Friday, November 20, 2009


Really? The Ottawa Senators? Don't get me wrong I think the Sens have a decent team but come on. Last night had more to do with the pens not prepared to play 60 minutes than the Sens having a good team. the Power play went 1 for 5 with Malkin getting the goal when it really didn't matter. The Power play we had to start the third period must be converted, instead they hit Kelly coming out of the box to make it 3-1 when it should have been 2-2 at that point. Something has to change. I guess if you have a few players struggling on your team the best Medicine would be to play the Pens. Phillips 2 goals? that just isn't right. Carkner? Who the hell is this guy?

The Power play wasn't the only thing that went wrong last night but it is something that has been sub-par dating back to last season. There are other things that need to be pointed out. Someone has to tell this team to shoot the puck. Pascal Dupuis was firing from everywhere, everybody else looks for the perfect play. You have a 2 on 1 you better get a shot towards the net. If you have a 2 on 1 you should be looking shot first, pass only if its there. There is always the chance for a rebound with a low shot. D-men take the pass away leaving the goaltender to have the shot, so make him make a save.

Lets see what else can I bitch about. The Chris Bourque experience is getting old. Fedotenko is just off for some reason. Talbot and Gonch were a little off, but that is understandable, Gonch missed 12 games and That was Talbots season Debut, Hell of a way to start the season. As far as the goaltending, If Fleury saw the last 2 goals he gave up, that won't sit well with Steve Yzerman and team Canada. I for one think he was screened, at least I'm hoping he was screened.

I usually post a Highlight video but it would only be 69 seconds long. After Staal Scored it was all Ottawa.

Maybe Neil should think twice about picking on Godard at the end of a 6-2 game. There will be blood.

Go Pens: Saturday The Pens travel to Atlanta.

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