Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let's Go PENS!

Alexander who? The guy is good, but Malkin is the best! While Ovechkin is busy bad mouthing Crosby and playing with his "too hot" stick, Malkin will be doing what he does best! Scoring points! The PENS are rockin the post season! So out of the way Washington!

Don't feel too bad for Alexander Ovechkin. He can always get a job choreographing touchdown celebrations for the NFL in the off season!

Game 1 PENS at CAPS 1:00 on NBC. Whatever you're doing Saturday, stop and enjoy the greatest game in sports! I love it! LETS GO PENS! WOOHOO!

Drop The Puck Already

Enough talk about which team has the better offense, who is the best player in the world stuff, You take Crosby and Ovechkin and fuse them together to create one player the end result is Evgeni Malkin. It's no secret the Caps are loaded up front. They have very capable goalscorers, i'm not so sure they are as deep as Philly was. Coming off a 7 game series against one of the worst offenses in the league makes me think the defense isn't quite where it needs to be, and don't say the beat the best goalie in the league, Game 5 and 6 were not Lundqvists best games that's for sure. Maybe Backstrom could puck a few more behind his own goalie to help us out a bit. I don't see the Washington defense being able to contain the likes of Crosby/Malkin/Staal enough to get 4 wins. I also don't see Varlamov being able to shut down the Pens like he did the Rangers.

Go Pens

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Now it's the Caps

With the Rangers blowing a 3-1 series lead to the Washington Capitals and New Jersey giving up 2 goals in the final 80 seconds to Carolina, The Pens with take on the The Capitals. One Rival to the next. The Series starts Saturday at 1:00 in enemy territory.
This is the match up that Mr. Bettman was dreaming of I'm sure. Crosby VS. Ovechkin, MVP vs MVP. Ovechkin VS Malkin, Semin VS. Crosby, not to mention Varlamov playing out of his mind. Shutting down the Rangers is a little different than shutting down the Pens though. We need to get to him early and often and he will be letting in beach balls by the end of the series.

I will keep my predictions to myself for now but according to the HF poll the pens in 6 is the most popular answer. I can't even imagine how this thing will turn out, but one thing is for sure, this will be the best series in a while. Two teams with a potent offense, fast skating, wicked shooting, tape to tape passing, does it matter that the Caps went 7 games in round one and the Pens only had to go 6? I doubt, if anything the Pens maybe a bit rusty with an entire week off. That should leave as soon as Kunitz puts Ovie over the boards, and Orpik puts the fear of god into Semin. One thing we dont have to worry about is Brashear, suspended for 5 more games for being a goon. As soon as his suspension was announced Philly put him on there wishlist for free agency time.

Go Pens

And So We Meet Again

I believe that belongs to Mr. Gilmore

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Pens should find out the next victim tonight. The Devils and Carolina finish up tonight along with Washington and the New York Whiners. If Carolina and New york win tonight we should be set up with home ice advantage in the second round. As Per the Trib this is the scenarios in which the pens will be facing:

• If New Jersey and Washington win tonight, the Penguins will open at Boston.
• If Washington and Carolina win, the Penguins will open at Washington.
• If New Jersey and New York win, the Penguins will open at New Jersey.
• If Carolina and New York win, the Penguins draw Carolina and home-ice advantage

Out of those i would pick the last one for home ice. other than that bring it on, But one has to wonder how much fun it would be to watch the Pens face The Capitals in the next round. Malkin against A.O. It would be fun to see Kunitz treating A.O. the same way he did Timmonen last round, on the other hand, The Caps are on the verge of overcoming a 3-1 deficit, so i would imagine they would be on fire to start the next round.

As if everyone didn't already know this but, the Pens removed the "interim tag" from Coach Bylsma. So he will be leading the Pens for a while anyways. How could you turn him down after what he has done for this team down the stretch.

There was also and interesting piece in the Orpik article about former Penguin Ryan Malone.
"A guy like [former Penguins teammate] Ryan Malone, if he had to do it all over again, he'd take a lot less to stay here," Orpik said. "I know at the trade deadline, he was begging to come back here. Anyone would be begging to leave the Circus they call Tampa Bay. Money isn't everything, but he even passed up a chance at Columbus, That would even be a step up. Money isn't everything.

Among all the shit being thrown back and forth about the Epic game 6 against Philly This d-bag brings up the Talbot fight. There is an argument that a fight can't change the momentum of a hockey game, even if your team loses the fight. Now i will be the first to admit that Mad Max got his ass handed to him, but the entire complexion of that game changed from that point on. My opinion is, a fight definitely can change the game, and it usually does. It's no coincidence that when your up a goal or 2 you skate away from the fight. It's not to uncommon to see. Whoever wrote this is probably one of the handful of "so-called" hockey fans that wants to take fighting out of hockey. The Talbot fight was huge and the timing of it was even bigger. This is why fighting should never be removed from the game of hockey. It actually should be inserted into a lot of other sports.

