Monday, November 3, 2008

Sabres VS. Devils

1st Period:

No Bordeur tonight, he is nursing an elbow injury. Kevin Weekes* will be playing in his place for the Devil.

The Equipment showed up to the game but the Devils are still at the airport, they dressed people from the stands to fill in i think. Kevin Weekes must have taken a different plane, he showed up.

The Sabres are all over the Devils in early.

15:08: the Sabres Go on the power play

Weekes kills the penalty

12:30: The shots on goal at this point are 10-1 in favor of the Sabres, they are just all over the Devils.

10:44: Power play again for the Sabres.

Weekes Robs a helmet-less Conolly twice on the power play

9:51 Vanek ruins the Sabres power play by taking a hooking penalty-4 on 4 action

the Devils interupt Ryan Miller's camp fire by putting a shot on net

Sabres kill the last 30 seconds or so of the power play. Back to 5 on 5 for 2 seconds, The Devils are called for another penalty.

Vanek deflects one just wide, the Devils transisition, 2 on 1 going the other way, the Devils don't even get a shot.

Devils kill the Penalty

2:38: The Sabres with their 31st power play of the period, The Devils are called for too many men on the ice.

Weekes just absolutely robs Pominville. Unbelievable save.

2:14: You guessed it, another Devils penalty. 5 on 3

The Sabres are firing from everywhere, they either can't get it through or the miss the net.

:33 the Sabres score on their 20th shot of the period, 1-0

1st intermission:
word on the bench is the Devils are stuck in traffic trying to get to the game.
If Weekes wasn't playing his balls off, this game is over. The Way the Devils are playing tonight, i think the Flyers would have a chance at beating them. the 1st period was as one sided as Big Bens touchdown/interception Ratio.

2nd Period:

Langenbrunner with a shot that Miller gloves down will reading a Magazine.

Brookbank floats one from the blue line that miller doesn't see, off the crossbar.

16:49: Brookbank with the trip, Afinaginov with the dive, 4on 4 for 2 minutes.
The Refs must have felt bad for the Devils.

4 on 4 favors the Sabres, along with every other part of this game, Weekes is forced to make 2 huge saves

back to 5 on 5 hockey, Some how no goals on the 4 on 4.

The 2nd period is slowly turning into nothing, the neutral zone is clogged up by both teams, its starting to look like the Devils defense has shown up.

Weekes makes an easy save on a wrap around attempt.

Miller is finally forced to make a big save, on a deflection.

i forgot to look at the time but the Devils go on the Power play.

The Devils owned the power play, Miller came up big on 4 quality shots from the Devils.

6:12: Rivet goes to the box on a hooking call, Jersey with another power play.

Momentum is a funny thing in hockey, you can see the ice starting to tilt the other direction.

2 quick offsides calls on the Devils has the 12 fans in attendance booing, why boo your own team? It doesn't make sense.

Sabres kill off the Power play

1:20 the Devils go on another power play, that will have to carry over to the 3rd period.

2nd intermission:

about the last 8 or so minutes of the 2nd period the devils finally started coming on. it should be too late but Kevin Weekes made you forget about Marty Brodeur early on. 1-0 Sabres

3rd Period:

The Sabres Penalty kill is impressive as they kill the rest of it off.

The 3rd period is slow early on, neither team wanting anything to do with the puck.

17:06: Sabres go to the box on a hooking call by General Macarthur

They kill the Penalty with ease, the Devils didn't even get a shot.

12:19: Sabres goal, faceoff won to the point, a slap shot gets deflected into the net 2-0 Sabres

12:08: Miller sends one into the seat, Delay of game penalty.
the Devils need this one to stand a chance

Zajac gets a solid chance on miller only to be denied

10:29 Vanek goes to the box for hooking, 5 on 3 for 22 seconds

time out Devils, this would be a good way to get back into the game, but buffalo is perfect on the 5 on 3 and then end up killing the rest of the 5 on 4. again there are boo birds out from the 12 fans that bought tickets.

The Devils pull Weekes around the 2:30 mark and did keep the pressure in the Sabres zone, but the Devils suck. game: 2-0 Sabres

* The Devils just didn't show up.
* Miller gets his 2nd shut out in a row
* Weekes had a solid game
* It's better than watching the Steelers game, i bet they are getting beat right now.

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