Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He Shoots It Wide

I'm sure everyone heard that Forbes Magazines voted the Penguin fans the best in the League. Well, we definitely earned it last night. It takes a special kind of fan to watch the Pukefest that took place at Mellon Arena last night. My Hatred for the Devil is the highest it has ever been, It's almost in the same ballpark as Philly right now. To be honest, Winning that game last night was not the biggest thing on my mind yesterday, It was just scoring a goal, Is that too much to ask? in 60 minutes of play score a goal. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of respect for Marty Brodeur and I wanted him to get his shut out record, I just didn't want it to happen against the Penguins. I only like the Pens associated with records that they accomplish, not the one accomplished against them.

the Devils opened up the Scoring early in the 1st period when Bryce Salvador (seriously) scored from the circle. Thats no joke, it was Salvador. Gonchar decided Fleury was getting an unfair advantage by being able to see the Puck so he sets a nice screen in front. When the devils score early, the rest of the game is pretty much worthless. The 1st period ended that way. 1-0 Devils.

The 2nd period didn't go very well. Goligoski was called for being stupid late in the 1st so the devils would start the 2nd period with the man advantage. yeah that went well. Some no name who can only score against the Penguins ruins the Chances of Maf being the starter for team Canada. The Following few minutes will go down as total domination. The Pens looked like a junior team. It actually looked like the Devils were shooting 3 different pucks at Fleury. I couldn't keep up with all the Rubber flying by him.

So with the Pens down 4-0 whats left? The Leafs and Sabres were playing over on versus. That one is heading into overtime. (The Sabres would get the game winner, dont ask me who scored it though.) You can't do that. I never once turned the Channel during a Pens game in my life, I decided to sit through this thing just hoping the Pens would get a lucky bounce and get on by Marty. The only one getting lucky was Brodeur. Crosby would hit the pipe late in the 3rd marking the first scoring chance the Pens would get in the game. There was 1:40 on the clock.

On a side note, I have been Practicing to do NHL Play by Play and who better to learn from than the great Paul Steigerwald, Seriously, I've been his worst critic at times but this guy is lights out this season. Stiegy with Errey? it doesn't get any better. Anyways this is what I know. When the Pens are on a power play this is what you say, "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide". Sometimes throw in Malkin and you can handle a Pens power play.

**The scary part is we will meet these guys in the spring.

**Jordan Staal is a beast. Did anyone expect him to finish that game.

** "Not as hard as Hobey Baker went down, though. He went down in a plane crash." That was Epic.

**Congrats Marty Brodeur, it would be hard to argue that there ever was a Goalie better than him........Hasek and Roy?

Go Pens

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's All Good

What is Wrong with this Flyers team? I'm about as far from a Flyers fan as one can get and I don't really buy into this team having "so much Talent", but i do agree that they should at least stand a chance to win a game or 2. Last night marked the 2nd game of the season between the Flyers and the Pens. The Pens won both games, the first was a tight 5-4 game, but last night was just brutal. The Pens just manhandled the Flyers from the drop of the Puck.

All this top Talent that the Flyers seem to have didn't show up last night. Where was the worlds best Captain Mike Richards at. If you ask me to name one thing he did last night I would have trouble because I dont Remember seeing him. Jeff Carter, a 40 goal scorer, Rang one off the pipe and got run over by Crhis Kunitz, Scott Hartnell took his usual dumbass penalty late in the game to ensure the Flyers defeat. I've said it about the Flyers before, you can win as many fights as you want, but at the end of the day, thats all it will be. I dont even want to bring up thier goaltending issue. Goaltending wins championships and right now the Flyers aren't even close to having it.

It is the 1st game of a Home and Home for the Pens and Flyers and if the Flyers continue this way it will be a long week for them. Now this post might make it look like I care about the direction the Flyers are going, don't let it full you, The downward spiral that Philly is something that lights up my day like nothing else, But it's hard to continue a rivalry that has been so one sided for 3 seasons now. I guess if the Flyers continue to goon it up every game that will keep a healthy hatred going but it has nothing to do with me worrying about losing to the Flyers anymore. Maybe the front office may consider changing more than just the head coach. Maybe try to win games instead of trying to beat your opponent into submission. The days of throwing your weight and pushing hockey teams around are over. Now it seems you have to have a little talent to go along with the Grit.

Our Friends At Bestonium

Is anyone even going to watch the game on Thursday?

