Monday, June 29, 2009

I"m Back

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Respect Goes Both Ways!

I have less and less respect for the Detroit Red Wings everyday!

Shut up Draper, Shut up Zetterberg! You guys are acting like the biggest douchebag babies in the NHL right now! And let me tell ya, that's an accomplishment. Crosby got to the line and Crosby shook hands! Lindstrom may have gone to the locker room too soon. Whatever happened, it wasn't intentional.

Sidney Crosby has more class than you 2 will ever dream of having! The Mighty Red Wings have fallen! Eat it boys! You couldn't make it happen this time, better yet we didn't allow it to happen this time. That's the way it is! Sorry if you can't handle it!

Bottom line... you guys had your day with the cup and that was hard for the Pens and the fans to watch all of you skate around our house with the cup, but we respected you and we let you have it! So back off! The Pens earned the right to be called the best! Don't try to take that away from them.

Go PENS! You rock!

Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 Stanley Cup Champions

So there it is. The Stanley Cup Finals close out about the best possible way it could have, with the penguins taking home the cup. Their were so many different scenerios going on in my head before game 7, and a 2-1 game was never there. And Max Talbot getting both goals, i don't think anyone could have seen that. The Pens put together the perfect game, Actually game 6 and game 7 the Pens put together a perfect game.

To all the Pens bashers out there, It doesn't matter what happens you can't take this away from them. They knocked off the Champs and they won 4 out of 5 games to do it. A total team effort to get it done as well, so you can stop saying "if you shut down Sid and Geno. you shut down the Pens".

But all in all that was a great series. It's a shame someone had to lose.....oh what am I saying? Suck it Detroit. All the Cocky ass fans of the Redwings can eat it. All I heard all series long was the Pens can't do it. It's been done.

As far as the Wings go, they are a good team their is no denying it. They were beat up, they were out of gas, they just couldn't get it done. I must admit I'm not a big fan of Chris Osgood, he was solid for sure. He wasn't the reason they lost. The big guns for the wings were fairly quiet offensively through out the series, as well as the Pens big guns. They more than made up for it on the defensive side of things.

It was a tight series where every game could have went either way, (excluding game 5 of course) I have no problem saluting the wings players for such a good competitive series, but after going through what their fans have been saying since game 6 of last season, this feels good.

Draper get over the handshake thing. Maybe Lidstrom should have waited a little longer. You lost, take it like a man.

Next up, of the 10 or so players up for free agency, who are the Pens going to resign.

Go Pens

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lord Stanley... He Brought Me the Brandy!

I toasted the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins with a shot of ginger brandy!

I cannot put into words how I feel today! Last night was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen in my lifetime! I knew we could do it! I just knew that this group of guys could bring the cup back to Pittsburgh!

Marc Andre Fleury! How do ya like him now? He is a beast! Max Talbot, as usual! Everytime he scores a goal, it's huge! He's so special!

Freakin' awesome!

Jordan can finally shave that crazy caveman beard and get back to his handsome old self and make me crazy everytime he takes the ice!

It's even better than I thought it would be! We beat them! We out played them! There were no lucky bounces in this game. Nothing but talent and heart! They wanted it and they got it! It was a great game!

"Eat it Hossa"! Bad JuJu, man! Don't "F" with the Penguins pal! It will come back and get ya! With that out of my system...

...Penguins, you earned this and you most definitely deserve it! All 4 series were the best I have seen to date in my hockey career! Thank you for these playoffs! Thank you for this Stanley Cup! Enjoy every freakin' minute of this!

Thanks guys! You rock!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 7....This Day will Never End

The Day of game 7. The Pens will go into battle one last time to accomplish something that no one will ever forget. Game 7 of probably the best series I've ever had the Privilege to watch. No predictions for tonight, just watch and enjoy.

Tell me Malkin is not ready: “The Cup is all I want. I will give 120 percent. I will give everything. One win. The Cup. After that I will talk. I will do anything. One win first.”

Go Pens

Not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them. And we shut them down because we can! Tonight, WE are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born to be hockey players. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done. It's over. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Redwings have. Screw 'em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it.”

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Go Pens

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remember The Next 2 days

Cherish these next 2 days because a game 7 in the Stanley cup finals doesn't come around very often. This is what it's all about. The crazy ride to the finals that is stretched to the absolute limit. A game 7 in the Stanley cup finals. We will wake up saturday morning different. Our lives as we know it will be completly different.

