Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He Shoots It Wide

I'm sure everyone heard that Forbes Magazines voted the Penguin fans the best in the League. Well, we definitely earned it last night. It takes a special kind of fan to watch the Pukefest that took place at Mellon Arena last night. My Hatred for the Devil is the highest it has ever been, It's almost in the same ballpark as Philly right now. To be honest, Winning that game last night was not the biggest thing on my mind yesterday, It was just scoring a goal, Is that too much to ask? in 60 minutes of play score a goal. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of respect for Marty Brodeur and I wanted him to get his shut out record, I just didn't want it to happen against the Penguins. I only like the Pens associated with records that they accomplish, not the one accomplished against them.

the Devils opened up the Scoring early in the 1st period when Bryce Salvador (seriously) scored from the circle. Thats no joke, it was Salvador. Gonchar decided Fleury was getting an unfair advantage by being able to see the Puck so he sets a nice screen in front. When the devils score early, the rest of the game is pretty much worthless. The 1st period ended that way. 1-0 Devils.

The 2nd period didn't go very well. Goligoski was called for being stupid late in the 1st so the devils would start the 2nd period with the man advantage. yeah that went well. Some no name who can only score against the Penguins ruins the Chances of Maf being the starter for team Canada. The Following few minutes will go down as total domination. The Pens looked like a junior team. It actually looked like the Devils were shooting 3 different pucks at Fleury. I couldn't keep up with all the Rubber flying by him.

So with the Pens down 4-0 whats left? The Leafs and Sabres were playing over on versus. That one is heading into overtime. (The Sabres would get the game winner, dont ask me who scored it though.) You can't do that. I never once turned the Channel during a Pens game in my life, I decided to sit through this thing just hoping the Pens would get a lucky bounce and get on by Marty. The only one getting lucky was Brodeur. Crosby would hit the pipe late in the 3rd marking the first scoring chance the Pens would get in the game. There was 1:40 on the clock.

On a side note, I have been Practicing to do NHL Play by Play and who better to learn from than the great Paul Steigerwald, Seriously, I've been his worst critic at times but this guy is lights out this season. Stiegy with Errey? it doesn't get any better. Anyways this is what I know. When the Pens are on a power play this is what you say, "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide". Sometimes throw in Malkin and you can handle a Pens power play.

**The scary part is we will meet these guys in the spring.

**Jordan Staal is a beast. Did anyone expect him to finish that game.

** "Not as hard as Hobey Baker went down, though. He went down in a plane crash." That was Epic.

**Congrats Marty Brodeur, it would be hard to argue that there ever was a Goalie better than him........Hasek and Roy?

Go Pens

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's All Good

What is Wrong with this Flyers team? I'm about as far from a Flyers fan as one can get and I don't really buy into this team having "so much Talent", but i do agree that they should at least stand a chance to win a game or 2. Last night marked the 2nd game of the season between the Flyers and the Pens. The Pens won both games, the first was a tight 5-4 game, but last night was just brutal. The Pens just manhandled the Flyers from the drop of the Puck.

All this top Talent that the Flyers seem to have didn't show up last night. Where was the worlds best Captain Mike Richards at. If you ask me to name one thing he did last night I would have trouble because I dont Remember seeing him. Jeff Carter, a 40 goal scorer, Rang one off the pipe and got run over by Crhis Kunitz, Scott Hartnell took his usual dumbass penalty late in the game to ensure the Flyers defeat. I've said it about the Flyers before, you can win as many fights as you want, but at the end of the day, thats all it will be. I dont even want to bring up thier goaltending issue. Goaltending wins championships and right now the Flyers aren't even close to having it.

It is the 1st game of a Home and Home for the Pens and Flyers and if the Flyers continue this way it will be a long week for them. Now this post might make it look like I care about the direction the Flyers are going, don't let it full you, The downward spiral that Philly is something that lights up my day like nothing else, But it's hard to continue a rivalry that has been so one sided for 3 seasons now. I guess if the Flyers continue to goon it up every game that will keep a healthy hatred going but it has nothing to do with me worrying about losing to the Flyers anymore. Maybe the front office may consider changing more than just the head coach. Maybe try to win games instead of trying to beat your opponent into submission. The days of throwing your weight and pushing hockey teams around are over. Now it seems you have to have a little talent to go along with the Grit.

Our Friends At Bestonium

Is anyone even going to watch the game on Thursday?

Go Pens

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Not that We Need the Help But Thank You

Sometimes you get the bounces and sometimes you don't. Last night the Pens got one very important bounce, or very important quick whistle. The Pens and Carey Price put on a show last night in Montreal. It will go down as one of the more entertaining games of the season so far.

The Montreal Candiens for the most part had no business being in this game. Habs Goalie Carey Price unexpectedly held the fort and kept the Candiens in it. The Pens through 41 shots with Price stopping 38 of them. Price was active playing the puck all night also. I thought that was one of the low points of his game but he managed to do it well last night. Now if he works on that glove side it might be something.

Gonchar opened p the scoring in the middle of the first period stuffing a beautiful pass from Bill Guerin behind Price and giving the Pens that ever so important 1st goal of the game. Both the Habs and the Pens have an impressive record when scoring the 1st goal. The Score would stay 1-0 until the 2nd period when the Habs potted to goals to take the lead, actually the Habs scored on their first shot of the 2nd period which didnt happen until the 10 minute mark. At this point the Penguin Domination would fall off a bit. The Momentum was switching to the Montreal side. The third shot for the Habs would also elude Fleury somehow and give the Habs a 2-1 lead. That would be the last goal the habs scored, the last goal that would count for them anyways. Matt Cooke tied the game late in the 2nd period, deflecting a Gonchar slapshot from the point.

It sounded like most of the Montreal fans would like to forget about what happened in the third period. Not only did the take 1,000 Penalties, which if your playing the Pens is a good defensive strategy, the refs waved off what clearly was the go ahead goal. Seems like Fleury wasn't the only one that lost sight of the puck in the crease, The Ref blew the whistle on what was clearly a loose puck. I'm not Homer enough to say Fleury had that puck covered, but I am Homer enough to say I'll take it. The constant "boos" the rest of the game and I think a shoe made to the ice surface at one point, would prove motivation for Pascal Dupuis to Put a shot through Price for the game winner.

quit bitching about the no goal, shit happens move on.

Go Pens

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IT was Bound To Happen

It was a night of firsts for the Carolina Hurricanes. Alberts gets his first goal since California Seals changed their name to the Oakland Seals, but not only that, last night marked the first road victory for the Hurricanes since the Semi finals of last years playoffs. thats 1 win in 16 tries or something. Like I always say around here, if it's gonna happen for the first time, is gonna happen against Pittsburgh.

