Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It was Ugly, But it Was a Win

The Pens beat a good team on the road. They did it without Gonch and without Malkin. The Ducks have a good team. The top line they put on the Ice is sick, to say the least. How many teams can steal a win from a team like that on the road with such a shitty power play. The pens power play leaves a lot to be desired. Consider the Pens power play like the ugly stripper, It's time to grab another beer maybe even take a piss break because whats coming next, nobody wants to see.

The Pens let 4 first period power plays go by without even sniffing the net. 4 power plays in the first period on the road? Thats almost unthinkable. A good team would take advantage of that, especially when trailing by an early goal.

Some other notables from last night!!

**Maf probably would have liked to have at least one of the 3 goals back, maybe 2. The Koivu goal maybe should have been stopped, but he completely stoned him with his glove in the later part of the 3rd period so all is forgiven.

**Letang finally started shooting the puck, and he got rewarded for it with the 2nd goal for the Penguins. I'm not one of the fans who yell shoot the puck when he is at center ice, but Letang definitely passes up some prime scoring chances. He has a Wicked shot, he should be using it.

**Gogo is a beast. Thats all I have to say about that.

**How is the Whitney/Kunitz trade working out? I don't get to see to much of the West so i don't know for sure. I did hear Errey say they wanted Whitney to shoot more so i guess he hasn't gotten over that.

**Crosby had the save of the night. How many time would we see A.O do something like that? Thats right never. He would have been sitting by the far blue line waiting for the break out pass. I take that back, he would be sitting in the Press box Nursing an "upper body Injury".

Next Up Scuds and The LA Kings

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