Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moving On

The Pens eliminated the hated Philly Flyers from the Playoffs finally. It took a 6th game and a 3-0 comeback to get the job done. The Best thing about this is the fact that every Flyer fan had to be feeling good about a game 7 when the Flyers jumped out to a 3-0 lead. I haven't read anything from the Flyers side of it so I have no idea what the excuses are, but I'm sure the NHL did them wrong somehow. The Bigger question, You are facing Elimination, your season is on the line. You go into game 6 on home ice with all the momentum from a game 5 win. you jump out 2 a 2 goal lead in the 1st period, add another early in the 2nd. How can you let yourself lose that game. The the way the NHL is now a 3 goal lead is nothing in the regular season, but the Playoffs? Facing elimination? The Flyers had that one in their hands and gave it away. They have nobody to blame but themselves. How Does Mike Richards, Supposedly the best captain in the NHL, Let his team fall apart like that? How does John Stevens let his team fall apart like that? Man it must suck to be a flyers fan.
I'm not the type to rub it in, but it is nice knowing that all the fans chanting "Crosby sucks" watched Their beloved Flyers get knocked out of the Playoffs by Sidney Crosby and The Pens. So as they wonder what happened to give up a 3 goal lead, everyone else will be watching Crosby in the 2nd round.
Go Pens

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