Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Respect Goes Both Ways!

I have less and less respect for the Detroit Red Wings everyday!

Shut up Draper, Shut up Zetterberg! You guys are acting like the biggest douchebag babies in the NHL right now! And let me tell ya, that's an accomplishment. Crosby got to the line and Crosby shook hands! Lindstrom may have gone to the locker room too soon. Whatever happened, it wasn't intentional.

Sidney Crosby has more class than you 2 will ever dream of having! The Mighty Red Wings have fallen! Eat it boys! You couldn't make it happen this time, better yet we didn't allow it to happen this time. That's the way it is! Sorry if you can't handle it!

Bottom line... you guys had your day with the cup and that was hard for the Pens and the fans to watch all of you skate around our house with the cup, but we respected you and we let you have it! So back off! The Pens earned the right to be called the best! Don't try to take that away from them.

Go PENS! You rock!


Anonymous said...

True...In Lidstrom's defense. I wouldn't have stuck around once the booing started either...BUT I wouldn't have let my teammates talk smack to the press either, Oh how the Wings have fallen!!! GO RASIE THAT CUP PENS!!!!

Anonymous said...


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