Sabourin had to come up with a huge ass kick save late in the period, what a save.

We are headed to overtime:

The extra period starts out with some back and forth hockey, i didn't think Minnesota knew how to play that type of game.

1:28 Burns gets called for a highsticking Penalty. 2:00 Pittsburgh Power play
What a joke of a 4 on 3 power play that was. The Pens manage one shot on net. The Wild kill it.


1st shooter: Sykora tries his patent backhander-glove save
2nd shooter: Zidlicky makes Sabourin look funny-goal
3rd shooter: Goligoski tries the move that won the game against Philly- no Dice
4th shooter: Meittinen wrister-glove save
5th shooter: Sidney Crosby, do i even have to tell you what happens. If Malkin isn't doing the shootout neither should Crosby, give someone else a chance.

**Atleast we got a point
**Solid game against a good defense
**Backstrom was the difference

GAME Pens lose

GAME 18: Wild @ Pens

Game 18: Minnesota Wild @ Pittsburgh Penguins (7:00-Versus-WXDX)

The Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Minnesota Wild tonight in a showdown of neutral zone turnovers and dump and chase hockey. The Minnesota Wild under coach Jacques Lemaire Play a boring style of defensive hockey. I wouldn't circle any Minnesota game on the calander as a "must watch" unless it was against the Pens. Did anyone catch the Wild VS. Bluejackets game this past weekend, I would bet a NFL game had just as much action.

Oh my, that was painful," Wild center Eric Belanger told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune after Minnesota's 3-2 shootout victory. "I mean, they play the way we play. We had a taste of our own medicine. They don't give you much, like us. It was tough not to get frustrated. It must have been boring for the fans."

That Defensive style Hockey has a lot to do with why Wild goalie Backstrom has an 11-0-3 record in his last 14 games, and why the team is still winning a lot of their games with out star winger Marian Gaborik. He will miss his 14th straight game tonight with an undiclosed lower body injury. The Wild have an impressive 22 goals this season, tieing them for dead last in the NHL with the Ottawa Senators.

Star Defenseman Brent Burns has been moved to play the wing on the top line:

First Line: Andrew Brunette-Mikko Koivu-Brent Burns.
Second Line: Owen Nolan-Eric Belanger-Pierre-Marc Bouchard.
Third Line: Stephane Veilleux-James Sheppard-Antti Miettinen.
Fourth Line: Derek Boogaard-Benoit Pouliot-Cal Clutterbuck.

Russo Rant has some info including a late goaltender injury for the Wild.

With a name like Clutterbuck you have to fight a lot through out your life.

The Pittsburgh Penguins come into tonights game riding a 6 game winning streak, beating the likes of the Detroit Reddicks, Philadelphia Flyers, and buffalo Sabres along the way. Tonight they will be minus the best goalie in the East, Starter Marc Andre Fleury will be sidelined with an undisclosed injury.[Gazette). He leaves this game in good hands though, Danny Sabourin has been playing his balls off when called upon.

It looks like the New Guy will be playing tonight, No word on who will be filling Sydors spot in the press box yet, if i were a betting man i would say it will be Mark Eaton.

WBS goalie John Curry will be sitting in the runway playing the back-up role.

If you're looking for a game preview, if you don't check out Faceoff Factor you're making a big mistake.

If the pens lose tonight you can blame it on Bob for his post earlier today, i don't know why we renewed his contract.



Back To Normal

Call me crazy, but things just seem "right" with the world when the Steelers win. The sun shines a little brighter, the birds sing a little louder. Even my erectile dysfunction seems to fade a little. It's truly a wonderful thing. Hopefully this winning keeps up so I have to cover hockey less and less. You see, for me, the Pens are just a "fuck buddy". I only use them when I have to until I can hook back up with old reliable. The Steelers have shit the bed in recent weeks and it truly pains me to write anything derogatory about them so I've used the Pens as an outlet. Unfortunately, they keep winning. A lot. I'm no good writing about hockey unless I'm ripping it apart despite my overall lack of knowledge toward the sport. Hey, that's how I roll. Deal with it. However, due to my new contract with the Wicked Wrister, I will continue to do my previews. I'm not happy about this shit. Here we go.

