Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Par for the Course Pens Lose

The 1st period started off well for the Penguins, they were matching the intensity of the Bruins the entire 1st period. The Bruins Rattled off the first off many 1st period shots at the 18:55 mark and Fleury gobbled it up. Talbot would have a beautiful chance soon after, coming all alone and Thomas makes a nice Poke check to knock the puck off of Talbots stick. Sykora was launching shots from everywhere on the ice only to have Thomas pad them away.

The Bruins would dive to their first of many penalties, Eaton heads to the box on a hooking call giving the Bruins a man advantage. Cooke would get the best of the chances, he comes in alone and Thomas would shit out another big save. still 0-0 and the Pens would kill off the Bruins Penalty.

Fleury would continue to come up big for the Pens with another big save at the 12:00 mark knocking the Puck away from an empty net. The goal probably would not have counted but the way the refs called this game, i wouldn't trust it. 2 minutes later Fleury would have to make 2 more saves to keep the game even. stopping a wrist shot from the circle and then sliding over to stop the rebound attempt by Kessel.

The 7:21 mark see the second Penalty of the game and the Second Penalty by the Penguins as Sykora throws the Puck over the board for a delay of game Penalty. The Pens would kill that one off.

At 3:00 of the first period the Penguins would get on the board first as Sykora puts a rebound Past Thomas to give the Pens the much needed first goal of the game.

Soon after the goal the Pens would draw their first power play of the game. The Bruins kill it with ease and the first period would end with the Pens leading 1-0.

The second period slowed down a little as the teams fell into playing their systems and trying to create some turnovers. Orpik would get an interference penalty early and give the Bruins their 3rd penalty of the night, and 20 second later Chara would sneak in the back door to tie the game up. that pass just can't happen. to easy. 1-1

Crosby and Malkin put on a show at the 12:00 mark that almost results in a goal, Thomas had to make a few good saves to keep the game tied. Crosby and Malkins shift would result in Malkin called for being to good and the refs don't like it.

What usually happens when the refs screw up a call. The Bruins take the lead. 2-1 Bruins on a bullshit call. That won't be the last bullshit call the Refs make.

The 7:00 mark the Pens maybe put out the best shift of the game, But again Thomas was there to make the saves his team needed. Thomas is making saves, the Refs are giving them all kinds of power plays, it's a win win situation if you ask me.

4:47 saw Dupuis rip one past Thomas from the circle. Croby steals the puck along the boards, passes it to Dupuis who fires a slapper past the ear of Thomas. 2-2 That was a wicked slapper.

It didnt take long for the Bruins to get it back. 3:15 the Kessel gives the Bruins a 1 goal lead. The Bruins get a gaol, the Penguins would get a penalty. 2 minutes later Malkin heads to the box on another bullshit interference call. The Pens kill it off easily, and the Bruins take a 3-2 lead to the Locker room.

The 3rd period is where the Penguins fall apart. Usually they only fall apart in the 3rd when the are ahead but not this time. The Pens would take another Penalty early, the Pens would kill that one.

Jordan Staal totally blows a shot off a 2 on 1. The entire net was wide open to the left of Thomas only to see Staal shoot it back into his pads. How lucky can a goalie get. That should have been an easy goal for Staal.

!5;56 the Pens get only their second power play of the night and it turned out to be just what the Bruins needed. The come down on a 35 on 1 against Fleury and they of course bury. 4-2 Pens.

The Bruins would get another Penalty that the Pens would kill just to get a goal 5 seconds after it was over making it 5-2 Bruins and put the game out of reach for the Pens.

Wallace would do some fighting and the Pens would do dome more 3rd period sucking...Game

Thankfully we are heading on the road.

Next game new years day against this douche bag Bruins team.


Boston Bruins @ Pittsburgh Penguin

The Boston Bruins come to town tonight to face the Penguins. Hal Gill is set to be back in the line up tonight. That mean the Pens will dress 7 defenseman. The Pens will be putting Alex Goligoski in a forward position at time tonight to ensure everyone gets equal playing time, so the Parents don't riot in the stands after the game.

Sidney Crosby will be playing in his 250th game and Jordan Staal will be playing in his 200th game tonight in Pittsburgh.

General Manager Ray Shero along with the players have no complaints about Coach T according to the Post Gazette. "I have a lot of faith in this coaching staff, as I have since we grew together the first couple of years," Shero said. It's easy to blame the coaching staff for the way a team plays, just look at all the coaches that last no longer than a season, if that even. But I think coach T is the right man for the job.

The Pens just can't play very well in the month of December. It has been this way for a few seasons. January is usually the turn around month for the Pens.


The Boston Bruins have been the team in the East so far this season. They have been putting up impressive numbers so far this season. The Bruins have won 8 in a row and are coming off back to back road wins. Beating Carolina on Saturday night and Atlanta on Sunday night.

This team will be a good test for the Pens tonight, even though the Pens have been failing most of their test lately.

Lets see if the Pens can steal one tonight against a Bruins team that is tied for the league best with San Jose.

Go Pens

Monday, December 29, 2008

How Long has it Been

Well i'm recently back from my Christmas hiatus of Binge drinking and watching hockey games in bars with some out of town friends in for the holidays. Other than my liver and Lack of sleep, it seems The Wicked Wrister has suffered some neglect as well. It seems the Penguins have been victims of some binge drinking and staying up all night also because they can't seem to put a decent game together lately.

So Lets go back to the Sabres game where the Pens squeak one out in 4 to 3 with Crosby getting the overtime goal on a high stick. It was a fun game to watch and it seemed both teams were even for the most part.

Then the Lightning come to town. For all the Lack of Defense jokes and over paid under achieving forward jokes going on around here, what do they do? They shut the Penguins out. The Pens couldn't manage to score a goal against the worst team in the league. Was it a great goal tending performance by Mike Smith? Did have to kick away 40 shots? Nope 15 saves got the job done. It was Ryan Whitney's first game back from foot surgery and i don't think it could have been worse.