Go Pens

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Not that We Need the Help But Thank You

Sometimes you get the bounces and sometimes you don't. Last night the Pens got one very important bounce, or very important quick whistle. The Pens and Carey Price put on a show last night in Montreal. It will go down as one of the more entertaining games of the season so far.

The Montreal Candiens for the most part had no business being in this game. Habs Goalie Carey Price unexpectedly held the fort and kept the Candiens in it. The Pens through 41 shots with Price stopping 38 of them. Price was active playing the puck all night also. I thought that was one of the low points of his game but he managed to do it well last night. Now if he works on that glove side it might be something.

Gonchar opened p the scoring in the middle of the first period stuffing a beautiful pass from Bill Guerin behind Price and giving the Pens that ever so important 1st goal of the game. Both the Habs and the Pens have an impressive record when scoring the 1st goal. The Score would stay 1-0 until the 2nd period when the Habs potted to goals to take the lead, actually the Habs scored on their first shot of the 2nd period which didnt happen until the 10 minute mark. At this point the Penguin Domination would fall off a bit. The Momentum was switching to the Montreal side. The third shot for the Habs would also elude Fleury somehow and give the Habs a 2-1 lead. That would be the last goal the habs scored, the last goal that would count for them anyways. Matt Cooke tied the game late in the 2nd period, deflecting a Gonchar slapshot from the point.

It sounded like most of the Montreal fans would like to forget about what happened in the third period. Not only did the take 1,000 Penalties, which if your playing the Pens is a good defensive strategy, the refs waved off what clearly was the go ahead goal. Seems like Fleury wasn't the only one that lost sight of the puck in the crease, The Ref blew the whistle on what was clearly a loose puck. I'm not Homer enough to say Fleury had that puck covered, but I am Homer enough to say I'll take it. The constant "boos" the rest of the game and I think a shoe made to the ice surface at one point, would prove motivation for Pascal Dupuis to Put a shot through Price for the game winner.

quit bitching about the no goal, shit happens move on.

Go Pens

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IT was Bound To Happen

It was a night of firsts for the Carolina Hurricanes. Alberts gets his first goal since California Seals changed their name to the Oakland Seals, but not only that, last night marked the first road victory for the Hurricanes since the Semi finals of last years playoffs. thats 1 win in 16 tries or something. Like I always say around here, if it's gonna happen for the first time, is gonna happen against Pittsburgh.

The Penguins came out flat in the first period and were not prepared for the offensive Juggernaut that is the Carolina Hurricanes. The Pens just decided to let the Canes dictate the play for most of, if not all, of the first period. It's just something that shouldn't happen to a far more superior team. Bill Guerin tried his luck against Tim Gleason to maybe ignite the the Pens. Guerin might have ended up on top, but if you ask me he took an ass whoopin. The Ass whoopin did work for the rest of the period, and even into the 2nd before Whitney made it an embarrassing 3-0 Carolina. The kid deciding enough was enough, puts the team on his back, as he does far more times than he should need to, puts the Pens on the board about 6 minutes into the middle period, making the score a, still embarrassing but not as much, 3-1 canes. 49 seconds later none other than Mike Rupp pulls the Pens within 1. Rupp is making Ray Shero look like more of a genius than he already is. At this point did anyone think the Canes even stood a chance to win the game. The Pens are down by 1 in the middle of the 2nd, put it in the books, the Pens win this one. Not this time though, the Mike Rupp goal would be the final goal scored and the Pens fall 3-2 against the Canes.

It wasn't without great chances for the pens. in the final 30 minutes of play the Pens did manage 2 failed power plays. All the message boards and chat sites are calling for Mike Yeo's head. He just doesn't know what he's doing. Well, How about Malkin not cough the puck up every time he touches it. He was just not on at all last night. Their were glimpses of him at times, but i found myself in the 3rd period screaming at the TV "don't give to Malkin he'll cough it up. Guerin almost tied it up late in the 2nd but it took him 25 minutes to settle the puck giving Gleason time to get his stick in the way. It's alright, The older you get the slower you get, 10 years ago thats money.

2 points you waste now is 2 points you don't have in March and the Pens definitely wasted 2 points.

Letestu is heading back to WBS. He was called up for the Crosby injury. he had a good game against the Hawks, we will see this kid again.

Fatso tied Terry Sawchuck with 103 career shutouts against the Sabres last night. a 22 save shut out.

