Friday, November 20, 2009


Really? The Ottawa Senators? Don't get me wrong I think the Sens have a decent team but come on. Last night had more to do with the pens not prepared to play 60 minutes than the Sens having a good team. the Power play went 1 for 5 with Malkin getting the goal when it really didn't matter. The Power play we had to start the third period must be converted, instead they hit Kelly coming out of the box to make it 3-1 when it should have been 2-2 at that point. Something has to change. I guess if you have a few players struggling on your team the best Medicine would be to play the Pens. Phillips 2 goals? that just isn't right. Carkner? Who the hell is this guy?

The Power play wasn't the only thing that went wrong last night but it is something that has been sub-par dating back to last season. There are other things that need to be pointed out. Someone has to tell this team to shoot the puck. Pascal Dupuis was firing from everywhere, everybody else looks for the perfect play. You have a 2 on 1 you better get a shot towards the net. If you have a 2 on 1 you should be looking shot first, pass only if its there. There is always the chance for a rebound with a low shot. D-men take the pass away leaving the goaltender to have the shot, so make him make a save.

Lets see what else can I bitch about. The Chris Bourque experience is getting old. Fedotenko is just off for some reason. Talbot and Gonch were a little off, but that is understandable, Gonch missed 12 games and That was Talbots season Debut, Hell of a way to start the season. As far as the goaltending, If Fleury saw the last 2 goals he gave up, that won't sit well with Steve Yzerman and team Canada. I for one think he was screened, at least I'm hoping he was screened.

I usually post a Highlight video but it would only be 69 seconds long. After Staal Scored it was all Ottawa.

Maybe Neil should think twice about picking on Godard at the end of a 6-2 game. There will be blood.

Go Pens: Saturday The Pens travel to Atlanta.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pens Vs Ottawa

The Pens turned a 4 game getting our asses handed to us streak into a 2 game winning streak. Did that have anything to do with Geno coming back? I think so.

Its almost the light at the end of the tunnel, Gonchar and the superstar will be back in the line up, but we will be out Jay Mckee and possibly Mark Eaton for tonights game against Ottawa. The Power Play is borderline worthless without Gonch in the line up so his return to the ice is huge, not to mention my fantasy team will be in better shape.

Well add another League leading stat for Sidney Crosby. Crosby holds the top spot in Olympic torch carrying.

The Senators are playing decent hockey i suppose. A 9-6-3 record isn't awful. They did beat the Maple leafs Tuesday night, I dont think that is very impressive, I'm trying here. The New Goalie in town, Pascal Leclaire is letting in some soft goals. It must be an Ottawa thing, everytime a goalie puts on the Sens Jersey he blows, not sure what it is, but it always seems to happen. Jason Spezza has 1 point in his last 5 games. Right now Mike Fisher is leading Spezza in the goal category, Maybe the should re-negotiate some contracts. Thats all I care to say about the Ottawa Senators.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stop The Bleeding

The Pens return home from a long and Ugly road trip just in time to play the New Jersey Devils who have yet to lose on the road.

Did anyone think that with all the injuries the Pens have, they would continue to win every game with the dominance they showed at the start of the season? I know one thing, pay backs are a bitch and once this team is healthy we are going to tear this league apart, right now though it's like picking on the retarded kid. So us fans are going to have to suffer through. I hear Rico Fata and Konstantine Koltsov are in the best shape of their lives. Who knows maybe Dickie Tarnstrom can come back and lead the team in points from the blue line.

This should be quite the game tonight. The Pens turn it over in the Neutral zone the Devils dump it in, The Pens go get it, turn it over in the Neutral zone, the Devils dump it in, The Pens go get it, turn it over in the Neutral zone, The Devils dump it in, The Pens go get it. Oh What a joy it is to play the devils.

The Devils are winning games.....Who Cares. They are on a 6 game win streak right now compared to the Pens 3 game losing streak. They are now tide with the Pens for 1st in the Atlantic with 24 points. I would talk about their line up but I don't care about them. A team of monkeys could play that system and win a few games

“We were happy just to be there, and a lot of people around the league came over to us and said, 'It's nice of you guys.”
Goalie Martin Brodeur, after he and five teammates chartered a plane to Toronto to attend GM Lou Lamoriello's induction Monday into the Hockey Hall of Fame"
A Bunch of Kiss asses is what they are. Lamoriello was entered into the Hall for the "building a team to bore you more than Baseball" Category.