Next up, The New Jersey Devils. If the Lightning can beat the Pens, then we don't stand a chance against the Devils right. The Mighty Pittsburgh offense could only muster one goal against the Devil, but Fleury would make sure that was all that was needed. It took Fleury 37 saves to earn the shut out as the Pens only had 18 shots, but that doesn't seem bad because they won i guess.

After shutting out the Penguins, the Montreal Canadiens face off in Pittsburgh and beat the Pens 3-2. The Pens actually played a good game against the Habs only to fall a goal short. It hurts me to say it Carey Price won that game in the 3rd period, other than the fact that the Penguins have trouble hitting the net.

The Pens will get every thing together and make a run run i'm sure of it. This win one lose one won't last for much longer.

Go Pens

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Pens Win in Overtime

The game started out great for the Penguins with a Puck going off Boucher and behind Fleury about a minute into the game. If it wasn't for bad luck, the Pens wouldn't have any right now.
The Buffalo crowd is booing Satan when he touches the puck, are you serious? Did Satan leave Buffalo on a bad note? I dont remember.

Great transition for both teams in the first period, fast skating hockey. The new defenseman for the Sabres tries to keep that pace going with a pass up the center of the zone, Matt Cooke picks it off and fires one just wide of the net. He needs to hit the net there at least.

Fleury comes up big with 2 huge saves back to back at the 6:55 mark of the first period. Fleury seems to have bounced back well from the poor performance against the Maple leafs.

Orpik will own the first Penalty of the game, He heads to the box to give the Sabres a chance to make it a 2-goal game. With the way the Pens penalty killing has been the last few games, they should really think about staying out of the box. Roy gets a chance at an open net off a sick pass from Vanek, but he forgot how to play hockey for a second, big break for the Pens as they end up killing off the Orpik minor.

The 1st Period would end with a bunch of icing and offsides calls.

The second period starts out with Satan forgeting his skates in the locker room, falls twice before tripping a Sabres for the Pens second penalty of the contest. Maf'er has to make a few good saves to kill the penalty and keep the deficit a 1 goal, but it wouldn't last long. The 14:37 mark, the pens turn the puck over in the neutral zone and Kotalik comes in all alone. He beats Fleury high glove and the Sabres stretch the lead to 2-0.

Dupuis would get the goal right back from a one-timer from Satan, to beat Miller and cut the Sabres lead in half. 2-1 Sabres.

Shortly after the Pens would give the Sabres another chance on the power play. Thats 3 penalties for the Pens and none for the Sabres, what gives? The power play was pretty uneventful as the Pens kill it off.

Middle of the second period Kris Letang has a great chance to tie the game up from the slot, but the hot blonde in the second row catches his eye and his misses the net high and wide. The Pens are missing the net a lot tonight.

Goligoski immuned to all distractions would send a floater on net from the blue line that somehow gets by Miller to tie the game a 2 a peice. How that one got through is beyond me but i will take it.

Godard would give the Sabres a chance to take the lead again as he flattens someone into the boards, that was a hit from behind and that was a penalty. Peters would take offense to the hit and challenge Godard to a throw down, they wrestle for a few and fall to the ice. Sabres power play. We probably won't see Godard again.

The 4:02 mark saw the Sabres make Godard pay for being a hard ass. General Macarthur would put a rebound past Fleury and the Sabres re take the lead 3-2.

Soon after the goal Malkin would come busting down the slot, Miller pisses him self in fear and knocks the net off saying "its no fair Malkin is too good".

The Period would end with FLeury making a huge glove save from the doorstep.

Phillip Boucher gets a hooking call early in the third period, that should make all Bufflao fans embaraased. That was a total embellishment. what a goon. But the refs would give the Sabres another power play. Fleury would come up big on a few occasions during the power play and the pens barely kill it off.

5 minutes into the 3rd Crosby and Malkin would almost connect on what would be on the highlight reels for years to come. No dice.

And then starts a string of no calls by the refs, Rookie Defensman Butler, interferes with someone, i didnt catch the name, no call. Sykora is wrestled down to the ice racing for the puck, no call.

9:25 Finally these fuck stain refs get their heads out of there asses and call a penalty on Buffalo, it only took Goligoski getting punched in the head for this to happen. 30 seconds into the power play Goligoski puts a wrister behind Miller, game is tied, go fuck yourselves.

The Pens would have to kill another power play, Boucher heads to the box for high sticking the General Macarthur, the Pens would kill it with some strong Goaltending from Maf'er, and regulation would end at 3-3.

The overtime period would only last about 45 seconds as Crosby would deflect a Malkin knuckle puck behind Miller. oh wait a minute, was that a high stick? The Refs go to the war room in Douche bag town to get an official call. Crosby skates over to tell the refs, " if you call it a goal I will steal some wine from Mario's Cellar for you". You can't deny that, Game. Pens win 4-3. Buffalo fans if you are gonna whine about that being a high stick, suck it. we won!!!


Game 33: Pens @ Sabres

Game 33: Pittsburgh Penguins @ Buffalo Sabres (7:00-Versus/WXDX).
The Penguins will attempt to get their heads out of there asses and play some hockey when they travel to Buffalo by the bus load. A little bit of team bonding before the game maybe?
The Buffalo Sabres lost to the Montreal Canadiens Saturday night 4-3 in OT. Ryan Miller has been playing his balls off lately, a 40 save shut out against the Kings and a 42 save performance in the loss to Montreal. After making atleast 40 saves 2 games in a row, Pittsburgh 20 shots tonight should seem like a bit of a break.


The Penguins are in some kind of funk right now that has them playing some terrible hockey. They got beat up against the Leafs on Saturday in what was about as embarrassing as it gets. Its about time for the Pens to start a run of about 12 wins in row. Maybe that loss to Toronto woke them up a little who knows.

We are getting closer and closer to seeing Ryan Whitney back on the Blueline for the Penguins. He had one assist in his only conditioning game in WBS.

