Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Game 4- This Should be Different

Theirs some interesting things coming out for the trash filled city of Crack whores and Homeless people. I'm not sure it's even worth talking about but i'm gonna bite and bring up a few good issues. First off. leader of the Goon Squad John Stevens says, I'm not sure if he made that save or we hit him," about the save Maf made on Philly leading goal scorer Jeff Carter. Did Philly get 5 goals past Fleury last game......or did Fleury let them. hmmmm. Maybe Fleury felt a little bad for the Flyers and said, "o.k. guys you can have this one." After all Usually young players really don't get to choose where they get to play, and to have the Flyers select you in a draft or via trade, that has to be hard to swallow. Is Fleury rattled? Let him answer that question.

Coach Stevens also talks about the Kunitz hit. I question his intent, he says. Name me one Flyer that doesn't want to see Crosby and Malkin out of this series and i will not trash the their city for an entire week. The difference is Malkin and Crosby can skate with the puck without having to look at it.

If there is one area that has to improve it's the power play. The Flyers have given us enough chance to bury them on PP goals alone. The last game should have been a lot closer, or even a pens win. The Power play has to produce, and shorthanded goals allowed are simply unacceptable. Especially when Kris Letang chases him behind the net for 15 minutes giving Gagne enough time to park his overrated fat ass in front of the net.

Go Pens. 7:08 tonight we bring it. (FSN/WXDX)

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