Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ovechkin, Cooke and all the other "goons"

Caveman, Cookie and all the other "Goons" have no reason to respect other Players. Seriously, Cooke drops the Bee's top player for the season and all he gets is a Greco Roman style wrestling Match? I'm sure Cooke laughed all the way home after the game!! The problem here is that the league has made it impossible for the players to "instill" respect by issuing inconsistent Penalties and Fines for...Well, Frankly deserved retaliation. This is only one of the many adverse side effects that are sure to manifest from the leagues constant attempts to PUSSIFY the greatest game ever...Gar en dam tee that if Matt Cooke or Caveman would have received what I think they deserve, it would be the last time either one blind sides Anybody. But we all know what would have happened had someone bothered to instill a little respect in Cooke or Ovechkin. Ten Games and a bill!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is it Not the Biggest game this Season

The New Jersey Devils beat beat the Bruins last night 3-2 putting them only 2 points behind the Penguins for the top spot in the Atlantic. The Next game for the Pens? thats right in New Jersey. The Pens can't seem to do much against Jersey and the defensive first boredom displayed on the ice.

I think the last game in Jersey may have been the worst game of the season to date. It has nothing to do with stats. The Devils and Marty Broduer just pissed me off. The Devils now have moved to Washington or even Philly status in my Opinion. Before it was just one of those games that you had to fight through, Now its one I circle on the Calender. Maybe it's because the Pens are 0-5 against them this season, Maybe its because the Pens are making Marty Brodeur way better than he actually is. I think it has more to do with the fact that I can't stand watching that system of hockey get the Better of the Pens. That is not the way Hockey is meant to be played. That system has neutralized one of the most exciting players in the league to just another winger.

This isn't supposed to be the game I'm looking forward to. With all the Hype surrounding the Bruins game on Thursday. "The Bruins should target Sidney Crosby for what happened to Savard" stuff. I don't really see any of this playing out like that. I don't see how going after Sid is going to do much for your playoff hopes. No, I dont even care about that right now. The Devil must go down.

Now on to The Idiot that Resides in Washington. Alex Ovechkin was suspended for the 2nd time this season with a questionable hit that put The Blackhawks, Brian Campbell out for the season.

To be honest I didnt think that was as bad as some of things he's done that didnt get called but It was a typical Goon Play by the Highest payed Goon in the League. If Alex Ovechkin is suspended I am happy. He Deserves everything he gets just for being a D-bag. I'm waiting for the Time we see Ovechkins busted up Carcass scraped off the Ice. Thats when I will say Ovie got whats coming to him. And Fat ass Bruce Boudreau had this to say: "If this was Sidney Crosby doing this, everybody outside of Pittsburgh would have cried foul: 'Suspend him for the year,"' Boudreau told the Capitals team website, Caps365 on Monday. "I don't think it does the game any good to have Alex suspended." I dont think it does the game any good having Brian Campbell out for the season with an injury. Maybe you dont see Sid doing this because he has too much repsect for the game, too much respect for his fellow players, Something Ovie needs to learn.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Was that a Hook......

.....or maybe it was interference, or maybe, just maybe it was nothing at all. Maybe Brooks Orpik just lost an edge and fell to the Ice, It a Hurricanes stick was there looking like a hook, but not really hooking anything. Thats what I saw seconds before the Hurricanes beat Brent Johnson for the OT game winner. Did anyone else see this, or did I have one to many drinks? Thats the way it went all night for the Pens.

They man-handled the Canes in each zone, the few times the canes actually made it into the Pens zone they potted one. It was not a good showing for Brent Johnson, but that is the 1st time I have said this all season, that dude has been, for the most part, a wall whenever he is called upon. 3 of the 4 goals last night were a little on the weaker side. Thats the way it goes sometimes. The Goalie at the other end, Justin Peters, started out a little shaky but got stronger as the game went on.

The Canes had no business winning that game last night, they had no business even being in the game after the 2nd period, but whatever, the Pens got a point and now its off to a much more important game tonight against Canada's red headed step child and the New Jersey Devils. It was funny the way Canada turned on Marty Broduer in the wake of the loss to the U.S. Now he is back to his defensive trapping team and now he is the best in the world again.

This will be no small feat tonight for the Pens, actually if they score a goal against the Devils I will consider that a small victory, If Maf can somehow play a good game against the Devils I will consider that another small Victory. The last 2 games against the Devils the Pens couldn't score a goal and Fleury couldnt stop them from scoring, a bad recipe.

I know they wanted Fleury to be rested for the Devils but, I think it was a bad decision to start Johnson last night. Fleury will be rested but, he hasn't played in a week, he might be a little rusty. I guess we will see tonight

Go Pens

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Big Bail Out

Wow do the New York Rangers blow! The Pens played well. They played their game the entire night I will give them that, but the Rags just let it happen. If we would have traded goalies I'm seeing double digits for the pens. Thankfully Bylsma pulled Fleury in the 2nd, I'm not sure he could have handled 4 more shots, which the way he was playing we may still have lost.

Fleury was the only downer about last nights game, I take that back, you can put the Penalty killing on that list also. They allowed 2 power play goals for the Rangers, that may have had more to do with Maf shitting the bed i suppose. The Penguins dominated from start to finish, Kunitz gets a goal, Staal gets 2, Gogo finally gets a goal, and Mike Rupp pots his 12th of the season. Its a shame it took 5 goals to get the job done, but a win is a win. Fleury looked like he hasn't played for 2 1/2 weeks. He seemed a bit rusty. He will be better tomorrow against Dallas. On the Bright side Johnson had to come in a stop a stampede of 4 shots in last period and a half. the first shot in the 3rd not coming until around the 5 minute mark.

It's over now, that will be the last time I have to put up with the New York Rangers and their Idiot fans this season. Seriously that thing you people do after the rags score a goal. down right annoying, but you people don't really get a lot of practice celebrating a goal, maybe you should do that everytme Henrik makes a save.

The game against Buffalo and the game against the Rangers have been 2 of the best for the Pens this season, maybe they are getting everything togethere for the stretch run and a long rn in the playoffs. Every game from here on out will be a playoff like game. If Fleury can get on his game things should come together fine.

Go Pens

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Trade Deadline...... upon us. So far Ray Shero has basically given up Luca Caputi for Jordan Leopald and Ponikarovsky. The Pens have adressed both area of concern so i looks likeit may be a boring Deadline day.