So the Pens play the Wild tonight. Nice fucking name. Is that an adjective or a noun? Can you use it in a sentence? I'd like to find out if a coked up Santonio Holmes is wild in bed. What a joke. I like to rub one out to a picture of Hines Ward while strangling myself and listening to the call of the wild. See what I mean? No one knows. That's why Minnesota sucks.

As I stated before, the Pens have won a few games in a row. I'm not sure how many so don't ask me. I believe they will respect the Steelers and lose tonight. They've stolen the headlines long enough. Now that the Steelers have won they should step aside and give the black and gold their due. Back to the shadows where you belong.

Out of utter respect for the Steelers, the Pens will lose tonight 7-0.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Call Us The Jeffersons

Some team from Pittsburgh is sneaking up the power rankins. [TSN]

This Week in Penguins Hockey

1st off so long Darryl Sydor. when you played, you played well. Hello Philippe Boucher, don't screw up. The fans here are a pretty unforgiving bunch.

Coach T says it does not appear to be serious but THIS BLOWS. Fleury has an undisclosed injury and will not be playing tomorrow night.

Courtesy of theTrib Jordan Staal wants to get a deal done.
Jordan Staal's representatives and the Penguins are now cautiously optimistic of reaching a tentative agreement on a contract extension for the center, who can become a restricted free agent on July 1, 2009. Friends of Staal say he has conveyed to his agents a strong desire to sign a long-term deal - preferably soon. Staal's agent is scheduled to be in Pittsburgh on routine business this week.

The Next game for the Penguins is on Tuesday, when the Minnesota Wild come to town. The Wild play some boring hockey with the defense 1st and score off of mistakes mentality. With Wild superstar Gaborik on the shelf with an undisclosed lower body injury this should be a game of clogging up the neutral zone turning the puck over. On Saturday the Wild beat the Bluejackets 3-2 in a shootout [recap]. Backstrom got the win in net for the Wild. Reitz scored his first NHL goal. I'm glad he got that out of the way, it seems like every game someone is scoring their first career goal or their 1st goal of the season against the Penguins. Russo's Rant has a solid view of the Wilds last game.

Thursday the Penguins travel to Atlanta to play Colby Armstrong and the Atlanta Thrashers. The Thrasher got beat 4-3 by the hated Philly Flyers yesterday [recap]. Whether you like the Thrashers or not, you hate to see a team lose to the Flyers. The Thashers are a surprising 7-8-2 this season. This game should be a win for the Pens, even if they own one of the best goal scorers in the League in Kovalchuk. Get the 411 on the Thrashers

Saturday marks a showdown with the Vancouver Canucks. I don't know much about the Canuks other than they hve the best goalie in Hockey, Roberto Luongo just came off a streak of 625 shutouts or something crazy like that. Canucks and beyond is where you wanna go for info.

Go Pens

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pens Win

1st Period:

17:39 Adam Mair gets a chance early, he sucks, He didn't even get a shot off.

11:46 No Whistles the entire period until Jason Pominville gets one past Fleury: 1-0 Sabres

10:20 Pens own the First power play of the game, Errey tells us some ridiculous stat about the Sabres Penalty kill, and they keep it going, Sabres Kill it.

6:43 Mlakin gets called for tripping, The Sabres get their first power play chance of the game, Fleury come up huge on a shot from Spacek, Pens kill it off.

4:34 Orpik heads to the box for destroying someone, the Camera didn't catch it, but you could hear it. Fleury has to come up big again, Pens kill another power play.

1:38 Sabres head to the box for tripping.
How did malkin keep that in the zone

End of one

**Fleury had to come up big on a few occasions
**Sabres must practice shot blocking a lot

2nd Period:

The Pens start the period with some power play time to work with, but the sabres kill it.

18:43 Fleury gets called for slashing Vanek, Cooke goes to the box to serve 2:00
the Pens kill it off

12:25 Crosby gets robbed by the refs, Early whistle? if that was Fleury you would expect a Whistle.

