Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I would say........No

The Pens take a commanding 3-1 series lead back to Pittsburgh for game 5. The series is definitely not over, but a 3-1 lead with 2 home games left in the bag is quite the advantage. I would like to see a repeat of the game 5 we saw last season to send the Flyers and there moronic fans home for the season.
Well, one of the questions that the Philly trash were asking was answered in dramatic fashion. Marc Andre Fleury turned in a one of, if not the best Goaltending performances I've seen, and I've been watching hockey all my life. It was simply a work of art to watch. Maf stole the game simple as that. Was he rattled after game 3?
What would you do if you were a Flyer and the goalie was just unbeatable? that's right, start running the goalie, which is how they finally got one by Fleury. Lupul Was in the crease more than Fleury was. It seemed that was the game plan in the 3rd period.

A few other things to take from the game. 3 blatant dives. Was it Crosby doing it? nope. Knuble was one. Hartnell was another. Carter had one himself. All resulting in power plays. So what the Fans of Philly accuse the Pens of doing so often, should look at their own tam before the judge.

Apparently the Leader of the Goon squad didn't like the Crosby goal. "We didn't put the puck in our feet and throw ourselves in the net -- which is apparently allowed now. Other than that, I thought we played a good hockey game." That's a shame. A goal is a goal. and if they say the NHL is handing the series to the Pens, then I'm glad I'm a pens fans. I wouldn't want the weight of the NHL against me, that's for sure.

Someone needs to find out what is wrong with Sykora. Rumor has it he is hurt. If he is hurt then sit him out and let Satan play.

Its ruling was explained on the league Web site: "At 3:19 of the second period, a play was reviewed to determine if the puck was batted in by the glove of Pittsburgh forward Sidney Crosby. The review determined that the puck went off of Crosby's stick, then his body. There was no batting motion. Call on the ice for good goal stands." It must suck to be a Flyers fan.

Like i said earlier, this series is far from over. Game 5 Thursday in Pittsburgh.

GO Pens

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