The Penguins came out flat in the first period and were not prepared for the offensive Juggernaut that is the Carolina Hurricanes. The Pens just decided to let the Canes dictate the play for most of, if not all, of the first period. It's just something that shouldn't happen to a far more superior team. Bill Guerin tried his luck against Tim Gleason to maybe ignite the the Pens. Guerin might have ended up on top, but if you ask me he took an ass whoopin. The Ass whoopin did work for the rest of the period, and even into the 2nd before Whitney made it an embarrassing 3-0 Carolina. The kid deciding enough was enough, puts the team on his back, as he does far more times than he should need to, puts the Pens on the board about 6 minutes into the middle period, making the score a, still embarrassing but not as much, 3-1 canes. 49 seconds later none other than Mike Rupp pulls the Pens within 1. Rupp is making Ray Shero look like more of a genius than he already is. At this point did anyone think the Canes even stood a chance to win the game. The Pens are down by 1 in the middle of the 2nd, put it in the books, the Pens win this one. Not this time though, the Mike Rupp goal would be the final goal scored and the Pens fall 3-2 against the Canes.

It wasn't without great chances for the pens. in the final 30 minutes of play the Pens did manage 2 failed power plays. All the message boards and chat sites are calling for Mike Yeo's head. He just doesn't know what he's doing. Well, How about Malkin not cough the puck up every time he touches it. He was just not on at all last night. Their were glimpses of him at times, but i found myself in the 3rd period screaming at the TV "don't give to Malkin he'll cough it up. Guerin almost tied it up late in the 2nd but it took him 25 minutes to settle the puck giving Gleason time to get his stick in the way. It's alright, The older you get the slower you get, 10 years ago thats money.

2 points you waste now is 2 points you don't have in March and the Pens definitely wasted 2 points.

Letestu is heading back to WBS. He was called up for the Crosby injury. he had a good game against the Hawks, we will see this kid again.

Fatso tied Terry Sawchuck with 103 career shutouts against the Sabres last night. a 22 save shut out.

The Leaders in Goonery lost another game last night. I know, it's not really big news but isn't it great seeing the Flyers struggle. How about getting a goalie?

Talk about Hockey Player being tough, The Islanders Brendon Witt Was hit by an F'ing car and is still planning on playing tonight. Its seems Philly will do anything to get an advantage right now. Paying fans to run over the opposing team is about as low as you can go. Stay Classy Philly.

Alex Ovechkin returns after a 2 game suspension and scores 2 goals for the Caps. Maybe the Flyers can arrange to get him hit by a car. Their would be nothing he could do to retaliate, you can't take a car out at the knees.

Next up The Montreal Canadiens on Thursday. Go Pens

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Finals Peview?

The Pens lost to the Chicago Blackhawks 2-1 in OT on saturday night. It was a pretty even contest with both goalies coming up huge for thier respective teams. Hossa started out the goal knocking in a rebound past Fleury. Do we still hate this guy? I firmly believe if we would have signed him we wouldn't have made the finals last year. The Pens got too many key players because Hossa elected to sign with the Wings. We all know how that worked out.

Jordan Staal tied the game late in the 3rd period ensuring that the we would get a point. The OT period didnt work out so well, Verteeg scored with minutes in giving the Cocky little bastards the win. It was a good game, maybe I have my "Homer Glasses on but, in my opinion the Pens put it to them. Antti Niemi? Who the hell is this guy. Whoever he is , thats the only reason the Hawks won. Don't worry Chicago, we will see you again. Nothing like starting a friendly new rival in the west, It was the Wings but they suck now, time to move on.

One more thing to bring up, When is Campbell gonna hand down the 2 game suspension to Duncan Keith. It was a blatant hit to the head of a guy who just came back from a suspension for the same kind of hit, Or will he not get suspended because afterall he did hit Matt Cooke, Not really a super star.

In other NHL news the Philadelphia Flyers have fired their head coach John Stevens. Peter Laviolette will take over and be the leader of the Goon Squad. What happens in his first game? An ass whooping to the tune of 8-2 by the Wasjington Capitals, Not only that Phil Carcillo gets handed a 4 game suspension for jumping Matt Bradley. When are these Flyers going to realize, your not going to go far playing undisciplined Goon Hockey, The Days of the Broad street bullies are over. The NHL has changed. Another good idea would be to find yourself a good goalie. Instead they waste the Salary cap on a Used up has been like Chris Pronger. Ray Emery isn't going to get you far either. Maybe next year Philly!!

Tonight the Slumping Carolina Hurricanes. Jordan Staal has a brother on that team I think.

Go Steelers.....OOPS

Go Pens

Friday, December 4, 2009

Maybe it wasn't Right, but I'll Take

The Pens beat the Av's last night 4-1 in a game that was a lot closer than what the score shows. Two empty net goals at the end to rack up some fantasy stats. Sid had another big game, scoring the Pens 1st and last goal and assisting on the the game winner which was scored by Bill Geurin. Sid is on some kind of run right now, 11 points in the last 3 games, 19 goals already this season, almost unheard of. Jordan Staal added an empty netter at the end also.

Maybe the most Bizzarre play of the game. The Av's clearly had the go ahead goal in the 2nd period, but the ref blew the whistle killing the play before the puck crossed the line, actually you can't even say that, the puck crossed the line before the whistle. I'm sure it's all over the message boards about how the refs gave it to the pens and bettman wants Crosby to win, I don't even bother giving the morons the time of day anymore.

Anyone but Detroit (that is a great name) has a good view from the other side. I must agree with him on the "intent to blow the whistle" thing.

A win is a win is 2 points

Go Pens

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Greatest Player in the World?

Truly a class act and all-around superstar. Keep up the good work! I'm sure there will be more added in the near future.

Oh yeah, almost forgot:

Pens Vs Avs

The Penguins Battle the Colorado Avalanche tonight at Melon Arena. It's always fun to see a team from the west play at the Igloo. Do we have an advantage? The Av's played last night in Florida Losing to the Panthers in the shootout 6-5, But Coach Bylsma insists It's only an advantage if we make it one. (i can't find where i read that now). I really don't know much about the Avalanche other than that Paul Stastny guy is pretty good and goalie Craig Anderson has been one of the best so far this season. There is a little payback that maybe should be Dealt out tonight. David Koci is on the Colorado roster. We all know what this wanna be hockey player did to Gonchar last Preseason. That all I have on the Avalanche, I could find more but I'm pretty lazy.

Just in case people forgot about Eric Christiansen the New York Rangers snatched him up off waivers. They must be planning on a bunch of shootouts in the future.