Sidney Crosby Passed Jaromir Jagr for the most votes for the all-star team. Yesterday, but better than that. The Montreal Canadiens lost another starting spot. Marc Andre Fleury passed Carey Price for the top spot for starting goaltender. Only seems fair since Maf'er is a better goalie. Read some of the comments on the TSN article about Crosby beating Jagr, good times. and it shows just how stupid some people are.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Pens Lose BIG

The Toronto Maple leafs came to play tonight and well, we are still waiting for the Pens to get there. Malkin was impressive other than the 2 give aways that lead directly to Maple Leaf goals. Fleury had a rough night, giving up a goal he normally stops on a few occasions. Crosby? Did he play tonight? I don't remember seeing him other than the 12 Cross checks he dished out to get himself a seat in the Penalty box.
You have to hand it to Toronto, they played the perfect game. They skated hard, created chances all night and the shot on goal differential was absurd.

There is plenty of hockey to be played this season and i think it's a little to early for to be worried about the Pens being 3 points away from not being in the playoffs.

And one final note, All you Bastards that no dick about Hockey but just have all kinds of money to throw around and buy tickets to the games, Don't boo my hockey team. Would you rather the Pens home ice be in Kansas City? There is nothing that pisses me off more than to hear shit like that.

GO PENS: Next game Monday against some other team.

Game 32: Mapleleafs @ Penguins

Game 32: The Toronto Mapleleafs @ Pittsburgh Penguins (7:08-FSN/WXDX)

The Toronto Maple Leafs come to town tonight for the 2nd time this season. The Maple Leafs finally were able to turn the page on the Mats Sundin era, as he finally pulled his head out of his ass and took the team offering the most $$$$$. Go for you Sundin, play for money, not to win. But I'm so sick of hearing about good ole Mats its good that he's not on a Team like New York or Detroit.

The Last game for Toronto saw Goaltenders Curtis Joseph and Vesa Toskala give up for goals a piece in a high scoring 8 to 5 loss against the Bruins. On Paper the Pens should win this game, but this is Hockey, any team can win on any given night.

Jason Blake scored this goal the other night against the Devils, was this a legal shootout goal? i say no. As soon as the Pucks stops moving forward the play is dead, like Blakes Career.


The Pens are coming off a 6-3 win against the Thrashers in Atlanta, and yes you guessed it, another injury. Winger Pascul Dupuis left the game with an undisclosed injury. Once this Pens team gets healthy, look out. The League is on notice.

The Pens Made sure Max Talbot will be here for at least a few more years. It's not Penguins hockey without Max Talbot. He is a beast.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


Arlow, Attacking Mats Sundin Is disgusting and shows your true ignorance. You are no better than the Philly fan's P sqy So elegantly writes about. A man that has played over 1300 games in the NHL deserves respect even if he hasnt scored over 500 goals and 1300 points. Not to mention that he is coming back for more. And the amount of interest on who will get Sundin speaks volumes about the quality hockey Sundin has played for years in the NHL.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Bright Spot

There is always a bad taste in my mouth for days after the Pens lose. Especially against the Flyers. For years, everytime the Pens would release the season schedule i would go through and circle all the Flyers games. Such classless players and such retarded fans. Every Crosby sucks chant coming from the stands proves how clueless Philly is, and now they are booing Malkin, simply amazing to me.

All those Flyers fans having a good time watching the Pens sleep walk through one of the biggest games in the schedule have to realize that when its all said and done, they still reside in Philly. Thats gotta be a huge kick to the balls the next morning, almost as bad as waking up beside the fat girl and not being able to find the condom wrapper anywhere.

But to be honest the Flyers are playing some of there best hockey right now, which I know isn't much, and the pens are playing some of their worst Hockey right now, It's still tough to see the Pens leave Philly with a loss like that. So with that being said the bright spot of this joke of a game is, who am i kidding there is no way to take anything positive from a game like that. The Pens could lose every game this season except for the the 6 Philly games and i would walk away saying, "that was a pretty good season". So unitl we meet again Flyers.

There are some good things to look forward to for the Penguins, for one, Fleury will be back in net on Thursday against the Thrashers. Sabourin was starting to come unglued toward the end of this last stretch.

Ryan Whitney is gonna try to be back by Christmas, it will be nice to see Whits back on the Blueline. Now if we could only get Gonch back, the power play would be back to producing goals not just wasting 2:00 minutes of a hockey game.

And now the Penguins scouts can finally get back to following The Minnesota Wild, and seeing if there are any interesting free agents to go after.

Next Game Wednesday against Colby and the Thrashers..........GO PENS

Time To Talk About Someone Important

Hey there. Remember me? It's Mats Sundin once again, gracing you with my presence. I was looking through some hockey magazines and surfing the net lately and I realized that, for some reason, no one was talking about me. I don't understand why. Surely a borderline Hall-of-Famer who has enjoyed zero postseason success over his career should be headline news every day. I think I may change that. I'm going to hire a lucky columnist to follow me around and report on all things Sundin. Important things that the public should know even if they don't want to. Like the fact that I save my fecal matter. Why, you may ask? Anything that Mats Sundin creates or does is special, no matter what form it may take. Especially my dookie. I've sold several on ebay. Some lucky people will be able to pass my shit down from generation to generation. I swell with pride when I think of some grandfather showing his grandson my poop and telling him that one day it will be his. Surely that would be that young man's proudest day. It would be mine.

Before I go, I will let you in on a secret. I'm leaning towards joining New York. They have a shortage of European assholes since Jagr left and I'm sure that no one can fill that void better than Mats Sundin. Plus they have offered me free lawn and home care for the duration of my contract. I guess they are going to send some Mexican fucker name Gomez over to take care of my chores. He may be illiterate and smell like cabbage and dog shit, but it was just the incentive needed to seal the deal. Mats has always wanted a pet.

Monday, December 15, 2008


We don't talk much about the Steelers here mostly because P. Sqy has made me sign a consent form stating that I would not do so. However, big win yesterday against those assholes from Baltimore. I will mention nothing more of it and instead allow you to gaze at the glory that is the Raven's male cheerleading squad. Yes, take it in.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pens Lose to a Farm Team

Game 30: Pens @ Philly

The Game starts with Hartnell being his usual douche bag self and Malkin heads to the box for something. The Flyers own the 1st power play of of the game. I'm sure some Richards was diving all over the ice or something. The Pens kill the Penalty.