The Pens opponent will be decided tonight and then we can continue this run back the big dance.

Go Pens

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moving On

The Pens eliminated the hated Philly Flyers from the Playoffs finally. It took a 6th game and a 3-0 comeback to get the job done. The Best thing about this is the fact that every Flyer fan had to be feeling good about a game 7 when the Flyers jumped out to a 3-0 lead. I haven't read anything from the Flyers side of it so I have no idea what the excuses are, but I'm sure the NHL did them wrong somehow. The Bigger question, You are facing Elimination, your season is on the line. You go into game 6 on home ice with all the momentum from a game 5 win. you jump out 2 a 2 goal lead in the 1st period, add another early in the 2nd. How can you let yourself lose that game. The the way the NHL is now a 3 goal lead is nothing in the regular season, but the Playoffs? Facing elimination? The Flyers had that one in their hands and gave it away. They have nobody to blame but themselves. How Does Mike Richards, Supposedly the best captain in the NHL, Let his team fall apart like that? How does John Stevens let his team fall apart like that? Man it must suck to be a flyers fan.
I'm not the type to rub it in, but it is nice knowing that all the fans chanting "Crosby sucks" watched Their beloved Flyers get knocked out of the Playoffs by Sidney Crosby and The Pens. So as they wonder what happened to give up a 3 goal lead, everyone else will be watching Crosby in the 2nd round.
Go Pens

Friday, April 24, 2009

What were We Supposed to Bring Again?

That isn't exactly what i had in mind when i said "tonight we bring it". Although they started out on a mission to end this series, the only problem was the Flyers dressed a real goalie in Birons pads. So now it's something i thought we were done with this season, heading into Wachovia for a dreaded afternoon game. Is it a must win? technically no, but i would hate to see a game 7.

As far as the game is concerned, i thought the Pens had a brilliant 1st period out shooting the Flyers 15-5. Biron was huge and weathered the storm, which is what you need from your goalie. Then something happened in the 2nd, i don't know if the Pens decided Biron was unbeatable and just gave up, but the same team didn't come out of the locker room for the rest of the game. If you can't play 60 minutes in the playoffs, you shouldn't be there. It went from over powering the Flyers in there own zone, winning pucks along the boards, getting nice looks at the net to playing flat footed, constantly getting beat to loose pucks and not even trying along the boards. The only respectable thing that i saw last night was the 3rd line. They played with the same desperation that the Flyers did. The remainder of the offensive chances came from the 3rd line. It's too bad Staal, Cooke and Kennedy are not machines because they would have never left the ice.

Satan on the forth line? Coach T are you back? Putting Satan on the forth line is like putting Malkin in goal. He will take up space but thats about it. You scratched Sykora who played on the second line so you take Satan and put him on the 2nd line. It makes sense to me. And what happened to Letang? If he was a HEALTHY scratch i will be pissed. Boucher was a -2 and really did nothing. Was he inserted to spark the power play? And speaking of the power play Out of all the things that went wrong the biggest in my opinion was the power play. The Pens were down by 2 late in the game and the Flyers take a Penalty. You have to score. your Power Play has to produce in that situation. There is no excuse. If we win this series, which i think we will, we won't make it much further with the power play kicking at 00.

So now we head to a game 6 on enemy ice and try to seal the deal. We all know Philly is a tough place to play, and we all know the Pens can win there. The biggest thing on my mind right now is a 3:00 start. The Pens are infamous for not showing up for the afternoon games. But whatever happens game 7 is at home.

Go Pens

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Let Them Up

For the second time in 2 years the Pens have a chance to send the Flyers packing on home ice. I feel we will have a good chance as i doubt the Flyers had time to Prepare considering they have done nothing but bitch about the Refs and the Crosby goal. They can continue to bitch on the golf course also. There is nothing better than hearing a Flyers fan whine about losing.

A lineup change is coming for tonight, the pens put Petr Sykora in the press box for tonights game and are dressing Miro Satan in his place. It's a good call in my opinion. As much as i like Sykora, he just isn't right. Injury maybe, regardless his production is minimal.

The Pens want everyone to be well dressed as they send the Flyers home. A white out is scheduled for tonights game. The Fans better bring it tonight, Us less fortunate have to stay home and watch.

They say the the hardest game to win is the 4th win of a series. The Pens need t play a lot better than they did in the last 2 games. If is wasn't for Fleury this series would be 3-1 the other way. So we need to bring it tonight and get rid of the Flyers so i don't have to put up with these Philly fans making excuses on why they suck.

