Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Penguins playoff run gets underway tonight at 7:00 at Mellon Arena against the Philadelphia Flyers.
The Flyers and their idiotic fans will be out in full force cheering on a team that backed into the playoffs at the 5th spot. Most likely it will be a first round exit so the fans can go back to their Crack Pedaling and prostitution rings faster than last year. Word has it that the Philly economy almost hit rock bottom last season with the Cinderella run that the Flyers had to the Eastern Conference finals.
Lets face it though, the Flyers aren't going to just rollover and die like they did last season. Mike Richards will pull out his best diving and whining to the refs act that we have seen.
The Flyers would wantt nothing more than to get revenge from the conference finals where they were utterly embarrassed by the Pens. I'm not going to get into how these 2 teams match up, that's been done enough already. you can throw all of that stuff out the window in the playoffs anyways.
As long as the Pens can stay out of the penalty box and make the Flyers pay for the stupid Penalties that Scott Hartnel takes every game they should be on top of the score sheet at least 4 out of 7, if not 4 out of 5.
So tonight is the 1st of 16 more wins for the Penguins.


Anonymous said...

Toad268 said...

We got this. No one will beat us in a seven game series this year. The Cup is ours!


Pittsburgh Penguins said...

I'm not as sure as Toad268, but I think as long as the third line can effectively play and contribute a few goals per series, that will take the Pens a long ways.