I keep harping on the way the Devils play, but bottom line, they are winning games. It's frustrating to watch for sure if your a fan of the opposing team, but that style of play with that goalie, it's a winning combination.

7:00 start tonight: Go Pens

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Can I Say?

Another game, another shutout, another injury. Not good times for the Pens. Brooks Orpik left last nights game early in the 1st period and did not return. So where are we at? Gonchar, Malkin, Kennedy, Letang, Talbot, and now Orpik. Add all that in with Crosby on the longest scoring drought of his career, Bad Ass Billy Guerin can't seem to do anything right. Is Fedo hurt also? I haven't seen him for a few games. Last night was the first game we had good goaltending for a while. Fleury did keep it close. The Good thing about all of this is atleast it is early in the season. Plenty of time for injuries to heal, kinks to be worked out.

Tomorrow we get that team that doesn't know what hockey is

Go Pens

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The West Is Done

The Pens left the west coast licking their wounds. The West coast trip came to a bitter end In a 5-0 shutout to the San Jose Sharks. You could tell this wasn't a playoff game.....The Sharks won.

The only thing that really came out of it was another injury to deal with. Kris Letang will miss 2 weeks due to a shoulder contusion. The news just keeps getting worse for the Pens. The Maf that started this season is not the Maf that is playing right now. Pulled after only 22 minutes against San Jose is not something we have come to except from Fleury, but its one game. Every team needs a game like that to get their heads on straight. With that said the next few weeks may be a rough stretch, atleast until we get some players back from injury.

The Pens arrive back in the East tonight to take on the Boston Bruins. This will be the first meeting with the bruins this season. I really thought the Pens were going to meet Boston last season in the Playoffs but choke was on. Carolina beat them in 7 and we all know what happened to Carolina. One thing on the Pens side tonight is they haven't lost 3 in a row under coach Dan Bylsma, but until the Sharks game they haven't lost 2 in row so you can throw that out the window. It seems the Bruins suck right now also, they scored just 4 goals in the last 5 games and have lost 4 in row before defeating buffalo the other night. Boston them selves are having some power play struggles. 0 for 20 or something like that. Chara's bomb from the point has been off target all season. Centerman David Krejci has H1N1 so hes out. Milan Lucic is out for the season for some reason. I didnt look that far. Maybe someone gave him a cheap shot for a change. he does it enough.

I hate to keep harping on this but the Pens haven't scored on the power play since Belgium crown prince Leopold married princess Astrid Bernadotte of Sweden. I love Goligoski, but he is no Gonchar. Would mind seeing Malkins Slapper from the slot either.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It was Ugly, But it Was a Win

The Pens beat a good team on the road. They did it without Gonch and without Malkin. The Ducks have a good team. The top line they put on the Ice is sick, to say the least. How many teams can steal a win from a team like that on the road with such a shitty power play. The pens power play leaves a lot to be desired. Consider the Pens power play like the ugly stripper, It's time to grab another beer maybe even take a piss break because whats coming next, nobody wants to see.

The Pens let 4 first period power plays go by without even sniffing the net. 4 power plays in the first period on the road? Thats almost unthinkable. A good team would take advantage of that, especially when trailing by an early goal.

Some other notables from last night!!

**Maf probably would have liked to have at least one of the 3 goals back, maybe 2. The Koivu goal maybe should have been stopped, but he completely stoned him with his glove in the later part of the 3rd period so all is forgiven.

**Letang finally started shooting the puck, and he got rewarded for it with the 2nd goal for the Penguins. I'm not one of the fans who yell shoot the puck when he is at center ice, but Letang definitely passes up some prime scoring chances. He has a Wicked shot, he should be using it.

**Gogo is a beast. Thats all I have to say about that.

**How is the Whitney/Kunitz trade working out? I don't get to see to much of the West so i don't know for sure. I did hear Errey say they wanted Whitney to shoot more so i guess he hasn't gotten over that.

**Crosby had the save of the night. How many time would we see A.O do something like that? Thats right never. He would have been sitting by the far blue line waiting for the break out pass. I take that back, he would be sitting in the Press box Nursing an "upper body Injury".

Next Up Scuds and The LA Kings