And More on the Alex Ovechkin drama; He says he's going to pick it up a notch. Seriously can someone just put him on the IR for the rest of the season. I'm really get sick of this guy. He says it just makes him even more mad. And now his coach agrees he should play the way he wants to. When this first happened coach Bruce Boudreau agreed that he should tone it down. Why the change of heart? Grow a set Boudreau.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 Games ey?

Alex Ovechkin was handed a 2 game suspension according to TSN. I must admit, I didn't think he would get anything. After Rolling around in "apparent" excruciating pain for 10 minutes after the hit I figured they would say that was enough of a lesson. We've all seen AO throw a dirty hit then roll around on the ice so he didn't have to fight. If I remember correctly it was Dustin Brown that received the hit.

What a piece of shit this guy is. He wants to play like that he's going to have to answer the Bell at some point. The problem is it's hard to get a good hit on him because he doesn't back check, he doesn't win battles in the corners because he's never there, he's never in the defensive zone, not both feet anyways. I'm sure more than a few players have his number. Someone will take him out and will receive a big suspension because he hit Alex Ovechkin.

All Pens fans can be thankful the Caps picked Ovechkin 1st overall instead of Malkin. I would rather have a player that can play both ends than a 1-dimensional piece of garbage who will run someone from the blue line then fake an injury so he doesn't have to take responsibility for his dirty play.

Go Pens

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Rags are not Worthy

The Pens Beat up on the New York Ranger during the Home an Home this weekend by a combined score of 13-5. The Pens were at home, Goligoski was back, Letang was back, Tyler Kennedy was back for The game that went down on Saturday night. It was not a good recipe for Steve Valiquette. He didn't do himself any favors either, If it was heading toward the net, he would find a way to not make a save. Matt Cooke was suspended for 2 games with a hit to he head. It was a dirty hit, he did leave his feet, but Tell me why Sean Avery didn't get suspended for going after Crosby up high. Is it because Crosby saw him at the last second? The intent was still there and Avery is still one of the Biggest d-bags in the league. There is one bigger and i will get to that later. Another thing I thought was funny was Brashear being afraid of Godard. It happened again in the Monday night game. Can say I blame him though, Godard has beat him into submission before.

There is nothing better than getting a Hat trick on Hat night at Melon. Sidney Crosby Got all the hat back for the Pens. In this instance, could they return all the hat and get their money back, or do they save them and have another hat night? I guess thats why I'm not in management. Jagr did this a few years back also. I don't know how they handled that one.

The Monday night game at MSG saw Penguin hat Trick. Malkin you say? nope not him. Tyler Kennedy you say? nope not him. Gonchar? nope not him. None other than Mike Rupp. Mike Rupp? A hat Trick? Before this season this dude had a career high 5 goal season. We are getting goals from the entire line up and It Seems the Rags are a one trick pony, If they lose Gabby, They would get shut out every night. It wouldn't be to much to say Gabby is due for a lower body injury that sidelines him for a month or 2, He has yet to stay healthy an entire season. The Rags have lost their last 3 games by a combined score of 18-6. Things never change.

During the pens 2nd beating of the Rangers in as many games, this gem comes across the highlight reel. Alex Ovechkins bullshit has back fired.

The biggest D-bag award goes to Alex Ovechkin. The best thing about this is it was AO who was putting his knee out to make the hit. I'm not the type of person that celebrates an injury, but AO's time was coming. Someone was going to take care of him on the ice. This guy constantly runs people with what looks like intent to injure. We all know what happens when Malkin is on the ice. To see this happen is a good "how does it feel" moment. Nobody will forget the game 4 collision with Gonchar. I'm sure you could find an entire highlight video of AO's dirty hits on Youtube.

When Alex Ovechkin is healthy and ready to return to the Ice, He should start serving his 5 game suspension. This type of hit has no business in hockey, or any sport for that matter. It's a lack of respect for your fellow players and a Lack of respect for the game.

Another great moment in sports history happened last night. Keith Ballard wins this award.

I've goaltended for a few teams in my life that were hard on goalies, but never did one of my own team mates send me to the Hospital for a giving up a goal. I know this wasn't intentional, but this is just bad.

It was a good weekend for Pens Hockey

Go Pens

Friday, November 20, 2009


Really? The Ottawa Senators? Don't get me wrong I think the Sens have a decent team but come on. Last night had more to do with the pens not prepared to play 60 minutes than the Sens having a good team. the Power play went 1 for 5 with Malkin getting the goal when it really didn't matter. The Power play we had to start the third period must be converted, instead they hit Kelly coming out of the box to make it 3-1 when it should have been 2-2 at that point. Something has to change. I guess if you have a few players struggling on your team the best Medicine would be to play the Pens. Phillips 2 goals? that just isn't right. Carkner? Who the hell is this guy?

The Power play wasn't the only thing that went wrong last night but it is something that has been sub-par dating back to last season. There are other things that need to be pointed out. Someone has to tell this team to shoot the puck. Pascal Dupuis was firing from everywhere, everybody else looks for the perfect play. You have a 2 on 1 you better get a shot towards the net. If you have a 2 on 1 you should be looking shot first, pass only if its there. There is always the chance for a rebound with a low shot. D-men take the pass away leaving the goaltender to have the shot, so make him make a save.

Lets see what else can I bitch about. The Chris Bourque experience is getting old. Fedotenko is just off for some reason. Talbot and Gonch were a little off, but that is understandable, Gonch missed 12 games and That was Talbots season Debut, Hell of a way to start the season. As far as the goaltending, If Fleury saw the last 2 goals he gave up, that won't sit well with Steve Yzerman and team Canada. I for one think he was screened, at least I'm hoping he was screened.

I usually post a Highlight video but it would only be 69 seconds long. After Staal Scored it was all Ottawa.

Maybe Neil should think twice about picking on Godard at the end of a 6-2 game. There will be blood.

Go Pens: Saturday The Pens travel to Atlanta.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pens Vs Ottawa

The Pens turned a 4 game getting our asses handed to us streak into a 2 game winning streak. Did that have anything to do with Geno coming back? I think so.

Its almost the light at the end of the tunnel, Gonchar and the superstar will be back in the line up, but we will be out Jay Mckee and possibly Mark Eaton for tonights game against Ottawa. The Power Play is borderline worthless without Gonch in the line up so his return to the ice is huge, not to mention my fantasy team will be in better shape.

Well add another League leading stat for Sidney Crosby. Crosby holds the top spot in Olympic torch carrying.

The Senators are playing decent hockey i suppose. A 9-6-3 record isn't awful. They did beat the Maple leafs Tuesday night, I dont think that is very impressive, I'm trying here. The New Goalie in town, Pascal Leclaire is letting in some soft goals. It must be an Ottawa thing, everytime a goalie puts on the Sens Jersey he blows, not sure what it is, but it always seems to happen. Jason Spezza has 1 point in his last 5 games. Right now Mike Fisher is leading Spezza in the goal category, Maybe the should re-negotiate some contracts. Thats all I care to say about the Ottawa Senators.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stop The Bleeding

The Pens return home from a long and Ugly road trip just in time to play the New Jersey Devils who have yet to lose on the road.