The Leaders in Goonery lost another game last night. I know, it's not really big news but isn't it great seeing the Flyers struggle. How about getting a goalie?

Talk about Hockey Player being tough, The Islanders Brendon Witt Was hit by an F'ing car and is still planning on playing tonight. Its seems Philly will do anything to get an advantage right now. Paying fans to run over the opposing team is about as low as you can go. Stay Classy Philly.

Alex Ovechkin returns after a 2 game suspension and scores 2 goals for the Caps. Maybe the Flyers can arrange to get him hit by a car. Their would be nothing he could do to retaliate, you can't take a car out at the knees.

Next up The Montreal Canadiens on Thursday. Go Pens

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Finals Peview?

The Pens lost to the Chicago Blackhawks 2-1 in OT on saturday night. It was a pretty even contest with both goalies coming up huge for thier respective teams. Hossa started out the goal knocking in a rebound past Fleury. Do we still hate this guy? I firmly believe if we would have signed him we wouldn't have made the finals last year. The Pens got too many key players because Hossa elected to sign with the Wings. We all know how that worked out.

Jordan Staal tied the game late in the 3rd period ensuring that the we would get a point. The OT period didnt work out so well, Verteeg scored with minutes in giving the Cocky little bastards the win. It was a good game, maybe I have my "Homer Glasses on but, in my opinion the Pens put it to them. Antti Niemi? Who the hell is this guy. Whoever he is , thats the only reason the Hawks won. Don't worry Chicago, we will see you again. Nothing like starting a friendly new rival in the west, It was the Wings but they suck now, time to move on.

One more thing to bring up, When is Campbell gonna hand down the 2 game suspension to Duncan Keith. It was a blatant hit to the head of a guy who just came back from a suspension for the same kind of hit, Or will he not get suspended because afterall he did hit Matt Cooke, Not really a super star.

In other NHL news the Philadelphia Flyers have fired their head coach John Stevens. Peter Laviolette will take over and be the leader of the Goon Squad. What happens in his first game? An ass whooping to the tune of 8-2 by the Wasjington Capitals, Not only that Phil Carcillo gets handed a 4 game suspension for jumping Matt Bradley. When are these Flyers going to realize, your not going to go far playing undisciplined Goon Hockey, The Days of the Broad street bullies are over. The NHL has changed. Another good idea would be to find yourself a good goalie. Instead they waste the Salary cap on a Used up has been like Chris Pronger. Ray Emery isn't going to get you far either. Maybe next year Philly!!

Tonight the Slumping Carolina Hurricanes. Jordan Staal has a brother on that team I think.

Go Steelers.....OOPS

Go Pens

Friday, December 4, 2009

Maybe it wasn't Right, but I'll Take

The Pens beat the Av's last night 4-1 in a game that was a lot closer than what the score shows. Two empty net goals at the end to rack up some fantasy stats. Sid had another big game, scoring the Pens 1st and last goal and assisting on the the game winner which was scored by Bill Geurin. Sid is on some kind of run right now, 11 points in the last 3 games, 19 goals already this season, almost unheard of. Jordan Staal added an empty netter at the end also.

Maybe the most Bizzarre play of the game. The Av's clearly had the go ahead goal in the 2nd period, but the ref blew the whistle killing the play before the puck crossed the line, actually you can't even say that, the puck crossed the line before the whistle. I'm sure it's all over the message boards about how the refs gave it to the pens and bettman wants Crosby to win, I don't even bother giving the morons the time of day anymore.

Anyone but Detroit (that is a great name) has a good view from the other side. I must agree with him on the "intent to blow the whistle" thing.

A win is a win is 2 points

Go Pens

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Greatest Player in the World?

Truly a class act and all-around superstar. Keep up the good work! I'm sure there will be more added in the near future.

Oh yeah, almost forgot:

Pens Vs Avs

The Penguins Battle the Colorado Avalanche tonight at Melon Arena. It's always fun to see a team from the west play at the Igloo. Do we have an advantage? The Av's played last night in Florida Losing to the Panthers in the shootout 6-5, But Coach Bylsma insists It's only an advantage if we make it one. (i can't find where i read that now). I really don't know much about the Avalanche other than that Paul Stastny guy is pretty good and goalie Craig Anderson has been one of the best so far this season. There is a little payback that maybe should be Dealt out tonight. David Koci is on the Colorado roster. We all know what this wanna be hockey player did to Gonchar last Preseason. That all I have on the Avalanche, I could find more but I'm pretty lazy.