Its seems as if its going to be a 1st period of special teams as Lupul goes to the box right after Malkins Penalty is killed. The Flyers get the better of the chances on the Pens power play, and why shouldnt they, they lead the league in shorthanded goals for a reason. Philly kills the Pens power play.

Soon after Cooke heads to the box for tht Flyers making it look like he held the stick. The Flyers would cash in on this one. Lupul sucks one into the net. 1-0 Flyers Vomit

The Pens get a power play at the 12:17 mark. Hartnell gets called for impersonating a hockey player. The Pens would suffer the same fate as philly got most of the chances again. The Pens should have the option to decline penalties, int might serve them well this game. The Flyers kill that Penalty also.

Yet another Penalty, this time on the Penguin and the The Flyers make it easy. 2-0 Flyers. Why is it that sabourin can't throw a pad out instead of laying his glove on the ice. it seems like a kick save is what you would want there.

after pleading with the refs that they didn't want another power play, the pens get one anyways, and like always the Flyers kill it.

End of one. someone has to wake the Penguins up.

2nd Period.

The second period starts out a little more laid back than the 1st. Not as much going on, Crosby levels Lupul into the boards, thats about it.

About 6 minutes into the 2nd the Pens have their best shift of the afternoon. The 12:52 mark Staal cuts the lead in half. Wallace hits Coburn into next week to get the play going. 2-1 Flyers

Richards dives one into the net at 9:52 stretching the Flyers lead to 3-1. what a dick. And a bigger Dick Hartnell blows one into the net on a one-timer. 4-1 Flyers, this is getting Ugly.

The Flyers aren't done yet, Dupuis breaks his his stick over someones Coburns face to setup anothe flyers power play. Richards shoots one from the Point that gets deflected past Sabourin. 5-1 Flyers. The Best goalie in the east is sitting on the bench right now.......just saying

End of 2:
**The flyers are putting it to a sleeping Penguins team.
** If i wasn't so lazy i would look up the Pens record for afternoon games, because i bet it isn't good. They must Party every night and need the next day to cure the hangover.

3rd Period:

The 1st half 3rd period was nothing for the most part. Richards and Cooke almost get into it, but Crosby flies in off the top rope to settle things down.

And if you can find a bright spot to getting beat by the Flyers, Eric Godard gets his 1st goal in a Penguins uniform. 5-2 Flyers

Hatnell and Goddard throw down shortly after the goal. If Hartnell stays on his skates, he dies, but he decides his in over his head and falls down. The Flyers come out of that with a power play and yeah they score. 6-2

Fedotenko finishes the niight with a power play goal to make it 6-3, and thats how it ends.

**The Flyers retarded fans must have realized that Malkin is good, they are booing him now.
**Hey Steigy, Does any Pens fans give a fuck about Bobby Clark? No

Next Game: i dont know


Friday, December 12, 2008

That Was a Game: Pens Win

Were the Pens that good last night or were the Islanders that bad. The Pens ended a 3-game losing steak in dramatic fashion, Pascal Dupuis opened the scoring with a wicked slap shot that just over powered the Islanders goalie. That was just the start of what would turn into one of the most lobsided games you will see.

Miro Satan would follow that with a goal of his own with a nice play from a bad angle. like all 2 goal Pens leads, you were just waiting for the Islanders to wipe it out. They did cut it in half when Mark Steit beat Curry to make the game 2-1. This is where the Petr Sykora show starts. 11 seconds after the Islanders goal Syko pots on to make it a 3-1 lead for the Pens.

At this point it didn't look like the Islanders were even on the Ice. The Pens were dominating every part of this game. Phillipe Boucher would cap off an explosive, 19 shoit first period with a bomb from the point that made it 4-1 at the end of the first period. 19 shots in the first period, There were a few games that the pens couldn't math that total at the end of regulation.

The Pens are coming into the 2nd Priod with a 3-goal lead. Sit back, play some good shutdown hockey and sit on this 3 goal lead? No dice! The Pens put it to them again getting 4 goals in the 2nd period also.

Malkin would start the scoring in the 2nd with a shot from a tough angle that beat the new Islanders goalie Danis, making it 5-1. The scores come across the screen and you see Carolina beating the Flyers 5-1, it is a good night for hockey. Soon after Malkin scores Sykora grabs his second goal of the night. thats 2 for Sykora, it's early, everybody is thinking the same thing.

Sykora would have his 1st career hat trick waved off, from the overhead it looked like the puck was in the net before the whistle but the refs may have been starting to feel bad. Sykora would be denied later in the period, when the best setup man in the league, would feed a pass to him in the fron of the net. Goal number 3 for Sykora. The Pens were juiced, the crowd knew what was going on.

Dupuis would finish the 2nd period with a his second of the night with just 33 seconds left in the period, it can't be. Dupuis with an entire period to get his first hat trick.

If you felt bad for the Islanders for sucking so bad, you would soon forget about it, as expected they started with the cheapshots in the 3rd period. Letang got the most of it. Is it just me or has Letang been getting his ass kick the last couple of games. So for all the cheapstuff the Islanders were dishing out, the Pens were putting PUcks in the net.

The Islanders would open up the 3rd period scoring with a meaningless goal. That was a mercy goal.

Dupuis would eventually get his 1st hat trick of his career of a fee from Matt Cooke. That would be the end of the scoring in the game. There will be a lot of People in Pittsburgh buying new hats today.

If you were pissed that the Pens didn't get the bounces against the Devils, they got everyone of them last night. what a game.

The Pens have been on the wrong side ofgames like that, it's definately not fun and the Islanders and their fans need forget about it.

And to put a little damper n the evening, philly came back from a 5-1 defecit to beat Carolina 6-5 in a shoot out.