Go Pens tonight 7:00 (FSN/WXDX) we bring it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I would say........No

The Pens take a commanding 3-1 series lead back to Pittsburgh for game 5. The series is definitely not over, but a 3-1 lead with 2 home games left in the bag is quite the advantage. I would like to see a repeat of the game 5 we saw last season to send the Flyers and there moronic fans home for the season.
Well, one of the questions that the Philly trash were asking was answered in dramatic fashion. Marc Andre Fleury turned in a one of, if not the best Goaltending performances I've seen, and I've been watching hockey all my life. It was simply a work of art to watch. Maf stole the game simple as that. Was he rattled after game 3?
What would you do if you were a Flyer and the goalie was just unbeatable? that's right, start running the goalie, which is how they finally got one by Fleury. Lupul Was in the crease more than Fleury was. It seemed that was the game plan in the 3rd period.

A few other things to take from the game. 3 blatant dives. Was it Crosby doing it? nope. Knuble was one. Hartnell was another. Carter had one himself. All resulting in power plays. So what the Fans of Philly accuse the Pens of doing so often, should look at their own tam before the judge.

Apparently the Leader of the Goon squad didn't like the Crosby goal. "We didn't put the puck in our feet and throw ourselves in the net -- which is apparently allowed now. Other than that, I thought we played a good hockey game." That's a shame. A goal is a goal. and if they say the NHL is handing the series to the Pens, then I'm glad I'm a pens fans. I wouldn't want the weight of the NHL against me, that's for sure.

Someone needs to find out what is wrong with Sykora. Rumor has it he is hurt. If he is hurt then sit him out and let Satan play.

Its ruling was explained on the league Web site: "At 3:19 of the second period, a play was reviewed to determine if the puck was batted in by the glove of Pittsburgh forward Sidney Crosby. The review determined that the puck went off of Crosby's stick, then his body. There was no batting motion. Call on the ice for good goal stands." It must suck to be a Flyers fan.

Like i said earlier, this series is far from over. Game 5 Thursday in Pittsburgh.

GO Pens

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Game 4- This Should be Different

Theirs some interesting things coming out for the trash filled city of Crack whores and Homeless people. I'm not sure it's even worth talking about but i'm gonna bite and bring up a few good issues. First off. leader of the Goon Squad John Stevens says, I'm not sure if he made that save or we hit him," about the save Maf made on Philly leading goal scorer Jeff Carter. Did Philly get 5 goals past Fleury last game......or did Fleury let them. hmmmm. Maybe Fleury felt a little bad for the Flyers and said, "o.k. guys you can have this one." After all Usually young players really don't get to choose where they get to play, and to have the Flyers select you in a draft or via trade, that has to be hard to swallow. Is Fleury rattled? Let him answer that question.

Coach Stevens also talks about the Kunitz hit. I question his intent, he says. Name me one Flyer that doesn't want to see Crosby and Malkin out of this series and i will not trash the their city for an entire week. The difference is Malkin and Crosby can skate with the puck without having to look at it.

If there is one area that has to improve it's the power play. The Flyers have given us enough chance to bury them on PP goals alone. The last game should have been a lot closer, or even a pens win. The Power play has to produce, and shorthanded goals allowed are simply unacceptable. Especially when Kris Letang chases him behind the net for 15 minutes giving Gagne enough time to park his overrated fat ass in front of the net.

Go Pens. 7:08 tonight we bring it. (FSN/WXDX)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not a Good Game

What happened on Sunday afternoon? It was the Pens looking like they just didn't want to be there mixed with the Flyers putting together a solid effort and you get what we saw yesterday, and ass beating. A glimpse at what will come or a wake up call.
The Pens were guilty of way too many turnovers and playing flat footed for much of the game. The overtime game on Friday had the same look to it, with the only difference being Maf playing his balls off. Put and average goalie in the net and play the same way and you get a 6-3 beating.
I will never give credit to any team that comes from Philly so, i will say the loss had more to do with what the Pens did wrong than anything the Flyers did right.

Did the Penguins play the way Philly Wanted? i would say yes. The Flyer crowd is to stupid to enjoy anything other than Goon hockey and if the Pens try to match that kind of hockey the crowd will never be taken out of the game. Make no mistake about it, it's a tough place to play in, but you don't have to make it even harder on yourself. The Pens talked about a disciplined hockey game, but it didn't happen that way.

For as bad as the Pens were, you almost have to expect it. The Pens have been on a streak for a 2 months. A game off isn't all that surprising, but its how many games off they will need that will worry us. Maybe a loss like this will make us realize that we have to match the intensity of the Flyers. It's no doubt that the Flyers played a desperate game yesterday and the Pens just went through the motions. I see game 4 being different.