12:21 How did the Ref get that one wrong, it was clear Cooke was not the one doing the Salshing, Cooke gets 2 minutes for receiving. Could everyone read his lips when he gets to the Penalty box, i wonder if the ref did indeed watch the replay.

9:58 Stafford gets 2 minutes for being a d-bag, he throws a blatant elbow into the ear of Cooke. The Pens Cash in, Malkin puts one through Miller from the point.

The Pens are all over the Sabres.
Talbot takes a puck off the face, he will head to the locker room for some stitch work.

4:04 the Pens 3rd line draws another penalty, No dice Sabres kill it off.

Letang gets the Subway Sandwich of the Game.

:45 Vanek, Backdoor. 2-1 Sabres

:34 The Pens get a Late Power play. Miller makes a big save late.

End of Two.

**The Pens owned most of the 2nd period, only to come out of it a goal down.
**is the 3rd line for the Pens, their best line?

3rd Period:

The Sabres kill off what was left of the Penguins Power play, they never even gained the zone.

17:30 What a save by Miller on Goddard, although it was Goddard shooting and i don't think he got all of it, a big save none the less.

Matt Cooke levels Spacek behind the net. What a hit.
Coach T has re-united Malkin and Crosby, You knew that was coming.

10:24 Miller stops Fedotenko in front. Big Save

9:29 Satan draws a tripping penalty.
Satan misses on a one-time chance
Staal gets speared, no call. if it wouldn't have meant a 5 on 3 would the Refs have called that?

Goligoski scores off a sweet pass from Crosby. I wonder if Whitney gets a royalties from letting Crosby and Goligoski use the Whitney play.

5:59 Big save by Fleury, After seeing the replay, Fleury didn't have to make a save at all.

4:33 Jordan Staal gets the go ahead goal, Can we start calling him "CLUTCH"? 3-2 Pens

Fedotenko gets an insurance goal, What a play by Malkin 4-2 Pens

1:53 Fleury comes up with another big save of Pominville.

:23 Jordan Staal gets the Empty net goal.


**The winning streak i still going
**I forgot what it was like to see the Pens win in regulation time.
**Jordan Staal is earning his money
**Matt Cooke is a beast
**I love watching the Pens Play the Sabres, always fun to watch.

Game 17 Sabres @ Pens

Game 17 Buffalo Sabres @ Pittsburgh Penguins (7:38-FSN-WXDX)

Before i get started into the Game day Post Barry Melrose is out in Tampa. I was giving him until at least Christmas. Former Penguin Rick Tocchet will be taking his place.

Also Check out The PensBlog for some info on the D-bag Montreal fans attempt to get their entire underacheiving roster into the All-star game, Alex Tanguay, PLEASE. The NHL tries to do something good by including the fans in All-star voting, and the Montreal Homo's have to mess with it, good move Dicks. Carey Price blows

the NHL has stepped in.

Tonight at the Mellon Arena the Pittsburgh Penguins will play host to the Buffalo Sabres. I always look forward to the Sabres games because these 2 teams play some fun, fast Hockey. If it wasn't for the wild game in Homo Town this week, The Sabres Game would easily be the game of the week.

The Sabres have to be coming into this game pissed off, they got their asses beat 6-1 Last Game by the Columbus Bluejackets. Patrick Lalime started in goal for only the forth time this season, he didn't have a very good night. I'm sure Miller will be in net tonight against the Pens, and he's a beast, one of the top 3 goalies in the East, easily. Ryan Miller only needs 5 wins to beat out Tommy Barrasso for the forth spot on the wins list in Buffalo.

The Sabres Have some pretty good Offense, the Lines should go something like this, although Kotalik is questionable for tonights game:

First Line: Thomas Vanek-Derek Roy-Ales Kotalik
Second Line: Jochen Hecht-Tim Connolly-Jason Pominville.
Third Line: Daniel Paille-Clarke MacArthur-Maxim Afinogenov
Fourth Line: Andrew Peters-Paul Gaustad- Adam Mair

The Penguins are again coming off a 3-0 meltdown. I'm getting sick of typing that, although this time is different, the came back for the shootout victory Against the Diving Flyers.