Next Game against the hated Flyers on Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Game 29: New York Islanders @ Pittsburgh Penguins

Game 29: Isles @ Pens (7:38-FSN/WXDX)

Tonight is the 2nd of back to back games. The New York Islanders come to town. The last meeting between these 2 teams the Penguins won the game 5-3 on Long Island. Malkin had the Natural and Crosby had a goal and 2 assists in the contest. They had to wipe out a 2-goal deficit in the process.
The Islanders are coming off a 4-3 loss to the Hated Philadelphia Flyers the other night. I always feel for a team that loses to Phily. Veteran Doug Weight is playing some serious hockey for the Islanders. 26 Points this season.

Check out Drive for Five, he knows a lot more about the Islanders than i do.


The Penguins are trying to snap a 3-game losing streak tonight. Last night the Devil scored more goals than the Pens. I thought the Pens put in a solid game last night, they didnt deserve the results they got. The Devils just got all the bounces and the Refs gave them 2 goals. But to be honest, i really don't want to talk about it. i see bright things in the future, like Fleury returning to the goal crease, Whitney back to the blueline, and if you look far into the future, Gonchar QBing the Power play again. Losing the 2 best defensemen and the all star goalie are starting to take it's toll on the Pens. But like coach T says, "excuse are for loser".



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Games Now: Pens Lose

1st Period:

The Pens look like a different team coming into this game. the transition game was good, the Defense is back to looking solid. i saw maybe 2 turnovers in the zone the entire 1st period. Crosby and Malkin look possessed in this game, they are both skating hard.
at the 16:40 mark Max Talbot and Clarkson both go to the Penalty box, Clarkson for roughing and Talbot for receiving.

The 2 minutes of 4 on 4 hockey was just incredible, both teams getting solid chances and both goalies coming up huge. Letang had to make a save off of a shot from Zach Parise. Staal Puts one off the post at the other end. that wont be the last post the Penguins get this game. Neither team can get the Puck in the net on the 4 on 4 session, but wow that was fun to watch.

Crosby splits the Devils defense and almost puts it in, if he scores there the world stops. Matt Cooke is starting to throw his body around like he is a stripper looking to make some extra cash. This Period is just incredible Hockey right now.

Sabourin makes the biggest save of the night so far, Brian Gionta takes a pass in the faceoff circle, if he one time that is a goal, but he has to settle the puck giving Sabourin time to get in position.

Talbot baits 2 devils into the Penalty box, but the refs decide a 5 on 3 would be to unfair, he must not have watched the Pens/sabres game, Talbot gets called for receiving again i think. 5 on 4 power play for 2 minutes. The Pens had a solid look but couldn't tickle the twine. The Devils kill the Penalty.

17 seconds left in the period Mark Eaton gets a delay of game penalty for dislodging the net. he was trying to buy one but it didn't work. The Devils power play will carry over into the 2nd Period.

2nd Period:

For some reason the clock is not working to start the 2nd but we all know the Devil has at least 1:45 of power play time with a fresh sheet of ice to work with. Sabourin has to make 2 big saves with about 30 seconds left on the Devils Power play. The Pens kill the Penalty but the Devils are slowly gaining momentum in this game.

Satan almost gets his stick on a rebound in front but it was cleared away at the last second. Things just aren't bouncing the right way for the Penguins lately.

The 10:40 mark see Frankenstein head to the box for not knowing how to play the game of hockey. 2:00 minute power play for the Pens who are already o for 2. The Penguins do get a goal behind Clemmensen but it wasn't across the Line. The Devils kill the Penalty.

Frankenstein rears his ugly head again giving Letang a cheapshot behind the net, No Penalty. And why should he call that, he hasn't been calling shit all night.

Wallace just Called up from WBS contributes for the Pens by heading to the box on a hooking call I think. His Parents missed it, they wouldn't get here til the third period. The Pens kill the Wallace Penalty.

Crosby has a wide open net and puts it off the Crossbar, you have to bury that. The Pens are starting to get some Pressure, a Devils defenseman loses his stick, so Clemmensen smartly tries to freeze the Puck whenever he can, to bad it was behind the net. 2:00 minute Penalty for being a retard.
15 seconds later the even up call comes. high stick. 4 on 4 hockey. The Devils get a goal on the 4 on 4. an innocent shot from the point takes a hard bounce of the boards, Sabourin does a triple axle and the Devils put the Puck in the net. 1-0 Devils. Bob Errey Points out that the Linesman misses an offsides call.......Good one dick.

The second Period ends with the Pens down by a goal.

3rd Period:

It Didnt take long for the Devils to stretch the lead to 2 goals as Zach Parise deflects one by Sabourin at the 17:40 mark of the 3rd. 2-0 Devil. The goal came about 5 seconds after McCreary misses an obvious trip on Langenbruner.........Good one Dick

The middle of the 3rd was a lot of nothing until the 9:48 mark when Zubrus puts a wrist shot past Sabourin on the short side. Sabourin was close, his glove was only about 12" away from making that save.

The Rest of the game was Crosby roughing up Gionta a little bit and getting 4 minutes worth of Penalties. with 6 minutes or so left he pretty much takes himself out of the game. Cooke would end up getting a goal for the Pens after Malkin Drives to the net with the entire New Jersey team on his back, Cooke would come in and Pick up the trash. 3-1 Devils with 3:58 left.

The Devils get the empty netter at the end to make if 4-1 Devils.

Game: I'm not blaming the refs for this loss but, this is the first game this season where it was obvious they had their heads up their asses

Next Game Tommorrow

Go Pens

Game 28: Pens @ The Devil

Game 28: The Pittsburgh Penguins @ The New Jersey Devils (7:08-FSN/WXDX)

The Pittsburgh Penguins head to New Jersey tonight to battle The Devil. The Devil is riding high winning 7 of the last 8. They Beat Montreal on Saturday 2-1 in overtime. Patty Elias got the overtime goal. Scott Clemmensen is Playing some solid goaltending in relief of the injured Marty Broduer.

Pens fans have to get used to the fact that everytime the Pens play the Devil, Zach Parise is gonna score a goal. Its gonna happen, there's nothing we can do about it, and if the Pens D doesn't start playing better its gonna be a long game tonight.
Bobby Holik is back in the lineup for The Devil tonight so that should bring the skill level down a little.