Did anyone think that with all the injuries the Pens have, they would continue to win every game with the dominance they showed at the start of the season? I know one thing, pay backs are a bitch and once this team is healthy we are going to tear this league apart, right now though it's like picking on the retarded kid. So us fans are going to have to suffer through. I hear Rico Fata and Konstantine Koltsov are in the best shape of their lives. Who knows maybe Dickie Tarnstrom can come back and lead the team in points from the blue line.

This should be quite the game tonight. The Pens turn it over in the Neutral zone the Devils dump it in, The Pens go get it, turn it over in the Neutral zone, the Devils dump it in, The Pens go get it, turn it over in the Neutral zone, The Devils dump it in, The Pens go get it. Oh What a joy it is to play the devils.

The Devils are winning games.....Who Cares. They are on a 6 game win streak right now compared to the Pens 3 game losing streak. They are now tide with the Pens for 1st in the Atlantic with 24 points. I would talk about their line up but I don't care about them. A team of monkeys could play that system and win a few games

“We were happy just to be there, and a lot of people around the league came over to us and said, 'It's nice of you guys.”
Goalie Martin Brodeur, after he and five teammates chartered a plane to Toronto to attend GM Lou Lamoriello's induction Monday into the Hockey Hall of Fame"
A Bunch of Kiss asses is what they are. Lamoriello was entered into the Hall for the "building a team to bore you more than Baseball" Category.

I keep harping on the way the Devils play, but bottom line, they are winning games. It's frustrating to watch for sure if your a fan of the opposing team, but that style of play with that goalie, it's a winning combination.

7:00 start tonight: Go Pens

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Can I Say?

Another game, another shutout, another injury. Not good times for the Pens. Brooks Orpik left last nights game early in the 1st period and did not return. So where are we at? Gonchar, Malkin, Kennedy, Letang, Talbot, and now Orpik. Add all that in with Crosby on the longest scoring drought of his career, Bad Ass Billy Guerin can't seem to do anything right. Is Fedo hurt also? I haven't seen him for a few games. Last night was the first game we had good goaltending for a while. Fleury did keep it close. The Good thing about all of this is atleast it is early in the season. Plenty of time for injuries to heal, kinks to be worked out.

Tomorrow we get that team that doesn't know what hockey is

Go Pens

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The West Is Done

The Pens left the west coast licking their wounds. The West coast trip came to a bitter end In a 5-0 shutout to the San Jose Sharks. You could tell this wasn't a playoff game.....The Sharks won.

The only thing that really came out of it was another injury to deal with. Kris Letang will miss 2 weeks due to a shoulder contusion. The news just keeps getting worse for the Pens. The Maf that started this season is not the Maf that is playing right now. Pulled after only 22 minutes against San Jose is not something we have come to except from Fleury, but its one game. Every team needs a game like that to get their heads on straight. With that said the next few weeks may be a rough stretch, atleast until we get some players back from injury.

The Pens arrive back in the East tonight to take on the Boston Bruins. This will be the first meeting with the bruins this season. I really thought the Pens were going to meet Boston last season in the Playoffs but choke was on. Carolina beat them in 7 and we all know what happened to Carolina. One thing on the Pens side tonight is they haven't lost 3 in a row under coach Dan Bylsma, but until the Sharks game they haven't lost 2 in row so you can throw that out the window. It seems the Bruins suck right now also, they scored just 4 goals in the last 5 games and have lost 4 in row before defeating buffalo the other night. Boston them selves are having some power play struggles. 0 for 20 or something like that. Chara's bomb from the point has been off target all season. Centerman David Krejci has H1N1 so hes out. Milan Lucic is out for the season for some reason. I didnt look that far. Maybe someone gave him a cheap shot for a change. he does it enough.

I hate to keep harping on this but the Pens haven't scored on the power play since Belgium crown prince Leopold married princess Astrid Bernadotte of Sweden. I love Goligoski, but he is no Gonchar. Would mind seeing Malkins Slapper from the slot either.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It was Ugly, But it Was a Win

The Pens beat a good team on the road. They did it without Gonch and without Malkin. The Ducks have a good team. The top line they put on the Ice is sick, to say the least. How many teams can steal a win from a team like that on the road with such a shitty power play. The pens power play leaves a lot to be desired. Consider the Pens power play like the ugly stripper, It's time to grab another beer maybe even take a piss break because whats coming next, nobody wants to see.

The Pens let 4 first period power plays go by without even sniffing the net. 4 power plays in the first period on the road? Thats almost unthinkable. A good team would take advantage of that, especially when trailing by an early goal.

Some other notables from last night!!

**Maf probably would have liked to have at least one of the 3 goals back, maybe 2. The Koivu goal maybe should have been stopped, but he completely stoned him with his glove in the later part of the 3rd period so all is forgiven.

**Letang finally started shooting the puck, and he got rewarded for it with the 2nd goal for the Penguins. I'm not one of the fans who yell shoot the puck when he is at center ice, but Letang definitely passes up some prime scoring chances. He has a Wicked shot, he should be using it.

**Gogo is a beast. Thats all I have to say about that.

**How is the Whitney/Kunitz trade working out? I don't get to see to much of the West so i don't know for sure. I did hear Errey say they wanted Whitney to shoot more so i guess he hasn't gotten over that.

**Crosby had the save of the night. How many time would we see A.O do something like that? Thats right never. He would have been sitting by the far blue line waiting for the break out pass. I take that back, he would be sitting in the Press box Nursing an "upper body Injury".

Next Up Scuds and The LA Kings

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thats more like it

I don't talk about the The Devils because I don't recognize what they do as actual hockey, therefore i didn't remark on what took place this following Saturday, It had nothing to do with the final score. That thing they do in new Jersey can have an effect on hockey teams, sort of like Kryptonite for superman. All you Devils fans bask in the glory of winning games 1-0 and 2-1, but just remember THAT ISN'T HOCKEY.

And now on to what happened last night. Hal Gill and the Montreal Canadiens came to town on a 4 game winning streak to face the Penguins for the first time this season. Well it didn't work out so well for them. The Pens scored early and scored often. It took Crosby a little under 2 periods to get a hat trick and the Pens to rack up a commanding 4 goal lead. Maf was back to his normal self and all is good in Penguin land. Maybe the biggest thing from last night is Kunitz getting his first goal since the Montreal Wanderers swept the Ottawa Victorias in 2 games (1908 wasn't that long ago). Not only did he score a breakaway goal, he also racked up an assist on each of Sids 3 goals. Ironically he was on my Fantasy team until Monday morning. If that's what it takes to break his goal drought, I'm happy to Oblige.