Sam Kasan is all business with his Game Preview. Talk about a game preview, i wouldn't even come close to that.

For a Special treat tonight the Penguins will be Debuting the Powder Blues Tonight.

Seth At Emptynetters Got his hands on some kick ass Pictures from the Detroit game.

Also Winger Bissonette Placed on Waivers [Faceoff Factor]

This is Getting Old is getting into hockey mode.

Get some views from behind enemy lines..
Die By the Blade
Goose Roost


Friday, November 14, 2008

Some people approach me on the street and ask me, "Bob, why do you like hockey?" I respond, "Because I have to write about it." Hey, we all have crappy parts to our job. At least I'm trying. It's just not as easy to write about as the Steelers. Give me Louis Lipps over that Malkin guy any day. Just like Tuesday night against that team from Detroit. A lot of people will tell you that was one of the greatest games they've ever seen. Please. Doesn't anyone remember the Sunday night Steeler's game from earlier this year when they pulled out a shocking victory over the Cleveland Browns, 10-7? That was intense. Which brings me to my biggest problem with hockey: too much action and drama.

Where's all the stoppages in play and the 40 seconds between actual plays on the field like football? I don't even have time to proposition the blonde guy in the row behind me at a hockey game. It's all so fast paced and....exciting. Who needs that? Another problem with hockey...where's all the timeouts? I only recently found out that they only get one, one, per game. I'm sorry but there is no more exciting play in sports than when an opposing coach calls a timeout right before a deciding field goal attempt. Now that's drama! In my opinion, the people in charge of the NHL need to take a long look at an NBA game if they really want to see how to end a game. In a recent Cavaliers game I watched there were closet to 20 timeouts in the last 3 minutes. Now that's excitement!

The Pens faced off against the Flyers last night. You know what I hate more than having herpes? Philadelphia. What a shit hole. Did you see the Eagles beat the Steelers earlier this season? Christ. Ben was pretty sore after that one. I got to interview him while he was half-naked and receiving a rub down by the trainer. If there is a Heaven, it would surely resemble this scenario.
I was asked to do a recap but it's just too damn much for me to keep up with at one time. The Pens jumped out to a 3-0 lead, somehow without the aid of Jeff Reed. I guess that's a sizable lead in hockey. However, it's been one that the Pens just can't seem to keep a hold of this year. Then some guy scored for the Flyers. I heard the guy behind me say his name. Faggot Carter. People are getting way out of hand with the names they give their kids nowadays. I wanted to be offended but this Carter guy was kind of a looker. So it was just another deposit at the spank bank. Then, two more goals from Philly. Something was wrong here. Goal number four. Ouch. Just like that, the Pens were behind.

The third period wasn't looking good. I had all but given up and begun writing my 8th Steelers article of the week when Sid banged one home. Nice thought. Regulation ends with the score 4-4.

Nothing happened in overtime and I was about to call it a night when I heard this strange word I had never heard before. Shootout. In the two hours that I pay attention to hockey every year I have never heard this term. Apparently, each team selects a lone skater to attempt a breakaway shot on the opposing teams goalie. Boring. I had to sit and watch six rounds of this crap until a young, nubile Pens player with a weird last name that I'm not even going to attempt scored the winner. Everyone around me stood the entire time. For what? Was there a coin flip taking place? Was the quarterback about to spike the ball into the ground? I admire hockey's attempt to be as exciting as football, maybe next time. Until then, I'm going to do a little more looking into this Faggot Carter guy. Smizik out.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Game 16: Philadelhpia Flyers @ Pttisburgh Penguins (7:38-FSN-WXDX)

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Philadelphia Flyers at the Mellon Arena. The biggest of Flyers fans will admit the team blows right now, even by Philadelphia standards.
A few more losses and Flyers fans will break out the "the Refs don't like us" excuses.

The Flyers snapped a 3 game losing streak on Tuesday by beating the Islanders 3-1. Wow they can beat the Islanders, Mike Richards had the game winning goal shorthanded. Scott Hartnel was benched in the 3rd period for being an overpaid worthless Goon.