Line as per yahoo:
Goaltenders: Scott Clemmensen, Kevin Weekes.
Defensemen: Paul Martin/Colin White/Johnny Oduya/Bryce Salvador/Mike Mottau/Jay Leac.
First Line: Zach Parise/Travis Zajac/Jamie Langenbrunner.
Second Line: Patrik Elias/Dainius Zubrus/Brian Gionta
Third Line: Jay Pandolfo/John Madden/Brian Rolston
Fourth Line: Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond/Bobby Holik/David Clarkson


The Pittsburgh Penguins enter tonights game on a 2 game losing streak. The last game the Pens played the Sabres and gave up a 3-1 lead to lose 4-3 in regulation. The Defense was terrible, the transition game was non-existant, there were multiple turnovers in the defensive zone, and not to mention the power play forgot that they had a game that night. The Pens will look to rebound from that horrible performance against a hat team in New Jersey.

The Pens keep adding to the injured injured defensmenl List, Hall Gil will be out 2 to 4 weeks. I'm thinking Ben Lovejoy will have another oppurtunity to impress tonight. he didn't disappoint against the Sabres, Best Defenseman on the ice maybe?

The Pens have called up Taffe and Wallace from the baby Pens. Nice to see Taffe make it back up here, and it will beinteresting to see this Wallace kid play.

The PensBlog is doing the unheard of. Another call to arms, but this time it's for the Washington Capitals. Like him or hate him, it would be a crime if Ovechkin wasn't a starter at the all star game. So vote Ovechkin into the top 3 of the all star game. The first ime i did, i threw up in my mouth a little. Its not that bad though, i will draw the line if Philly needs help, i won't go there.



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Movin' on Up

Malkin is making his assault on the all-star voting. It shouldn't be to long before he is in the spot right behind Crosby. Pissing off Habs fans should be a sport.

The game last night between the Pens and Sabres raises a lot of questions that The Pens may not have the answers for. Coach T was not to pleased with the performance his team displayed on the Ice last night. It's easy to figure out what went wrong, The Defense was horrible, giving up the puck in their own zone and letting the Sabres easily gain the Blue line. Put a defense like that in front of a goalie who was fighting the Puck all night and you have a recipe for disaster.
The offense isn't off the hook either, trying to set up the perfect shot is one thing, but against Ryan Miller, you have to have someone in front of the net, that's how it works.

The biggest story coming out of last night was the weak power play the Pens are putting on the Ice. The full 5on 3 power play was a joke at best, sure Miller made a few nice saves. Their was not a penguin who made an effort to get to the front of the net. Malkin and Letang were launching bombs from the point, but if Miller sees them, he stops them. It seems I was all wrong about Ryan Malone, he was that player you could count on to stand in front of the net. He isn't worth the money Tampa is paying him, but maybe he will be missed more so than what i originally thought. Last night was a tough loss that didn't sit well with any of us Penguin fans, and i'm sure the coaching staff and management feel the same way.

A good thing to come out of last nights game is Ben Lovejoy. i thought he played solid for his first NHL game. Breaking up a 2 on 1 in front of Sabourin was impressive, I didn't see him get caught out od position like most rookie defensemen are guilty of, and the wrister from the circle was incredible. Malkins offensive performance in the first period was fun to watch. The play on the first goal changed my life forever. That's about it for good things to come out of Last nights game.

The Post Gazette is reporting that The Leagues slowest defensman Hal Gill will be out 2 to 4 weeks with a right shoulder injury. Shouldn't they have said an "upper body injury". Someone is gonna pay for that mistake.
Whitney is practicing with the team and could be back later on this month. Thats definately some welcome news. Fleury is also practicing and may return for Saturdays game. See, it's not all bad news coming out of the penguins camp.

Next game tomorrow. Vote for Mlakin

GO Pens

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Officially a Losing steak

As usual it was a high paced game tonight against the Sabres. The Pens get the 1st goal of the game on what was just a beautiful play from Malkin to Fedotenko. That goal will be on a lot of highlights this week.
The Penguins would let the lead go a little over a minute later when Derrik Roy puts one behind Sabourin to tie the game up.

Malkin and Fedotenko would team up again on another pretty goal. Sykora finds it behind the net, Passes it to Malkin who one touch passes over to Fedotenko to give the Penguins a 2-1 lead.
The First period would end with the Penguins on a 5 on 3. Pominville is called for a hook with 2 minutes left in the Period and Vanek gets a Penalty for not knowing the rules. He lays down on the Puck like an idiot to try to get a faceoff. You can't do that in todays NHL. The Penguins Power play would carry over to the 2nd period. The first Period ended with the Pens in front 2-1.

The second period started with Buffalo killing the 5 on 3 power play only to have another penalty called soon after to put them back on a 5 on 3. This time Letang makes them pay. He puts a wrist shot by Miller for his first goal in a few years. That goal would give the Penguins the Dreaded 2 goal lead. They would still have 48 seconds of a 5 on 4 to work with, but the Sabres would eventually kill it off.
At the 13:20 mark of the 2nd Period Sabourin had no idea what was going on. He makes a save without knowing a shot was coming, loses sight of the rebound and some Sabres d-bag puts it home, 3-2 Pens at this point. You started getting that feeling of throwing up in your mouth, you knew what was coming.
Soon after the Sabres goal the Pens would have a chance to get it back. Buffalo gets called for a hooking call or something, Lindy Ruff decided it wasn't enough of a challenge so he bitches at the refs and gets an unsportsman penalty.
A full 2 minutes of 5 on 3 power play for the Pens turned out to be the turning point of the game. They fail to cash in the Power play, which gives the sabres all kinds of life. Like clock work a minute or so after the 5 on 3 is killed the Sabres tie the game up.
The Penguins are frustrated, The end of the Period Gaustad lays out Lovejoy and Malkin didn't appreciate it. He tries to take on the world and ended up in the box.