The Talk radio analyzing and over analyzing ever aspect of this game. Sure, all of that is fun to listen to, but who really knows. The 1971 Canadiens are the last team to accomplish what the Pens are about to set out to do. The home team is 12-2 in game 7 in the Stanley cup finals. To me thats great stats for the Pens. To me, that means it's due to go the other way. The Pens are 0 for 3 at the Joe? The Pens are due to steal one there. Crosby and Malkin have no points in the last 2 games. That stat alone should scare the hell out of the Redwings. When Crosby and Malkin have zero points for 120 minutes, the dam is going to break. On the other hand, Hossa doesn't have a goal. Love him or hate him, he's a great hockey player who can really fire the puck. You can look at that however you want to, but every streak sooner or later comes to an end. The longer it goes, the closer it is to an end. From 1971 til 2009, thats long enough.

So listen to everyone say all this shit thats going against the Pens going into game 7. But finally the Pens are on the same level as the wings as far as experience goes in a game 7. There is i think only 1 Redwing has experienced a SCF game 7. A game 7 can change a player and it can change the fans.

GO Pens

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

“Great moments... are born from great opportunity.

The Pens are down 3-2 as if you didn't know that. Game 5 was an ass beating, that we know also. What we don't know is how the Pens are going to react to that. There are a lot of ways you get momentum in sports. You can play a perfect game and win big, that obviously builds your confidence and if your a fan of the RedWings you turn into A Cocky asshole, or you could get your ass handed to you in such a way that you can't wait to get into the next game so you can give it back to them, and if your a Pens fan you blame the goalie and call for the back up in the next game, also making you an Idiot. What are we going to see tonight, a confident Redwing team ready to roll over the Pens or a pissed off Pens team ready to choke slam the Redwings all the way to game 7.

One thing for sure about tonight, it's the last home game. The crowd will be rocking. The Pens will be on fire. You can shine the cup all you want, we won't be needing it tonight. There are 2 things that killed the Wings last game. The 5-0 win. The Pens always bounce back from that, and the "crosby Sucks" chants. No Crowd has ever chanted that and had their team survive. Ask Philly and Washington.

Not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them. And we shut them down because we can! Tonight, WE are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born to be hockey players. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done. It's over. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Redwings have. Screw 'em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it.”

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Go Pens

Monday, June 8, 2009

You can Lose 3

Was game 5 a must win? Not really. Would it have been easier to steal a road game before game 7? sure. Well depending on how long you've watched Penguins Hockey you should know that the Pens often like to take the long road. That way there are no excuses. I don't want to say the Pens handed the Wings game 5 but it definitely wasn't the type of game i was expecting.

Going into game 5 it was a best of 3 series, which means you can lose one. Well now that the Pens got that out of the way, it's time to take care of the 2 wins. Make no mistake about it a 5-0 ass beating will wake you up. The embarrassment will wake you up. It's different now. There is no more "whose the Better team". It has now switched to who wants it. Any team can be beat, on any given circumstance. If I had to pick any team to beat the worst of odds, I'm picking the Pens, They have answer the call over and over again.

Unlike most people I'm not giving up just yet, and unlike most people I'm not blaming Maf for the game 5 situation. You win as a team, you lose as a team. If Fleury would have made 4 more saves we still would have lost. The Pens still have a chance to beat the Wings until the final whistle of their 4th loss. Down 3-2 in the series with a game 6 on home ice. When a win is needed good teams go out and get it. Tuesday a win is needed.

The Wings had something to prove after taking an ass beating in game 4 and now the Pens have something to prove from the ass beating that happened in game 5. The Pens will game 6, and we will go from there.

Go Pens

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And The Academy Award Goes To...

...Hank Zetterberg, The Officials & the entire Detroit Red Wings team. Bravo guys, Bravo. Outstanding performance. I hope Zetterturd is feeling okay today. That vicious slash by Crosby must have left a terrible bruise on his shin. I mean the force Sid must have used to bring him down to the ice like that. How scary it must have been for him. Pathetic!

I thought diving was a penalty. Apparently it's not, but merely touching a Detroit Red Wing is. Once again, Detroit getting away with shit cause they're Detroit. I have never seen anything like that game last night. It was hard to watch.

I learned alot from these play offs this year. The Pens have more than just the red wings to overcome to get the cup.

I am bitter today. We didn't have our best game. But things could have been different if the red wings didn't get so many ridiculous calls. They had 3 power play goals. It was such a blur.

I love ya Fleury.

Yesterday is a memory. Forget about it. Get your game back for game 6 in Pittsburgh. Go PENS! It's not over.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Best of 3..........

Game 1 Detroit wins
Game 2 Detroit wins
Game 3 Pens win
Game 4 Pens win

The Games are starting to get more one-sided as they go on. Game 4 the pens were dominating, it looks like the Wings just couldn't keep up. So what do you do if you're a Wings fan? Start breaking out the Conspiracy Theories. " Gary Bettman wants Sidney and the Pens to win the cup". The Problem is, Detroit thinks they should win because they are Detroit, and if they aren't winning well obviously there is some conspiracy against them. This is the SCF you can't just go through the motions and think that the cup is yours. The Wings look tired, they look frustrated.