Flyers center Danny Briere will be out of action for the next week or so with a slight left Vaginal wall strain, according to general manager Paul Holmgren. Briere got hurt on Tuesday night against the Islanders.

The Flyers Lines Last game were like this:
First Line: Simon Gagne-Daniel Briere-Mike Knuble.
Second Line: Scott Hartnell-Mike Richards-Arron Asham.
Third Line: Scottie Upshall-Jeff Carter-Andreas Nodl.
Fourth Line: Josh Gratton-Glen Metropolit-Joffrey Lupul.
**With Danny Boy out of the line up it will be different i'm sure**

The Defensive crew looks good on paper with: Kimmo Timonen-Braydon Coburn-Matt Carle-Luca Sbisa-Andrew Alberts-Lasse Kukkonen, But then you realize it's Philly. The Flyers goaltending has been suspect lately, Marty Biron blows, and Nitty isn't much better. Unlike Detroit, The Flyers can't mask shitty goaltending with a good defense.

The Pittsburgh Penguins on the Other hand are flying high with a 4 game win streak going, and a monster win in Homo town on Tuesday. Who is this Jordan Staal kid that destroyed the Mighty Wings on Tuesday. Will it be a breakout game for the young Jordan Staal?

Scuderi is listed as day to day and it sounds like it will be a game time decision, whether he plays tonight or not.

Go to Faceoff Factor for a better game preview than i could ever think about doing.

The Frozen Fan


Objects In The Mirror.....

Since Canadians have nothing better to do since they don't work, it appears they have dedicated all of their spare time trying to get as many undeserving players into the All-Star game as possible. Alex Tanguay? Wow. This kind of thing is exactly the reason why Canadians have to have a queen instead of being allowed the possibility of actually voting for a leader. Those top three guys shouldn't even be allowed to clean the urinals at the All-Star game much less participate in it. I give it until Saturday before Crosby and Malkin occupy the top two spots. You know, because they deserve it. Also, Canada sucks.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hey Now I'm a all-star

all-star voting

Make your voice heard, vote for the most deserving NHL all-star. Don't be tricked by the few Flyers names on the list. You know they don't belong.

Yeah, That Just Happened.

If you don't get goosebumps on the last two goals by Staal then you're probably not alive.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things you've said got me real mad Pens WIn

1st Period:

It took about 3 minutes for the action to start in this one, Sykora blasts a wrister from the point that just misses high.

Hossa on the other end rips a slapshot that Fleury shrugs off with ease. Is that all you got Hossa.

15:26 Talbot steals, dishes to Satan, Satan to Crosby. money 1-0 Pens.

Redwings get a 2 on 1 Goligoski breaks it up like a true veteran, what a defensive play.

11:41 Here starts a little bit of Penalty trouble for the Pens, Goddard heads to the box for elbowing. The Pens give the best Power play in the league a chance to cash in, no dice, the Pens kill it.

Fleury makes a huge save on Zetterdick, fleury has come up big a few times already.

6:39 Darren McCarty scores off a pass from Letang. 1-1. Seriously Darren McCarty, You gotta be kidding me.

6:17 Zigo goes to the box for tripping, soon after Detroit makes him pay, Goal by that fat ass that always stands in front of the net 2-1 Reddicks. Is that all that d-bag can do. no skill

:31 Detroit gets another Powerplay.

End of one.

2-1 Redwings
The start of the Period was pretty even, it shifted towards the Redwings for the 2nd half.

2nd Period:

The Pens start the period off on the Penalty kill, and it didn't take long. Orpik gets turned around a few time before another fat ass with no skill puts it in the back of the net (18:51) 3-1 Redwings. Somehow you see Letang in the box right after the Franzen Goal, what gives? No harm, the Pens kill it.

15:56 It didn't take long for the Pens to get that one back, Sykora throws the puck in front, it goes of Talbots Skate and behind the worst goalie to ever win a stanley cup. 3-2 Redwings

14:40 The Pens go on a power play, the Redwings get the better of that one, Hossa goes in on Fleury on a Semi break away, big save by fleury. The wings kill it.

