Thursday, April 16, 2009

1 Down 15 To Go

The Pens started the playoffs as well as can be expected. We rolled right over the Flyers like they weren't there. The Flyers had to resort to goonery at the end of the game except for Hartnel, he was doing it all game. All of this is expected and it will happen more often as this series goes on. The start of a long series.
A few notables from last night:

-kunitz is a beast. He set the tone for the game early and often and the rest of the team followed with a physical brand of hockey that the Flyers are known for.

-This may be the first playoffs that we will get to see a healthy Sidney Crosby, Last season it was a high Ankle sprain and a rib problem, the season before it was a broken foot.

-If Jordan Staal can keep that kind of intensity through out the playoffs he will be a major force to be reckoned with.

-Maf needs to be Maf, there is no doubt he is the better goalie, even the Philly fans should admit that.

-Matt Cooke was on top of his game, he will be a major factor in this series, He will have hartnel in the box on every shift.

-Hartnel is a douche bag. The Pens need to make him pay for all the stupid penalties he takes.

-Mike Richards just didn't have a very good game, other than the 2 pipes he got, he made some stupid mistakes.....keep it up.

-Biron blows

-TSN is reporting that Carcillo has a meeting with the NHL over the Late game antic with Max Talbot. Suspending him will only hurt the Pens if you ask me. we want him there to take the dumb costly Penalties. Please NHL don't suspend him!

There isn't a single Penguin that would get a bad grade.

Next Game Friday: Go Pens

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