Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Let Them Up

For the second time in 2 years the Pens have a chance to send the Flyers packing on home ice. I feel we will have a good chance as i doubt the Flyers had time to Prepare considering they have done nothing but bitch about the Refs and the Crosby goal. They can continue to bitch on the golf course also. There is nothing better than hearing a Flyers fan whine about losing.

A lineup change is coming for tonight, the pens put Petr Sykora in the press box for tonights game and are dressing Miro Satan in his place. It's a good call in my opinion. As much as i like Sykora, he just isn't right. Injury maybe, regardless his production is minimal.

The Pens want everyone to be well dressed as they send the Flyers home. A white out is scheduled for tonights game. The Fans better bring it tonight, Us less fortunate have to stay home and watch.

They say the the hardest game to win is the 4th win of a series. The Pens need t play a lot better than they did in the last 2 games. If is wasn't for Fleury this series would be 3-1 the other way. So we need to bring it tonight and get rid of the Flyers so i don't have to put up with these Philly fans making excuses on why they suck.

Go Pens tonight 7:00 (FSN/WXDX) we bring it.

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