The 2nd was filled with a lot of back an forth action, Fleury is coming up big for the Pens, and Elroy is getting lucky at the other end

1:58 Goal by Datsyuk, That same fat ass was standing in front of Fleury 4-2 Redwings.
would that douche bag do that back before you weren't allowed to touch them. He wouldn't stand in front of Barasso i know that.

End of the 2nd Period:

4-2 Redwings
This has been the best game so far this season.

3rd Period:

The Period starts out with Fleury making a big save.

Sykora shoots a bomb from the slot he misses wide. Franzen takes it the other way, another big save by Fleury.

16:27 Crosby goes to the box for something. the fans in Detroit are such idiots. but the brightside is, at least the are there. you dont see that every game in Homo town.

14:57 Zetterdick Gets a goal off an "artistic play" 5-2 Redwings. Not looking good.

14:25 The refs realize that Penalties go both ways, Pittsburgh goes on the power play.

14:20 5 on 3 for the Pens, They have to get a goal on this power play.

13:03 Malkin does not disapoint, what a shot, Elroy wasn't even close 5-3 wings.
Since i don't get to see a lot of Detroit games, is Osgood really as good as some seem to think? He has never impressed me.

11:57 Staal, for the 2nd game in row gets a nice goal, again Osgood just doesn't seem to be close. 5-4 wings. the Pens make it a game.

9:46 Hudler Gets a goal off a slapshot that Fleury gets a piece of, Fleury would probably like to have that one back, but it was aa wicked shot. 6-4 Wings, Back Breaker.

i didnt Catch the clock: Staal Buries his 2nd of the game 6-5 Pens. At the moment a dozen trade rumors just got deleted.

a little over a minute left the Pens pull fleury for the extra attacker, we've seen this before.

:30 Crosby with a beautiful backhander, Osgood trips and falls to the ice and the puck hits him. He never even saw it.

:22 Staal ties the game with a shot from right in front with 75 redwings in front of the net. How that got through is beyond me. 6-6, Staal gets his 1st hat trick since, i dont even remember, i know he has at least one.

:04 Jordan Staal draws a Penalty in Crosby like fashion. Keep your feet moving.


The pens start the overtime period on a 4 on 3 power play. some solid chances. The Detroit defense blocks a lot of shots, Osgood falls into a save or 2, Malkin misses a wide open net, the Wings kill it.

Jordan Staal Picks the pocket of Datsyuk, if you listen to the versus people, Datsyuk is the best player to ever lace 'em up in the NHL.
Staal passes to Fedotenko who buries it for the game winner, we've seen that before from those 2, i think it was the Carolina game.

Pens win 7-6. What a game, if you missed this game, you missed one of the best.

*is it Possible to say Fleury had a solid game even though he gave up 6?
*Every rumor site on the net just deleted every Staal rumor that they had
*Marian Hossa is no Jordan Staal
*what a game, this was just impressive.

Next Game Thursday against the Flyers, We will be in touch with our Philly insider tomorrow.


I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight

Cutting Crew. What a band. They truly have found a way to transcend generations with their music. The title of my post for this week also just happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time. When I'm upset I'll loop it on my Ipod while I eat a quart of Chunky Monkey. Needless to say, that was the scenario I was in following the disaster that was the Steeler's game this past weekend. Ben, if you're listening, I'm here to hold you. I know you feel like dying. It all makes perfect sense. Just because I'll be naked doesn't mean you should be scared. Also, don't mind the erection deal. Chunky Monkey has that effect.

I surely could see myself having a similar feeling of loss with tonight's Pen's game quickly approaching. You hurt me, Marion. Hurt me bad. I still won't "boo" you, though. Only immature knuckleheads would ever do that. However, the sting is still there. Much like a prostitute, you gave us all a good time for a while and then took our money and ran. And much like a prostitute, you deserve to be picked up by a serial killer, strangled, sodomized, then thrown into a dumpster. Go fuck yourself.