The 3rd Period started with Sabourin way out of position, how the puck didn't find the back of the net is beyond me. Miller makes a save on Satan at the goal mouth. He faces that shot 10 times, it goes in 9, Satan can't buy a goal right now.
at the 15:30 mark of the third period Matt Cooke gets some payback for The hit on Lovejoy, he lays out Gaustad at the blue line, Who doesn't love how Matt Cooke plays the game?
The Sabres would get payback shorty after when Vanek puts in the game winning goal at the 13:47 mark. The Rest of the third period was a bucnh of shit. The Pens power play would let them down time after time.

An exciting game to watch. The Pens had their chances but didn't bury them. Satan had 2 golden chance to get a goal but couldn't put it home. The Penguins Power play was 1 for 624, that just can't happen.
The Pens did end up scoring about 4 seconds after the game was over.

Pens lose. Next game Wednesday. They need to put a stop to this losing streak now.

Lightning...But No Thunder

Yep, that new management for the Tampa Bay Lightning sure knew what they were doing this past off season. Hell, their players are so fed up that they are packing their shit and heading home. [TSN]

Game 27: Sabres @ Penguins

Game 27 Buffalo Sabres @ Pittsburgh Penguins (7:38 Versus/WXDX).

Tonight the Penguins battle the Sabres in the 3rd meeting this season. Each team has a win so far. The Penguins winning the first meeting 5-2 and the Sabres winning the second 4-3. The Sabres beat the Circus that is the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday night 4-3 breaking a 3 game losing streak. When your team is struggling their is nothing better than playing the Lightning to get things turned around.

The Sabres called up Top prospect Nathan Gerbe from AHL affiliate Portland for Saturdays game. I guess this kid was a beast in college hockey.

Head Coach Lindy Ruff isn't to happy with Allstar Goalie Ryan Miller. He was pissed about a 2-1 loss to the Panthers. If your goalie is only giving up 2 goals, isn't he giving you a chance to win every night? What do i know, i'm not a coach.


The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming off a loss to Jason Spezza on Saturday night. What a joke of a game that was. The end of a road trip, 3 games in 4 nights. That's about all the further i would look into that loss.

The Penguins have called up Defensman Ben Lovejoy From WBS because Hal Gill might not be able to go tonight. I think Hal Gill needs a game or 2 off anyways. It Seems like every time Gill and Scuderi are on the ice the Pens get bottled up in their own zone for an extended period of time.

Goaltender Marc Andre Fleury practiced with the team for the first time since being secretly injured. It would be nice to see him back in action, Sabourin is starting to show some signs of not being a starting goalie.

The Pensblog is issuing a call to arms to get Malkin some all-star votes. At Noon All you have to do is text Malkin to 81812.



Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pens Lose

I've come to the conclusion that if the Pens play before 7:08 things just don't turn out very well. The Pens just looked out of sink playing the Ottawa Senators yesterday.

The Penguins did not put together one solid period of hockey at all, The Offense was mediocre at best. They couldn't get anything going for most of the game. The did not register one even strength goal, Staal's goal came on the power play, and Malkins goal came while being short handed. The Defense was victim of the Sens getting a lot of good bounces that ended up in the Pens net. Sabourin played well enough for the Pens to win but he was was over comitting on a lot of shooters. The play in the middle of the 2nd when he went to the bench for some coffee and Max Talbot had to take the honors and Jason Spezza's wrap around goal we both the result of Sabourin over comitting.

The Pens were down by 2 going into the 3rd Period, and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that they would get the 2 goals to tie and send the game into to evertime, but to no avail this time. the Pens come up short in the 3rd. The Lone goal scorer in the 3rd period was Malkin on a short handed tally in the middle of the 3rd. A goal like that usually swing the momentum for the Penguins but not this time.

Some good things from the game were:
**Kris Letang had a good game, but you have to put that slap shot on net in the final seconds.
**Sabourin is ready for a break i think, maybe give Curry the start next game, or even better, Fleury will be ready to re-take the top spot.
**Crosby and Malkin own the top 2 spots in the Art Ross race and they both had at least one point yesterday.
**Eric Godard is a beast
**Who wouldn't want Anton Volchenkov in a Pens uniform, what a hockey player.
**Jarko Rutuu is trash, i would take Cooke anyday

The Pens played a lot of hockey last week, and they are dealing with a lot of injuries.

Next Game is Monday against the Sabres again.


Friday, December 5, 2008

One Can Only Hope This Is Legit

A Deadspin reader shares a little info on some guy named Avery who plays for Dallas.

Well, Maybe He Had Something Lodged Up There
"over thanksgiving i was at the bar with my good buddy that i grew up playing hockey with. He plays for the penguins, and a very legit player. I don't want to put his name out there because i don't want to get him in trouble. Anyways, he told me that it's pretty much common knowledge in dressing rooms across the league that rachel hunter, jared stoll's girlfriend stuck a dildo up Avery's poop shoot. and that he constantly gets beaked on the ice for it. thought alot of readers would get a kick out of that, avery's a real prick"

Yes, that would make it very sloppy.

My Hate Grows

If you're the Rangers (God help you if you are), how do you follow up an emotional, come-from-behind shootout win over your division rivals? You get your asses handed to you by a bunch of fucking Canadians. Oops. This is what you get in New York if Lundqvist has an off night.

Yes We Do!!

The newest installmet of "Yinz Luv Da Guins"

Sean Avery was handed a 6-game suspension for his comments on camera [tsn] before the Calgary game. i'm sure by now everybody has heard or read the comments. He also has to go through some anger management classes in the process.

This Dick needs to stay out of the NHL for good. Are they going to suspend him every time Dallas play Calgary because Phaneuf will take care of it on the ice. Why make some dumb ass remarks to one of the best hitters in the league? I hope he gets what he deserves. Avery is trying to make himself bigger than the game. He would fit well in the NFL or NBA, but he doesn't belong in the game of Hockey.

But if you want a bright side on this, the avery comments spurred the idea For a list like this.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Game 25: Pens Win in Carolina

1st Period:

19:42 Malkin gets the 1st shot on net. ringing the pipe behind Leighton.

17:41 Sabourin has to make his 1st save of the game, stopping a shot from the point. Easy save for Sabourin.

