Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A New Season is Upon Us

Due to technical difficulties with computers, an overwhelming work schedule and an offseason that was about 2 playoff rounds to long the wicked wrister has been on hiatus for a while, but fear not We are back for the new season.

Last season is over, water under the bridge. the 2010/2011 Penguin season is upon us. Oh whats going on that fans should be psyched about......Oh i don't know, the brand spanking New Barn across the street would be one thing. The re-vamped defense that should prove to be one of the better blue lines in the league. The signing of Paul Martin and Machalek should make the defensive zone coverage a lot better in front of MAF. The Signing of Asham , at first i was totally against this, should make Pittsburgh even that much tougher to play against, Did i mention Mike Comrie. He will be playing for a big contract next season so you know he will be showing up every night. What am I missing? Maybe a Negative note, the Pens lost the services of Gonchar to free agency. After game 7 against the Habs some people are glad to see him go, as for me, I think Gonch has a lot of good hockey left in him, but i also agree that i don't think its more than 2 years.

Maybe even the biggest thing the pens have going for them is atleast 2 players have something to prove this season. Evgeni Malkin and Marc Andre Fleury are coming off so so seasons at best. As far as Geno goes, last season wasn't bad for most NHL players, but for someone like Malkin it's a down year, and if beating the slop out of Rick Nash in a preseason game is any indication, Geno is on a mission. I'm thinking the move to wing will help him out more than anything. I smell a 50 goal season.......60?......any takers?

Next up Marc Andre Fleury. What can you say about him, sure he had a bad season, was it all his fault? was the 2nd round exit all his fault? I thought after game 7 he was going to get run out of town. I'm not saying he made every save he should have, I'm not saying he was the same netminder that shut down the wings to win the cup, but you can't put it all on his shoulders. Thats the way the yinzers are though, if you're a quarterback or a goalie, you're not as good as your back up. regardless what happened and who is to blame Maf will be wanting to prove he should be in the same breathe as the likes of lundqvist, Luongo, Brodeur, and Miller.

(the infamous 6.5 seconds that took 10 years off my life)

The 2010/2011 season will start up next week and give me one team that will be tougher to play than the Pittsburgh Penguins will be, And thats with the Selke candidate in Jordaan Staal not penciled in for a few more weeks.

oh yeah, and Ovechkin is still a Dick and the Flyers can rot in hell

Go Pens