Monday, April 20, 2009

Not a Good Game

What happened on Sunday afternoon? It was the Pens looking like they just didn't want to be there mixed with the Flyers putting together a solid effort and you get what we saw yesterday, and ass beating. A glimpse at what will come or a wake up call.
The Pens were guilty of way too many turnovers and playing flat footed for much of the game. The overtime game on Friday had the same look to it, with the only difference being Maf playing his balls off. Put and average goalie in the net and play the same way and you get a 6-3 beating.
I will never give credit to any team that comes from Philly so, i will say the loss had more to do with what the Pens did wrong than anything the Flyers did right.

Did the Penguins play the way Philly Wanted? i would say yes. The Flyer crowd is to stupid to enjoy anything other than Goon hockey and if the Pens try to match that kind of hockey the crowd will never be taken out of the game. Make no mistake about it, it's a tough place to play in, but you don't have to make it even harder on yourself. The Pens talked about a disciplined hockey game, but it didn't happen that way.

For as bad as the Pens were, you almost have to expect it. The Pens have been on a streak for a 2 months. A game off isn't all that surprising, but its how many games off they will need that will worry us. Maybe a loss like this will make us realize that we have to match the intensity of the Flyers. It's no doubt that the Flyers played a desperate game yesterday and the Pens just went through the motions. I see game 4 being different.

Go Pens.

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