15:25 The 1st Power play of the game belongs to Carolina. They call Crosby for something that i couldn't find in the rule book, clearly a make up for the 3 missed calls already this game.

12:15 Ruutu hits Goligoski from behind, slamming him into the boards. 2 minutes for boarding. Clearly a dirty hit. Just like his brother i guess. The Canes kill off the Penalty to Ruutu, but are charged with a hooking Penalty. The Pens get essentially a 4 minute power play.

9:05 Sykora Puts the 1st goal of the game in. What a wrist shot. 1-0 Pens

7:27 Dupuis gets his third goal of the Season. Pens fans were not surprised to see who gave the puck up, Melichar has been doing that his entire career. 2-0 Pens

The rest of the 1st period was the Pens putting it to Carolina, Pesonen gets a back hand shot on goal. I would love to see him bury one tonight.

End of one: 2-0 Penguins

**New/Old coach Paul Maurice can't be happy with all the turnovers his players are giving.
**Tuomo Ruutu is garbage just like his brother.

2nd Period:

19:27 Ruutu takes another stupid Penalty, high sticking. Pens go on a 2 minute power play.
18:07 Sykora gets his second of the night. 100th career power play goal for Sykora. Since we are making history tonight, how about that 1st hat trick? 3-0 Pens

17:48 Rutuu puts home a goal. he worthless: 3-1 Pens

13:09 The Canes were putting it to the Penguins for about a 5 minute stretch. Keeping the Pens in there own zone for much of the time only to have the Pens get a goal: 4-1 Pens Miro Satan puts the puck in front of the net and Larose decides to go ahead and skate it into his own net. Good times.

10:15 Sabourin makes a beautiful kick save, and another big save on the rebound. saves of the night right there.

9:12 The Canes draw another penalty. Mark Eaton goes to the box for being better than everyone else, Mark Eaton single handily kills the Penalty from the box. I've never seen anything like it.

5:45 The Penguins go to the box again, this time the Canes make them pay. Matt Cullen gets the Canes within 2. 4-2 Pens. its a game again.

1:38 Fedotenko dives to the crease to finish off what was dangerously close to Sykora getting a Hat trick. nice play by Fedo. 5-2 Pens. Now its not a game.

End Of Two: 5-2 Pens


3rd Period:

Would you feel better it the Pens were down by 3 at this point? It could go either way.

16:48 Sabourin robs Eric Staal in close, what a game Sabu has had so far.

**Put Sykora out with Crosby and Malkin, its 5-2 we can take a few chances to get him a Hat trick right?

11:49 Orpik lays out Rutuu at center ice. Payback for the Goligoski hit in the 1st period? I like to think so.

10:59 Sabourin makes another big save on a 2 on 1. The 3rd period is quickly turning into the Danny Sabourin show.

10:05 Orpik's hit on Ruutu earns the Subway sandwich of the game. Orpik has got to be juiced over that award.

If the Pens are trying to play shutdown hockey right now, They aren't doing a very good job.

2:ish The Canes draw another Penalty, Talbot heads to the box for something.
The Pens kill the Penalty and the Game


**Danny Sabourin had yet another solid performance in goal.
**other than the shot on goal by Pesonen, did he play the rest of the game?
**Sykora will get a Hat trick this season

Game 25: Pittsburgh Penguins @ Carolina Hurricanes

Game 25: Pens @ Canes (7:08-FSN/WXDX)

Some interesting things going on with the Hurricanes lately. They fired their head coach recently, and hired a coach they previously fired in Paul Maurice, who was recently fired from the Toronto Maple leafs. Hall of Famer and Ex-Penguin Ron Francis will be joining Maurice behind the bench.

The last game saw the Canes Lose 4-1 to the Anahiem Ducks, to make matters worse, they lost their starting Goalie Cam Ward to a groin injury. Michael Leighton figures to get the start tonight and Justin Peters was called up for back-up duty.

Line According to Yahoo go something like this:
First Line: Ray Whitney/Rod Brind’Amour/Chad LaRose
Second Line: Sergei Samsonov/Eric Staal/Tuomo Ruutu/
Third Line: Ryan Bayda/Matt Cullen/Patrick Eaves
Fourth Line: Wade Brookbank/Brandon Sutter/Patrick Dwyer

Defensemen: Niclas Wallin/Joe Corvo/Frantisek Kaberle/Joni Pitkanen/Anton Babchuk/Josef Melichar. Any team is dangerous when they have Melichar on the blue line.

Canes Country


The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming off another blown third period lead. They gave the Rangers a win last night. They did end up with a point in the contest. If the Penguins are winning going into the third is it safe to shut the T.V. off and give them the loss.

Danny Sabourin had a decent game up unitl the shootout. all 3 shooters for the Rangers beat him, with Kris Letang getting the lone goal for the Penguins. Speaking of Kris Letang, he was an absolute beast last night.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Go Fuck Yourself, New York

After about the last three seasons of watching the Rangers, I have come to the conclusion that they have one philosophy on offense: close your eyes, shoot it to the net, pray that puck hits something and goes in. Truly pathetic. They are officially New Jersey North because without Lundqvist, this team is hanging with Tampa Bay in the shitter. It's going to be fun kicking these fucks asses in every game we play them the rest of the way. Mark it down now. You can have your win tonight. Enjoy it.

It was also truly inspiring the way they slowed the game down as much as possible in the overtime to get to the shootout because they knew it was the only chance they had. I hate this team. I hate their fans. I'm sure all of their mothers are whores.

Peter Prucha's Mom celebrates him being in the right place at the right time. Lucky Fuck

Also, fuck you Bob Errey for praising Prucha. He's just another dog shit player who only shows up about 4 or 5 times a year, usually against the Penguins. Bob has to go on a 30 second rant about what a great player he is and how he wouldn't take his reassignment in Hartford like the loser he is. How noble. Fuck him. Fuck New York. I'm out.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Been A Week

After almost a week of no internet service, Comcast has come through. Based in Philly i was expecting a lot longer ofa wait. I'm online again, Now i don't feel like doing anything. The Penguins don't play til Wednesday against the Rangers.