My prediction for tonight: Pain. Someone will leave the ice on a stretcher. The Pens are done pissing around. Plus, they're upset about the Steelers losing. Just like me. Or, they should be if they're not because the Steelers are Pittsburgh. Just like me. I am the voice of the people. Particularly sailors. God bless them. Even if they promise to call and never do.

Final score tonight: Pens 5, Cheating Clutch & Grabbing Faggots 2. You ain't no daisy, Hossa.

Game 15 Pittsburgh Penguins @ Detroit Redwings

Pens @ Reddicks (7:08 Versus/WXDX)
The Pittsburgh Penguins will travel to Homo Town to Battle the defending Stanley cup champion Detroit Redwings for the 1st time since the Finals last Season.

The Redwings beat the New Jersey Devils 3-1 on saturday night, with the worst goalie to ever win a Stanley cup making 24 saves. Maid Marian had 2 goals in the contest, including the game winner, don't worry they were both weak goals that an NHL goalie should save every time, Kirt Maltby had the other goal for the Reddicks.

Detroit is off to an impressive start with a 9-2-2 record, their last loss came at the hands of the San jose Sharks, get used to it Detroit, you will lose to them 4 times in the playoffs.

The Reddicks pretty much kept their championship team together, and added a few big names to the mix.
First Line: Tomas Holmstrom/Pavel Datsyuk/Marian Hossa.
Second Line: Valtteri Filppula/Henrik Zetterberg/Mikael Samuelsson
Third Line: Dan Cleary/Kris Draper/Jiri Hudler
Fourth Line: Kirk Maltby/Tomas Kopecky/Darren McCarty

Defensemen: Nicklas Lidstrom/Brian Rafalski/Niklas Kronwall/Brad Stuart/Andreas Lilja/Derek Meech

The wings are pretty healthy with only resident diver Johan Franzen out with ruptured ovaries and Chris Chelios still rehabbing hip replacement surgery.
Franzen found out that Gary Roberts plays in Tampa so he might play tonight.

(Chelios is Pissed about his recent injury problems)

Visit Redwings corner for some info.

The Pittsburgh Penguin enter tonights game with a 3-game winning streak and sporting an 8-4-2 record. This is their best start in a while. The Pens Put up this good start with Crosby and Malkin not putting pucks in the net, and blowing a few games late in the 3rd period.

The Pens are talking this game down as if it is just another game, and at the end of the day, thats all it is. With that being said, i would still like to see Maid Marian get choke slammed a few times.

Nic Lidstrom can rest easy knowing that Gonch will not be playing tonight. Lidstrom won't have to worry about people finally realizing that Gonchar derserves the Norris more than he does.


I'll Give Him an "A" for Effort

He's definetly come a long way.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What a Week for Penguins Hockey

1st the Penguins face off against the hated Redwings on Tuesday, with some mixed feelings on why exactly this game is important, the cup finals are an obvious reason of course, and for that d-bag who left the Pens to join the Reddicks.

Tuesday marks the first game against the wings since the cup finals.
For some, including me, its hard to comprehend that Its nothing more than a regular season game that the Pens will want 2 points from.

There is nothing about revenge Tuesday, the only way the Pens could get enough revenge is by beating the Reddicks in the finals, a regular season win just won't cut it for me. Sure i would like to see the Pens win by 12 goals and the entire Redwings team on the I.R. the next day, but it still wouldn't be enough.

The Hossa choosing The Dicks over the Pens thing, Max Talbot finally comes out with the truth about how he feels about that scenario. as for me, whatever. Hossa thinks he has a better chance at the cup playing for Detroit. The Reddicks will clutch and grab their way to the Presidents trophy, roll into the playoff with the media already handing them the cup, and then they will run into the San Jose Sharks, Sorry Reddicks, it was a good season Sharks win in 6. Hossa will be a free agent again, heading to what, his 6th or 7th team. So Hossa's full proof plan to get a cup the easy way didn't turn out to well, There is no way that Detroit will be able to sign him, and when the Penguins win the cup this season is he going to approach Ray Shero about a one year deal?
(Abel to Yzerman)

Thursday is a showdown with the Flyers, those are always fun games. Would you rather have the Pens beat up on the Flyers or the Wings, i'll pick the Flyers any day.

