Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remember The Next 2 days

Cherish these next 2 days because a game 7 in the Stanley cup finals doesn't come around very often. This is what it's all about. The crazy ride to the finals that is stretched to the absolute limit. A game 7 in the Stanley cup finals. We will wake up saturday morning different. Our lives as we know it will be completly different.

The Talk radio analyzing and over analyzing ever aspect of this game. Sure, all of that is fun to listen to, but who really knows. The 1971 Canadiens are the last team to accomplish what the Pens are about to set out to do. The home team is 12-2 in game 7 in the Stanley cup finals. To me thats great stats for the Pens. To me, that means it's due to go the other way. The Pens are 0 for 3 at the Joe? The Pens are due to steal one there. Crosby and Malkin have no points in the last 2 games. That stat alone should scare the hell out of the Redwings. When Crosby and Malkin have zero points for 120 minutes, the dam is going to break. On the other hand, Hossa doesn't have a goal. Love him or hate him, he's a great hockey player who can really fire the puck. You can look at that however you want to, but every streak sooner or later comes to an end. The longer it goes, the closer it is to an end. From 1971 til 2009, thats long enough.

So listen to everyone say all this shit thats going against the Pens going into game 7. But finally the Pens are on the same level as the wings as far as experience goes in a game 7. There is i think only 1 Redwing has experienced a SCF game 7. A game 7 can change a player and it can change the fans.

GO Pens


Toad268 said...

After a hard swim of concentration, I decided not to just write a motivational post, but to write a tribute to the accolades already in place from this season. This will be, regardless of the outcome, one of the best seasons in franchise history in terms of drama. I couldn't have written it any better. From 10th place in February and sliding to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. From Stanley Cup Finals coach in 2008 to a different Stanley Cup Finals coach in 2009. From lineup changes to trade deadline geniosity (thanks for the word Shaina!). As fans, we can't ask for much more.

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Anonymous said...

that's great
thanks for the word shaina.

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