But again, with the good comes the bad. this appears in the paper today.
Penguins center Evgeni Malkin will miss "a couple weeks" because of a strained right shoulder, coach Dan Bylsma announced after practice today at Mellon Arena.

First Gonch and now this. Everyone says the Penguins have great depth all around. Well they are getting a chance to prove it.

Go Pens.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

They Might not Lose Again.......

The Pens made quick work of the St. Louis Blues last night, beating them by a score of 5-1. Thats saying nothing bad about the Mason, St. Louis would have been embarrassed had he not kept the game close early on. The Pens have been winning games and making it look easy. The Blues looked like the just were not ready to face a team like the pens. The first period shot count was laughable at 20 something to 3 in favor of the pens. I'm not sure of the exact numbers but i know the Pens launched a total of 43 shots at Mason and then Conklin. It was well executed at every aspect of the game. If they can come out like that every night, i can see a 81-1 season.

I would talk about highlights, but its more fun to watch

The Pens dominated from the 1st line to the fourth line, from defense to offense, and when the blues got some good chances Maf was there to clean it up. The only thing that got by him was a deflection goal from Kariya. Simply put he is the best Net minder in the League right now.

With the good come the bad and the Pens will have to battle a bit of adversity for the first time with the injury to Gonchar. I dont know when or how it happened, just just noticed he wasn't on the ice in the third period. I don't know the exact time frame but, I'm hearing 4 to 6 weeks with a broken bone in his hand. Will it hurt the Pens? certainly. Will they continue to win games? certainly. The Pens have plenty of depth to take care of any injury that will come up. Blueline is loaded with offensive minded defenseman to handle what Gonchar was doing.

Next game Friday against the Florida panthers

Go Pens

Friday, October 16, 2009

Perfect Road trip?

The Pens went 5-0 on the road for the first time in team history by defeating the Carolin Hurricanes 3-2 after a 12 shooter shootout. Just because the Pens won every game mean it was a perfect road trip. I would hardly call giving up a 2 goal lead in the third period Perfect, but we still got the win. The most impressive about the road trip is the way Mike Rupp made Cam Ward look like a rookie. Same Jersey, same move, but that's not Petr Sykora, What a move.

Ward did get some redemption when he completly robbed Bill Guerin at the door step. to keep the Canes in it. Another Robbery happens against Malkin in over time.

(it really doesn't get any better than that)

The Pens will be returning home to take on the Tampa Bay Lightning Saturday night. I don't have a good feeling about this one and I have one reason why:

This will be the first of I think 12 times the Pens will be in the Blue jerseys this season. They weren't very good to us last season, I hope the JuJu will be better this time.

Other than that The Tampa Bay Lightning are coming off a severe ass beating at the hands of the Ottawa Senators Last night to the tune of 7-1, Giving up to shortys in the process. Ex-penguin and former fan favorite Ryan Malone got the only goal for the Lightning. Speaking of Ryan Malone, he is off to s strong start this season, Something like 6 goals already and one hat trick. I don't even think its a contract year. That's the only time he decided to do anything when he was with the Pens. He left on a good note, that's why everyone misses him. Jagr did more for the Pens in his Rookie year than Malone ever did But the whole "dying alive" comment pissed everyone off.

The Lightning do have a roster full of offensive talent starting with Captain Vinny Lecavalier. He's afraid of the defensive zone for sure, but he can fill the net. Marty St. Louis just a shell of what he used to be. Steven Stamkos is getting better every game in his 2nd season, alex Tanguay is off to a slow start but he can score goals at a consistent pace usually.

The lightning defense.....not so much. Last year the traded or released all the defense they had.

One Person that i always like to bring up, ex Flyer Steve Downie is on the Tampa Bay Roster. The guy who had a big hand in helping the Pens in the playoffs 2 seasons ago.

(he just walks away)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Carolina Hurricanes

An unbeaten road trip makes it's final stop in the sunny south for the Pens Vs Hurricanes (Staal has a brother on that team). The Canes aren't scoring goals. 2 goals a game is about their limit. Last game saw them get beat by the Tampa Bay circus by a score of 5-2, going into the 3rd period tied at 2.

The first line of Samsanov, Eric Staal (Jordans Brother), and Ruutu should have enough to put up decent numbers. If they can't do it the second line of Ray Whitney, Matt Cullen, Chad LaRose should be able to pick up the slack. Sooner or later they will start scoring, hopefully not tonight, as the Pens want to close out this road trip with a perfect record.

I can't mention The Hurricanes without mentioning Cam Ward. he is a beast. The Trib evidently thinks he's comparable to Maf.

If anyone can remember the finals in the east last season it was a 4 game sweep against the Canes.

If you cant remember much of the series that goal should be firmly lodged in your brain. That game also saw Malkin get his first ever Playoff Hat trick. If i remember correctly I think Maf robbed Eric Staal (Jordans Brother) at the door step. He was good for at least one of those saves every series. The Pens steam rolled right through the Canes last season so I'm sure some revenge is on the minds of all the canes that was involved.

Tonight Crosby and the Pens VS. Eric Staal (not funny anymore) and the Canes.

The Fans in North Carolina will be Electric.

Go Pens

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why In The World

Why is it that every team the Pens have faced so far have decided to goon it up? Like Bob Errey mention last night, Is it because the Pens are just frutrating their opponent to the point of total retardation.

Last night the Ottawa Senators turned into what you may only see in Philly and I guess now in Toronto. It's not like the Sens played a bad game. Maf was huge last night. Every team at one point or another will run into a hot goalie. The 2 or 3 that did get past Fleury went of the Pipe or wide.

Maybe the Fact that Tyler Kennedy got 2 goals against Leclaire. Maybe because we got 4 goals and Malkin or Crosby didn't own one of them. The Pens have enough depth to beat you with the top guns taking a night off, Not to mention we went 0-4 on the power play. Craig Adams turn in 2 assists, thats gotta hurt.

I was surprised however, The Sens put together a better game than what I was expecting. Jason SPezza was a beast all night, But bad bounces, missed nets, and the best goalie in the league caused the Sens to fall short. The Sens, at one point were actually leading, so it was only for 39 seconds before Guerin tied it up at 1, The fact is they were leading. As it turns out that would be the only goal the Sens would get.

The thing that the rest of the league should be worried about right now is we are 5-1 and are far from playing the best hockey. The Pens will get better as the season goes on. The Power play needs to be more consistant. I think i say that every season, but usually it shows up when we need it. Certain players aren't producing like we are used to. as soon as this gets settled and everything start clicking, It would be impossible for the Pens to be beat.