Just in case people forgot about Eric Christiansen the New York Rangers snatched him up off waivers. They must be planning on a bunch of shootouts in the future.

And More on the Alex Ovechkin drama; He says he's going to pick it up a notch. Seriously can someone just put him on the IR for the rest of the season. I'm really get sick of this guy. He says it just makes him even more mad. And now his coach agrees he should play the way he wants to. When this first happened coach Bruce Boudreau agreed that he should tone it down. Why the change of heart? Grow a set Boudreau.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 Games ey?

Alex Ovechkin was handed a 2 game suspension according to TSN. I must admit, I didn't think he would get anything. After Rolling around in "apparent" excruciating pain for 10 minutes after the hit I figured they would say that was enough of a lesson. We've all seen AO throw a dirty hit then roll around on the ice so he didn't have to fight. If I remember correctly it was Dustin Brown that received the hit.

What a piece of shit this guy is. He wants to play like that he's going to have to answer the Bell at some point. The problem is it's hard to get a good hit on him because he doesn't back check, he doesn't win battles in the corners because he's never there, he's never in the defensive zone, not both feet anyways. I'm sure more than a few players have his number. Someone will take him out and will receive a big suspension because he hit Alex Ovechkin.

All Pens fans can be thankful the Caps picked Ovechkin 1st overall instead of Malkin. I would rather have a player that can play both ends than a 1-dimensional piece of garbage who will run someone from the blue line then fake an injury so he doesn't have to take responsibility for his dirty play.

Go Pens

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Rags are not Worthy

The Pens Beat up on the New York Ranger during the Home an Home this weekend by a combined score of 13-5. The Pens were at home, Goligoski was back, Letang was back, Tyler Kennedy was back for The game that went down on Saturday night. It was not a good recipe for Steve Valiquette. He didn't do himself any favors either, If it was heading toward the net, he would find a way to not make a save. Matt Cooke was suspended for 2 games with a hit to he head. It was a dirty hit, he did leave his feet, but Tell me why Sean Avery didn't get suspended for going after Crosby up high. Is it because Crosby saw him at the last second? The intent was still there and Avery is still one of the Biggest d-bags in the league. There is one bigger and i will get to that later. Another thing I thought was funny was Brashear being afraid of Godard. It happened again in the Monday night game. Can say I blame him though, Godard has beat him into submission before.

There is nothing better than getting a Hat trick on Hat night at Melon. Sidney Crosby Got all the hat back for the Pens. In this instance, could they return all the hat and get their money back, or do they save them and have another hat night? I guess thats why I'm not in management. Jagr did this a few years back also. I don't know how they handled that one.

The Monday night game at MSG saw Penguin hat Trick. Malkin you say? nope not him. Tyler Kennedy you say? nope not him. Gonchar? nope not him. None other than Mike Rupp. Mike Rupp? A hat Trick? Before this season this dude had a career high 5 goal season. We are getting goals from the entire line up and It Seems the Rags are a one trick pony, If they lose Gabby, They would get shut out every night. It wouldn't be to much to say Gabby is due for a lower body injury that sidelines him for a month or 2, He has yet to stay healthy an entire season. The Rags have lost their last 3 games by a combined score of 18-6. Things never change.

During the pens 2nd beating of the Rangers in as many games, this gem comes across the highlight reel. Alex Ovechkins bullshit has back fired.

The biggest D-bag award goes to Alex Ovechkin. The best thing about this is it was AO who was putting his knee out to make the hit. I'm not the type of person that celebrates an injury, but AO's time was coming. Someone was going to take care of him on the ice. This guy constantly runs people with what looks like intent to injure. We all know what happens when Malkin is on the ice. To see this happen is a good "how does it feel" moment. Nobody will forget the game 4 collision with Gonchar. I'm sure you could find an entire highlight video of AO's dirty hits on Youtube.

When Alex Ovechkin is healthy and ready to return to the Ice, He should start serving his 5 game suspension. This type of hit has no business in hockey, or any sport for that matter. It's a lack of respect for your fellow players and a Lack of respect for the game.

Another great moment in sports history happened last night. Keith Ballard wins this award.

I've goaltended for a few teams in my life that were hard on goalies, but never did one of my own team mates send me to the Hospital for a giving up a goal. I know this wasn't intentional, but this is just bad.

It was a good weekend for Pens Hockey

Go Pens