Game 4 was something that you usually don't see happening against a Redwings team. 3 goals in a little over 5 minutes. 2 of them of the tic tac toe variety and one being shorthanded. After the Pens get the 2 goal lead, the rest of the 2nd period and the entire 3rd period, there wasn't anymore pressure put on the by the wings, I didn't see any desperation in their play. The Pens got a 2 goal lead and just choked the life out of Detroit for the remainder of the game. The only thing I saw different with the Wings is frustration. Another thing the wings should be worried about is MAF. He is getting better with every game. When Fleury is on his game you don't beat him. It looks like Osgood at the other end is declining a bit.

The saying goes, you don't worry until you lose a home game and as of the first 4 games both teams have held serve on home ice. Game 5 switches to Detroit. In order to accomplish what they want, the Pens have to win one on Enemy ice. I can't see any reason why that can't happen Saturday in the dump that is called Detroit.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Pens shifted the momentum on Tuesday night. Everything Talbot does is huge! He gets it going everytime! And Gonch's goal as only Gonch can do it! No need to say anymore!

Ladies, is it just me or was Mario rocking that scruff and dark suit?! Damn!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Carry that momentum into game 4 and it's ours! Fleury was awesom in net and I think were about to see the real Os"not so"good! He is such a dbag! If not for his posse of back up goalies piling into the net like they were stuffing a Volkswagon for the guiness book of world records, there would be alot more pucks past Osbad. I thought you only brought 1 back up goalie a game anyway. Go figure.

The idea that Detroit has to be the best because they are Detroit is crap. The Pens have shown that they can play at their level. I am not in awe of the mighty red wings. I believe that there is this bad karma around Hossa that will ultimately bring them down.

Leave the octopi at home! Natalia and Vladamir are in the house! And a few cudos for the fans! Awesome! Tonight, lets get louder, louder, louder. "Stand up, stand up, stand up and let it out!"

Let's Go PENS!!

Game 4.......It's on

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Game 3 Belongs to the Pens

Like the Pens needed someone to tell them that a loss would pretty much be the end to all Stanley Cup hopes. Game 3 was a huge win and one that maybe should not have been. In my opinion the pens played there worst game of the series so far only to end up with there first of 4 wins. The Croud was rocking and the pens came out flying.

You knew it had to be a special night with 66 dropping the puck.

Max Talbot had the best game of his playoff season with 2 goals and a post. Malkin Was right there with 3 assists and Crosby finally got on the point sheet with an assist. I'm not saying Fleury played bad in the first 2 games, but last night, that was the Fleury we are used to seeing and thats the Fleury that needs to show up the rest of this series.
All the rumors floating around yesterday about Letang being scratched for last nights game, i don't know where they originated but, he must have heard them. He turned in maybe the best game I've seen him play. His defensive zone coverage was incredible and for once he winds up a slapshot and actually put it on the net. Maybe Staal could learn something from that.

Game 3 was a huge win yes, but it didnt take long after the final whistle to realize that we still have work to do. After coming off an emotional high (among other kinds of high i imagine) Thursday is game 4, which is another huge game. It all starts over. The score is 0-0 and The Wings can not get a 3-1 lead. Like the Ole 29er said "this is the same pattern as last season". Thursday is where it needs to change.

If the Pens can play the next game like they played the 3rd period of game 3, i like our chances.

Go Pens

Monday, June 1, 2009

What Is This?

This is certainly a spot i didn't see the Pens in come Monday morning. I thought for sure there would at least be a split. As I said before, you don't Panic until a home game is lost. The Pens are still in this. We were in every game. The Lucky bastards that from Detroit are getting some key bounces, some key non-calls, I see an interference call Detroit gets away with every time the Pens enter the offensive zone. Hossa should have been sitting in the Penalty box not celebrating his teammate scoring the second goal. I usually do not say anything about it until it's started somewhere else and The Game announcers were even saying it. The Penalty Malkin was called for was simply unbelievable. Call me a whiner all you want.

Enough about the Refs, that is something that the pens can't control, it is something that they will have to deal with. As far as what the Pens need to do to get back in this is more of the same i think. Unlike last season, the Pens were in both games. There were some posts hit, some good looks that were shot wide or deflected. If the bounces start going the other way we could find ourselves right back in this thing by the end of the week. It's not like there is a brick wall in net for the Wings. If the Wings goalie is a construction cone it would have the same results, As long as Henrik Zetterberg makes a few saves for it, not to mention he can go ahead a freeze the puck in the crease, don't worry the refs wont say a word about it. At one point in game 2 i think the entire Redwings team was behind Osgood keeping the Puck out of the net. At some point the Pens will make Osgood look bad.

Oh and No Malkin will not be suspended, The ruling was that Detroit gets away with too much already.

The pens have a day off to regroup. Its a race to 4 and we gave them a head start.

Go Pens