Next on the list is Carolina. The playoff series with the Hurricanes was so quick, sometimes i forget we ever faced them in the playoffs, Oh yeah and Staal has a brother that plays in Carolina i think.

More on the Canes Tomorrow.........Maybe?

Go Pens

Monday, October 12, 2009

Is it The Flyers or The Leafs?

The Pens skated to a 5-2 win over the Toronto Maple leafs on staurday night, giving the Pens 4-1 record to start out the season. Much to my surprise the Leafs reminded me a lot of the Flyers in their goonery. Although from what i could see there was no biting. The spear to Letang should have gotten Rosehill sent to the locker room, But instead he gets a 2 min roughing call. It seems like the Leafs are going to be a joke again this season, but instead of just losing, They are gonna fight and lose. Atleast it will be a little more interesting.

The Pens power play was clicking on all cylinders going 3 for 5 with Crosby getting 2 of them. I wouldn't put to much stock into it, afterall, it is the Leafs. Fleury made 18 saves. hardly a days work for him.

Tonight we take on the Ottawa Senators for the first time this season. The Sens beat the Thrashers Saturday night. Newcomer Alex Kovalev got his first goal in a Ottawa. I guess he's the replacement for Cry baby Danny heatley who just had to get traded. He didnt like how the coaches were using him. Thats a shame. If i was in that situation there would be 4 million reasons (or whatever he makes) why that wouldn't bother me. Lets not forget another biter and ex-Penguin Jaarko Ruutu play for the Sens still.

(we still remember this....Right?

Thats the way he played when he was a penguin and we all loved him for it.

The Sens are on a 3 game winning streak, but i cant forsee the Pens having a tough time with this team.

Go Pens

Friday, October 9, 2009

What the...?!

Mike Tyson... Oh wait a minute it's just Scott Hartnell.

The flyers are a bunch of vile, stinking, dirty d-bag, poopy shorts nerds... and now they can add biting to their list of specialties. I hope Hartnell had all of his shots. Keep that mutt on a leash next time you come to our town!

Good Job PENS!!!

Sweet goal 11!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

If You Do the Math...We are Still In It

The Phoenix Coyotes skated to their second victory last night, The Pens were there don't worry. They just decided to take in the game as a spectator from the Penalty box. The Coyotes controlled the flow from the drop of the puck to the final whistle. There is not much more that can be said about that. Brent Johnsons debut was good. He had a few good saves and one stellar glove save to keep the Pens in it early, But the rest of the team didn't care to be in it at all.

Another bright spot of last night was Chris Bourque Looked good in his 1st game. Actually by the end of the game I thought he was our best skater on the ice. Enough about the Yotes, I'm fully aware that the Pens didn't show up because they knew they were traveling to Philly today.

Tonight the Pens faceoff against the hated Flyers and their band of Goons. I'm sure Philly will want some revenge from last seasons early playoff exit from the hands of the Penguins. The Flyers haven't lost a game yet, as opposed to last year being the final to to actually get a win. There are some newcomers for Philly this season. Chris Pronger comes to mind. One of the best defenseman in the league, but also one of the dirtiest in the league. Why did it take him so long to get to the Flyers, seems like a perfect fit.

Another future inmate in starting goalie Ray Emery. Pens fans remember him from 3 seasons ago when he was with Ottawa, and they ended the Pens playoffs in 5 games of the first round. Fresh of a season in Russia, because nobody else would sign such a head case. Never fear, That is a perfect fit in Philadelphia.

Lets not forget the rest of the rejects that play for Philly, Mike Richards is the Captain of the futere inmates, Jeff Carter is the leading goal getter of a season ago, Danny Brierre is Captian of the Philly Cheer Team, and last but not least, Scott Hartnell. There are no words that can express how much of a D-bag the thing is.

Tonight is the biggest game so far in this young season. I can deal with any loss some worse than others, But a loss to Philly is unacceptable. We lose to the Flyers, i consider it a losing season no matter the Outcome.

Go Pens..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Bottom of the Barrel

So without much to do on a Tuesday night. I turn on the Tv, Maybe versus has some hockey on or something. Low and behold under the Guide says "NHL Hockey. My night is set. I kick my chair back, flip to hockey. How can this be i say. Versus is airing the Capitals VS the Flyers!! Are you kidding me. 2 young stairs of the eastern Conference facing off, Mike Richards facing Alex Ovechkin. It's like putting two Retards in a room with a rubix cube, something fun to do but it will end up with one beating the other into submission, but i continue to watch. It will be the first time this season i will get to see the biggest of the Pens rivals this season.

To my surprise it was quite the offensive explosion, either that or shitty goaltending, a little of both if you ask me. Playoff hero for the Caps Semyon Varlamov was pulled after watching 4 go by him. Flyers Goalie, Well he has always sucked so no surprise there.

As far as the Offense is conserned, Richards did get a Hat trick marking the first time a Flyer turned a trick on opening night. Ovechkin had two goals, Semen had 2 goals, and Hartnell is still a goon. The Flyers ended up winning the game with an overtime goal scored by little girl danny brierre. Flyers win, I'm still disgusted that they are still in the NHL.

For the Pens. The season started out as good as it can. 2 games, 2 wins. The Islanders game was a let down a little, seeing as how the Islanders put it to us for a good 2 periods. That Tavares fella is gonna be something thats for sure.

Tonight the Pens host the Coyotes for the 3rd win of the season. I dont keep p much with the yotes so i have know idea what to expext. This will be their first year in banckruptcy. The Coyotes are staying in Phoenix now. All Pens fans can appreeciate that!!

Go Pens

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Breast Cancer Survivors, all of you fighting this stupid disease and those who love you...my prayers are constantly with you! Keep fighting. I continue to be proud of the NHL for their support.

Here we go again little brother, another season...another cup...another shot of brandy! So much to do.

Finally...PENS hockey! Stanley Cup Champions! Freakin' rocks! I am still virtually speechless and still wishing Mike Lange had come up with something other than "Ginger Brandy"!

Go PENS!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Its That Time Again

The pens open up the 09/10 campaign tonight defending the Championship against the New York Rangers. Finally something to talk about that doesn't have to do with how over-rated the Steelers defense is. The Stanley cup banner will be hoisted to the Rafters for the Final season at Melon Arena Tonight. According to my vast array of inside knowledge of the Pens, I have no idea what the Lines will be. I did hear somewhere the Dupuis will be on the 2nd Line with Malkin........Coach T are you there??. I thought Maybe Tyler Kennedy would have been a good candidate for that spot. All signs point to Crosby being in the Lineup tonight.