Things aren't good in Philly, they lost to the Lightning on Saturday 2-1, and we all know how strong Tampa's Defense is. Their goaltending blows, Richards isn't drawing Penalties from diving all over the ice, Briere is still a girl, and fans are calling for a new head coach.
but things are looking up with a trade announcement from the Flyers website. Fan Favorite Steve Downie is no longer a flyer.
(The Frozen Fan)

Saturday maybe the best game of the Week with the Buffalo Sabres coming to town, I've watched a few of the Sabres games this season. This game is going to be fun to watch. Buffalo is a fast team, match that with the Pens skating game and you have history in the making. The Goalies for both teams have been playing their respective balls off as well. Fleury on one end and Miller on the other end, this, to me, is probably the most exciting match up of the week.
(Willful Caboose)

Go Pens

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Kick boards Bobby, The kick Boards-Pens Win

1st Period:

Crosby is playing tonight, so is Sabourin.

The Top unit for the penguins keep possession of the puck early, with zero shots to show for it.

Malkins 1st shift has him getting hit on the hand with the puck, obvious pain, the Pens really don't need Malkin on the injury list.

16:40 Crosby comes down the slot, no dice, Macdonald makes a nice glove save.

10:40 Talbot heads to the box on a slashing call, The 1st Power play belongs to the Islanders
Sabourin comes up with a save on weight, but that's about it, the Pens kill it.

There is really nothing going on this period, the penguins look like they don't want to play tonight.

3:37 Doug Weight gets one by Sabourin 1-0 Islanders.

End of the 1st

*What a slow period, other than the Weight goal there was just nothing going on.
*Doug Weight is old.

2nd Period:

Malkin must be feeling the effects of getting hit in the hand, he did not come out of the dressing room.

17:44 Kennedy from Zigo give and go, what a play 1-1

15:58 The Pens go on there 1st power play
15:29 you see Malkin come out of the locker room to take his spot at the point on ther power play. But that wasn't enough, the Islanders kill it.

13:23 The Pens draw yet another power play,
Nothing at all going on that one, Islanders kill off another one.

11:09 Right after the Power play. Islanders goal. 2-1 islanders

4:ish Islanders get another goal 3-1 islanders. this is not going well.

3:ish (i need to start watching the clock better) Jordan Staal comes in on a semi breakaway, What a goal 3-2 Islanders.

3:21 The Pens with the man advantage, nothing. the Islanders almost get a shorty, a big scrum in front of the net, some jack off was pitch forking Sabourin but he somehow keeps it out of the net. How small did Sykor Look standing beside Sutten?

:37 The Pens will finish the Period on a power play.

3rd Period:

19:02 Macdonald has to come up with 2 big saves early one on a Letang shot and one on a Fedotenko shot. Islanders kill the time remaining on the penalty.

17:02 The Penguins were all over the Islanders early, Staal with a bomb from the slot, Macdonald makes the save.

12:40 Cooke Puts one off the crossbar behind Macdonald, this 3rd line tonight has been the best line for the penguins. The islanders still don't have a shot in the 3rd period.

8:56 The Islanders go on a power play, the Pens just shut them down, nothing.

5:34 This Pass that Letang made to Fedotenko was just sick.

3:15 The Pens tie it, Kennedy gets his stick on a shot from Goligoski. 3-3 Kennedy with 2 goals tonight.

:24 Crosby was so close to giving the Pens a lead, Misses on the far side.
the Islanders take it the other way and almost give the islanders the lead, the last 2 minutes was more exciting than the entire game.

The overtime Period wasn't much. Sabourin had to make a sick Pokecheck, other than that, nothing.


1st: Doug Weight=save by Sabourin
2nd:Sykora=Goal on the backhand, what a move.
5th:Hunter=The Puckk got lost in Sabourins pads, there is no way to overturn the call on the Ice. Pens Win

*Sabourin had another solid Performance in relief of mafer
*Crosby can score, I've seen it.
*Kennedy was the best player for the Pens
*Staal is on fire
*One way to not give up a 3rd Period lead is to go into it Losing.