Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stop The Bleeding

The Pens return home from a long and Ugly road trip just in time to play the New Jersey Devils who have yet to lose on the road.

Did anyone think that with all the injuries the Pens have, they would continue to win every game with the dominance they showed at the start of the season? I know one thing, pay backs are a bitch and once this team is healthy we are going to tear this league apart, right now though it's like picking on the retarded kid. So us fans are going to have to suffer through. I hear Rico Fata and Konstantine Koltsov are in the best shape of their lives. Who knows maybe Dickie Tarnstrom can come back and lead the team in points from the blue line.

This should be quite the game tonight. The Pens turn it over in the Neutral zone the Devils dump it in, The Pens go get it, turn it over in the Neutral zone, the Devils dump it in, The Pens go get it, turn it over in the Neutral zone, The Devils dump it in, The Pens go get it. Oh What a joy it is to play the devils.

The Devils are winning games.....Who Cares. They are on a 6 game win streak right now compared to the Pens 3 game losing streak. They are now tide with the Pens for 1st in the Atlantic with 24 points. I would talk about their line up but I don't care about them. A team of monkeys could play that system and win a few games

“We were happy just to be there, and a lot of people around the league came over to us and said, 'It's nice of you guys.”
Goalie Martin Brodeur, after he and five teammates chartered a plane to Toronto to attend GM Lou Lamoriello's induction Monday into the Hockey Hall of Fame"
A Bunch of Kiss asses is what they are. Lamoriello was entered into the Hall for the "building a team to bore you more than Baseball" Category.

I keep harping on the way the Devils play, but bottom line, they are winning games. It's frustrating to watch for sure if your a fan of the opposing team, but that style of play with that goalie, it's a winning combination.

7:00 start tonight: Go Pens

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