Friday, April 24, 2009

What were We Supposed to Bring Again?

That isn't exactly what i had in mind when i said "tonight we bring it". Although they started out on a mission to end this series, the only problem was the Flyers dressed a real goalie in Birons pads. So now it's something i thought we were done with this season, heading into Wachovia for a dreaded afternoon game. Is it a must win? technically no, but i would hate to see a game 7.

As far as the game is concerned, i thought the Pens had a brilliant 1st period out shooting the Flyers 15-5. Biron was huge and weathered the storm, which is what you need from your goalie. Then something happened in the 2nd, i don't know if the Pens decided Biron was unbeatable and just gave up, but the same team didn't come out of the locker room for the rest of the game. If you can't play 60 minutes in the playoffs, you shouldn't be there. It went from over powering the Flyers in there own zone, winning pucks along the boards, getting nice looks at the net to playing flat footed, constantly getting beat to loose pucks and not even trying along the boards. The only respectable thing that i saw last night was the 3rd line. They played with the same desperation that the Flyers did. The remainder of the offensive chances came from the 3rd line. It's too bad Staal, Cooke and Kennedy are not machines because they would have never left the ice.

Satan on the forth line? Coach T are you back? Putting Satan on the forth line is like putting Malkin in goal. He will take up space but thats about it. You scratched Sykora who played on the second line so you take Satan and put him on the 2nd line. It makes sense to me. And what happened to Letang? If he was a HEALTHY scratch i will be pissed. Boucher was a -2 and really did nothing. Was he inserted to spark the power play? And speaking of the power play Out of all the things that went wrong the biggest in my opinion was the power play. The Pens were down by 2 late in the game and the Flyers take a Penalty. You have to score. your Power Play has to produce in that situation. There is no excuse. If we win this series, which i think we will, we won't make it much further with the power play kicking at 00.

So now we head to a game 6 on enemy ice and try to seal the deal. We all know Philly is a tough place to play, and we all know the Pens can win there. The biggest thing on my mind right now is a 3:00 start. The Pens are infamous for not showing up for the afternoon games. But whatever happens game 7 is at home.

Go Pens

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