We all know the new faces on the pens team, which aren't many, but the Rangers have made a few changes themselves for this season. They have revised more than half of the line up that finished fourth in the East a season ago. first off the biggest move the Rangers made was aquiring Sniper Marian Gaborik from the free agency. For the fist 15 or 20 games this guy will be the best Ranger by far, then The a lower body injury will happen. Over-rated Scott Gomez is gone, off to The habs for Higgins and some change. They even got a little tougher, grabbing Long time NHL goon Donald Brashear from Washington, and nobody can forget maybe the biggest d-bag in the NHL Sean Avery will be returning. Did the Rangers get any better? only if Gabby can stay healthy.

Check This out....From this Guy http://www.benstonium.com/


Go Pens

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's on

The Wicked Wrister is indeed back after a short offseason, The Pens get a break why can't I?? The Pens skated in the first preseason game yesterday. Kunitz got the game winner within the 1st minute of O.T. to beat the BJ's 5 to 4. Not That it's really a big deal, but if gives me something to read other than the Steelers. Willie Parker blows? he has for a while now. Why is it so surprising to everybody?

The Post gazette has a good recap of the first preseaon game as defending stanley cup champs. It still shocking to say to be honest, Stanley cup champs. Nowhere will it say that some scrub 4rd liner put a cheapshot on Gonch and knocked him out the Line up for 6 months. So things are going better than they did last season already.

Go Pens

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Respect Goes Both Ways!

I have less and less respect for the Detroit Red Wings everyday!

Shut up Draper, Shut up Zetterberg! You guys are acting like the biggest douchebag babies in the NHL right now! And let me tell ya, that's an accomplishment. Crosby got to the line and Crosby shook hands! Lindstrom may have gone to the locker room too soon. Whatever happened, it wasn't intentional.

Sidney Crosby has more class than you 2 will ever dream of having! The Mighty Red Wings have fallen! Eat it boys! You couldn't make it happen this time, better yet we didn't allow it to happen this time. That's the way it is! Sorry if you can't handle it!

Bottom line... you guys had your day with the cup and that was hard for the Pens and the fans to watch all of you skate around our house with the cup, but we respected you and we let you have it! So back off! The Pens earned the right to be called the best! Don't try to take that away from them.

Go PENS! You rock!

Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 Stanley Cup Champions

So there it is. The Stanley Cup Finals close out about the best possible way it could have, with the penguins taking home the cup. Their were so many different scenerios going on in my head before game 7, and a 2-1 game was never there. And Max Talbot getting both goals, i don't think anyone could have seen that. The Pens put together the perfect game, Actually game 6 and game 7 the Pens put together a perfect game.

To all the Pens bashers out there, It doesn't matter what happens you can't take this away from them. They knocked off the Champs and they won 4 out of 5 games to do it. A total team effort to get it done as well, so you can stop saying "if you shut down Sid and Geno. you shut down the Pens".

But all in all that was a great series. It's a shame someone had to lose.....oh what am I saying? Suck it Detroit. All the Cocky ass fans of the Redwings can eat it. All I heard all series long was the Pens can't do it. It's been done.

As far as the Wings go, they are a good team their is no denying it. They were beat up, they were out of gas, they just couldn't get it done. I must admit I'm not a big fan of Chris Osgood, he was solid for sure. He wasn't the reason they lost. The big guns for the wings were fairly quiet offensively through out the series, as well as the Pens big guns. They more than made up for it on the defensive side of things.

It was a tight series where every game could have went either way, (excluding game 5 of course) I have no problem saluting the wings players for such a good competitive series, but after going through what their fans have been saying since game 6 of last season, this feels good.

Draper get over the handshake thing. Maybe Lidstrom should have waited a little longer. You lost, take it like a man.

Next up, of the 10 or so players up for free agency, who are the Pens going to resign.

Go Pens

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lord Stanley... He Brought Me the Brandy!

I toasted the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins with a shot of ginger brandy!

I cannot put into words how I feel today! Last night was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen in my lifetime! I knew we could do it! I just knew that this group of guys could bring the cup back to Pittsburgh!

Marc Andre Fleury! How do ya like him now? He is a beast! Max Talbot, as usual! Everytime he scores a goal, it's huge! He's so special!

Freakin' awesome!

Jordan can finally shave that crazy caveman beard and get back to his handsome old self and make me crazy everytime he takes the ice!

It's even better than I thought it would be! We beat them! We out played them! There were no lucky bounces in this game. Nothing but talent and heart! They wanted it and they got it! It was a great game!

"Eat it Hossa"! Bad JuJu, man! Don't "F" with the Penguins pal! It will come back and get ya! With that out of my system...

...Penguins, you earned this and you most definitely deserve it! All 4 series were the best I have seen to date in my hockey career! Thank you for these playoffs! Thank you for this Stanley Cup! Enjoy every freakin' minute of this!

Thanks guys! You rock!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 7....This Day will Never End

The Day of game 7. The Pens will go into battle one last time to accomplish something that no one will ever forget. Game 7 of probably the best series I've ever had the Privilege to watch. No predictions for tonight, just watch and enjoy.

Tell me Malkin is not ready: “The Cup is all I want. I will give 120 percent. I will give everything. One win. The Cup. After that I will talk. I will do anything. One win first.”

Go Pens

Not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them. And we shut them down because we can! Tonight, WE are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born to be hockey players. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done. It's over. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Redwings have. Screw 'em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it.”

Music Video:

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Go Pens

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remember The Next 2 days

Cherish these next 2 days because a game 7 in the Stanley cup finals doesn't come around very often. This is what it's all about. The crazy ride to the finals that is stretched to the absolute limit. A game 7 in the Stanley cup finals. We will wake up saturday morning different. Our lives as we know it will be completly different.

The Talk radio analyzing and over analyzing ever aspect of this game. Sure, all of that is fun to listen to, but who really knows. The 1971 Canadiens are the last team to accomplish what the Pens are about to set out to do. The home team is 12-2 in game 7 in the Stanley cup finals. To me thats great stats for the Pens. To me, that means it's due to go the other way. The Pens are 0 for 3 at the Joe? The Pens are due to steal one there. Crosby and Malkin have no points in the last 2 games. That stat alone should scare the hell out of the Redwings. When Crosby and Malkin have zero points for 120 minutes, the dam is going to break. On the other hand, Hossa doesn't have a goal. Love him or hate him, he's a great hockey player who can really fire the puck. You can look at that however you want to, but every streak sooner or later comes to an end. The longer it goes, the closer it is to an end. From 1971 til 2009, thats long enough.

So listen to everyone say all this shit thats going against the Pens going into game 7. But finally the Pens are on the same level as the wings as far as experience goes in a game 7. There is i think only 1 Redwing has experienced a SCF game 7. A game 7 can change a player and it can change the fans.