Go Pens.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Showdown #2

The Question on everybodies mind, will the flyers show up to play hockey tonight or will they continue to goon it up? The Goonery should be a little less, Carcillo is suspended for the game. Like i said before, this will be a bigger blow to the Pens than anything, that's a few power plays a game that we won't be getting.

A game 2 victory for the Pens would put the Flyers in a tough spot heading back to philly. Usually it's considered a success if the visiting team can getaway with a split and head back home with the series tied, so tonight is a big game for the Pens.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1 Down 15 To Go

The Pens started the playoffs as well as can be expected. We rolled right over the Flyers like they weren't there. The Flyers had to resort to goonery at the end of the game except for Hartnel, he was doing it all game. All of this is expected and it will happen more often as this series goes on. The start of a long series.
A few notables from last night:

-kunitz is a beast. He set the tone for the game early and often and the rest of the team followed with a physical brand of hockey that the Flyers are known for.

-This may be the first playoffs that we will get to see a healthy Sidney Crosby, Last season it was a high Ankle sprain and a rib problem, the season before it was a broken foot.

-If Jordan Staal can keep that kind of intensity through out the playoffs he will be a major force to be reckoned with.

-Maf needs to be Maf, there is no doubt he is the better goalie, even the Philly fans should admit that.

-Matt Cooke was on top of his game, he will be a major factor in this series, He will have hartnel in the box on every shift.

-Hartnel is a douche bag. The Pens need to make him pay for all the stupid penalties he takes.

-Mike Richards just didn't have a very good game, other than the 2 pipes he got, he made some stupid mistakes.....keep it up.

-Biron blows

-TSN is reporting that Carcillo has a meeting with the NHL over the Late game antic with Max Talbot. Suspending him will only hurt the Pens if you ask me. we want him there to take the dumb costly Penalties. Please NHL don't suspend him!

There isn't a single Penguin that would get a bad grade.

Next Game Friday: Go Pens

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Penguins playoff run gets underway tonight at 7:00 at Mellon Arena against the Philadelphia Flyers.
The Flyers and their idiotic fans will be out in full force cheering on a team that backed into the playoffs at the 5th spot. Most likely it will be a first round exit so the fans can go back to their Crack Pedaling and prostitution rings faster than last year. Word has it that the Philly economy almost hit rock bottom last season with the Cinderella run that the Flyers had to the Eastern Conference finals.
Lets face it though, the Flyers aren't going to just rollover and die like they did last season. Mike Richards will pull out his best diving and whining to the refs act that we have seen.
The Flyers would wantt nothing more than to get revenge from the conference finals where they were utterly embarrassed by the Pens. I'm not going to get into how these 2 teams match up, that's been done enough already. you can throw all of that stuff out the window in the playoffs anyways.
As long as the Pens can stay out of the penalty box and make the Flyers pay for the stupid Penalties that Scott Hartnel takes every game they should be on top of the score sheet at least 4 out of 7, if not 4 out of 5.
So tonight is the 1st of 16 more wins for the Penguins.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Devil Can't Hang

The Pens Proved to the entire Eastern conference that they are a teram to be reckoned with, even though thay are still in danger of not making the playoffs. Last night was quite possibly the most well played game overall that i've seen from the pens. The Devils are imploding, i'm well aware of it but, they couldn't even make the game competitive.
Matt Cooke started the scoring, Making Marty Brodeur look like a fool with a back hander from right in front. 37 seconds later the Pens stretch their lead to 2 with a wrister from Bill Geurin.
The Devils showed a little sign of life by cutting the Pens lead in half with a goal from Dainus Zubrus. That would be tha last time Zubrus would do anything other than get knocked on his ass.
Evgeni Malkin got the 2 goal lead back with a power play goal late in the 1st period. After selling a pass to the point, Malkin skated right passed Madden for a wrister from the circle. The Game is over at this point, but Crosby would add another power play goal. Kris Letangs Slap shot pass deflected off Crosbys skate and behind Brodeur. 13 Seconds later, Fedo fires a shot low off the Pads of Broduer for staal to get the easy rebound. Kunitz would add another goal in the 3rd to further embarrass the Devils.

The next 2 games for the Pens are huge. The Pens travel to Carolina on Saturday and Florida on Sunday. The Pens can;t afford to lose either one of them.

Go Pens

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Jersey @ Pittsburgh

The Pens will host the struggling New Jersey Devils tonight in Pittsburgh. The Devils are on a 5 game losing streak (o-4-1). I watched The devils against the Rangers the other night and the Devils looked bad. They couldn't keep up with the Rangers and couldn't win any battles on the boards. There is no reason to believe they will play any differently tonight against the pens.

With 2 points separating the playoffs and an early golf outing, the Pens can ill afford to lose tonight, Call it a "must win".

Go Pens