Monday, November 10, 2008

What a Week for Penguins Hockey

1st the Penguins face off against the hated Redwings on Tuesday, with some mixed feelings on why exactly this game is important, the cup finals are an obvious reason of course, and for that d-bag who left the Pens to join the Reddicks.

Tuesday marks the first game against the wings since the cup finals.
For some, including me, its hard to comprehend that Its nothing more than a regular season game that the Pens will want 2 points from.

There is nothing about revenge Tuesday, the only way the Pens could get enough revenge is by beating the Reddicks in the finals, a regular season win just won't cut it for me. Sure i would like to see the Pens win by 12 goals and the entire Redwings team on the I.R. the next day, but it still wouldn't be enough.

The Hossa choosing The Dicks over the Pens thing, Max Talbot finally comes out with the truth about how he feels about that scenario. as for me, whatever. Hossa thinks he has a better chance at the cup playing for Detroit. The Reddicks will clutch and grab their way to the Presidents trophy, roll into the playoff with the media already handing them the cup, and then they will run into the San Jose Sharks, Sorry Reddicks, it was a good season Sharks win in 6. Hossa will be a free agent again, heading to what, his 6th or 7th team. So Hossa's full proof plan to get a cup the easy way didn't turn out to well, There is no way that Detroit will be able to sign him, and when the Penguins win the cup this season is he going to approach Ray Shero about a one year deal?
(Abel to Yzerman)

Thursday is a showdown with the Flyers, those are always fun games. Would you rather have the Pens beat up on the Flyers or the Wings, i'll pick the Flyers any day.

Things aren't good in Philly, they lost to the Lightning on Saturday 2-1, and we all know how strong Tampa's Defense is. Their goaltending blows, Richards isn't drawing Penalties from diving all over the ice, Briere is still a girl, and fans are calling for a new head coach.
but things are looking up with a trade announcement from the Flyers website. Fan Favorite Steve Downie is no longer a flyer.
(The Frozen Fan)

Saturday maybe the best game of the Week with the Buffalo Sabres coming to town, I've watched a few of the Sabres games this season. This game is going to be fun to watch. Buffalo is a fast team, match that with the Pens skating game and you have history in the making. The Goalies for both teams have been playing their respective balls off as well. Fleury on one end and Miller on the other end, this, to me, is probably the most exciting match up of the week.
(Willful Caboose)

Go Pens

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