Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Rags are not Worthy

The Pens Beat up on the New York Ranger during the Home an Home this weekend by a combined score of 13-5. The Pens were at home, Goligoski was back, Letang was back, Tyler Kennedy was back for The game that went down on Saturday night. It was not a good recipe for Steve Valiquette. He didn't do himself any favors either, If it was heading toward the net, he would find a way to not make a save. Matt Cooke was suspended for 2 games with a hit to he head. It was a dirty hit, he did leave his feet, but Tell me why Sean Avery didn't get suspended for going after Crosby up high. Is it because Crosby saw him at the last second? The intent was still there and Avery is still one of the Biggest d-bags in the league. There is one bigger and i will get to that later. Another thing I thought was funny was Brashear being afraid of Godard. It happened again in the Monday night game. Can say I blame him though, Godard has beat him into submission before.

There is nothing better than getting a Hat trick on Hat night at Melon. Sidney Crosby Got all the hat back for the Pens. In this instance, could they return all the hat and get their money back, or do they save them and have another hat night? I guess thats why I'm not in management. Jagr did this a few years back also. I don't know how they handled that one.

The Monday night game at MSG saw Penguin hat Trick. Malkin you say? nope not him. Tyler Kennedy you say? nope not him. Gonchar? nope not him. None other than Mike Rupp. Mike Rupp? A hat Trick? Before this season this dude had a career high 5 goal season. We are getting goals from the entire line up and It Seems the Rags are a one trick pony, If they lose Gabby, They would get shut out every night. It wouldn't be to much to say Gabby is due for a lower body injury that sidelines him for a month or 2, He has yet to stay healthy an entire season. The Rags have lost their last 3 games by a combined score of 18-6. Things never change.

During the pens 2nd beating of the Rangers in as many games, this gem comes across the highlight reel. Alex Ovechkins bullshit has back fired.

The biggest D-bag award goes to Alex Ovechkin. The best thing about this is it was AO who was putting his knee out to make the hit. I'm not the type of person that celebrates an injury, but AO's time was coming. Someone was going to take care of him on the ice. This guy constantly runs people with what looks like intent to injure. We all know what happens when Malkin is on the ice. To see this happen is a good "how does it feel" moment. Nobody will forget the game 4 collision with Gonchar. I'm sure you could find an entire highlight video of AO's dirty hits on Youtube.

When Alex Ovechkin is healthy and ready to return to the Ice, He should start serving his 5 game suspension. This type of hit has no business in hockey, or any sport for that matter. It's a lack of respect for your fellow players and a Lack of respect for the game.

Another great moment in sports history happened last night. Keith Ballard wins this award.

I've goaltended for a few teams in my life that were hard on goalies, but never did one of my own team mates send me to the Hospital for a giving up a goal. I know this wasn't intentional, but this is just bad.

It was a good weekend for Pens Hockey

Go Pens

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