GO Pens

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

“Great moments... are born from great opportunity.

The Pens are down 3-2 as if you didn't know that. Game 5 was an ass beating, that we know also. What we don't know is how the Pens are going to react to that. There are a lot of ways you get momentum in sports. You can play a perfect game and win big, that obviously builds your confidence and if your a fan of the RedWings you turn into A Cocky asshole, or you could get your ass handed to you in such a way that you can't wait to get into the next game so you can give it back to them, and if your a Pens fan you blame the goalie and call for the back up in the next game, also making you an Idiot. What are we going to see tonight, a confident Redwing team ready to roll over the Pens or a pissed off Pens team ready to choke slam the Redwings all the way to game 7.

One thing for sure about tonight, it's the last home game. The crowd will be rocking. The Pens will be on fire. You can shine the cup all you want, we won't be needing it tonight. There are 2 things that killed the Wings last game. The 5-0 win. The Pens always bounce back from that, and the "crosby Sucks" chants. No Crowd has ever chanted that and had their team survive. Ask Philly and Washington.

Not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them. And we shut them down because we can! Tonight, WE are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born to be hockey players. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done. It's over. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Redwings have. Screw 'em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it.”

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Go Pens

Monday, June 8, 2009

You can Lose 3

Was game 5 a must win? Not really. Would it have been easier to steal a road game before game 7? sure. Well depending on how long you've watched Penguins Hockey you should know that the Pens often like to take the long road. That way there are no excuses. I don't want to say the Pens handed the Wings game 5 but it definitely wasn't the type of game i was expecting.

Going into game 5 it was a best of 3 series, which means you can lose one. Well now that the Pens got that out of the way, it's time to take care of the 2 wins. Make no mistake about it a 5-0 ass beating will wake you up. The embarrassment will wake you up. It's different now. There is no more "whose the Better team". It has now switched to who wants it. Any team can be beat, on any given circumstance. If I had to pick any team to beat the worst of odds, I'm picking the Pens, They have answer the call over and over again.

Unlike most people I'm not giving up just yet, and unlike most people I'm not blaming Maf for the game 5 situation. You win as a team, you lose as a team. If Fleury would have made 4 more saves we still would have lost. The Pens still have a chance to beat the Wings until the final whistle of their 4th loss. Down 3-2 in the series with a game 6 on home ice. When a win is needed good teams go out and get it. Tuesday a win is needed.

The Wings had something to prove after taking an ass beating in game 4 and now the Pens have something to prove from the ass beating that happened in game 5. The Pens will game 6, and we will go from there.

Go Pens

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And The Academy Award Goes To...

...Hank Zetterberg, The Officials & the entire Detroit Red Wings team. Bravo guys, Bravo. Outstanding performance. I hope Zetterturd is feeling okay today. That vicious slash by Crosby must have left a terrible bruise on his shin. I mean the force Sid must have used to bring him down to the ice like that. How scary it must have been for him. Pathetic!

I thought diving was a penalty. Apparently it's not, but merely touching a Detroit Red Wing is. Once again, Detroit getting away with shit cause they're Detroit. I have never seen anything like that game last night. It was hard to watch.

I learned alot from these play offs this year. The Pens have more than just the red wings to overcome to get the cup.

I am bitter today. We didn't have our best game. But things could have been different if the red wings didn't get so many ridiculous calls. They had 3 power play goals. It was such a blur.

I love ya Fleury.

Yesterday is a memory. Forget about it. Get your game back for game 6 in Pittsburgh. Go PENS! It's not over.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Best of 3..........

Game 1 Detroit wins
Game 2 Detroit wins
Game 3 Pens win
Game 4 Pens win

The Games are starting to get more one-sided as they go on. Game 4 the pens were dominating, it looks like the Wings just couldn't keep up. So what do you do if you're a Wings fan? Start breaking out the Conspiracy Theories. " Gary Bettman wants Sidney and the Pens to win the cup". The Problem is, Detroit thinks they should win because they are Detroit, and if they aren't winning well obviously there is some conspiracy against them. This is the SCF you can't just go through the motions and think that the cup is yours. The Wings look tired, they look frustrated.

Game 4 was something that you usually don't see happening against a Redwings team. 3 goals in a little over 5 minutes. 2 of them of the tic tac toe variety and one being shorthanded. After the Pens get the 2 goal lead, the rest of the 2nd period and the entire 3rd period, there wasn't anymore pressure put on the by the wings, I didn't see any desperation in their play. The Pens got a 2 goal lead and just choked the life out of Detroit for the remainder of the game. The only thing I saw different with the Wings is frustration. Another thing the wings should be worried about is MAF. He is getting better with every game. When Fleury is on his game you don't beat him. It looks like Osgood at the other end is declining a bit.

The saying goes, you don't worry until you lose a home game and as of the first 4 games both teams have held serve on home ice. Game 5 switches to Detroit. In order to accomplish what they want, the Pens have to win one on Enemy ice. I can't see any reason why that can't happen Saturday in the dump that is called Detroit.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Pens shifted the momentum on Tuesday night. Everything Talbot does is huge! He gets it going everytime! And Gonch's goal as only Gonch can do it! No need to say anymore!

Ladies, is it just me or was Mario rocking that scruff and dark suit?! Damn!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Carry that momentum into game 4 and it's ours! Fleury was awesom in net and I think were about to see the real Os"not so"good! He is such a dbag! If not for his posse of back up goalies piling into the net like they were stuffing a Volkswagon for the guiness book of world records, there would be alot more pucks past Osbad. I thought you only brought 1 back up goalie a game anyway. Go figure.

The idea that Detroit has to be the best because they are Detroit is crap. The Pens have shown that they can play at their level. I am not in awe of the mighty red wings. I believe that there is this bad karma around Hossa that will ultimately bring them down.

Leave the octopi at home! Natalia and Vladamir are in the house! And a few cudos for the fans! Awesome! Tonight, lets get louder, louder, louder. "Stand up, stand up, stand up and let it out!"

Let's Go PENS!!

Game 4.......It's on

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Game 3 Belongs to the Pens

Like the Pens needed someone to tell them that a loss would pretty much be the end to all Stanley Cup hopes. Game 3 was a huge win and one that maybe should not have been. In my opinion the pens played there worst game of the series so far only to end up with there first of 4 wins. The Croud was rocking and the pens came out flying.

You knew it had to be a special night with 66 dropping the puck.

Max Talbot had the best game of his playoff season with 2 goals and a post. Malkin Was right there with 3 assists and Crosby finally got on the point sheet with an assist. I'm not saying Fleury played bad in the first 2 games, but last night, that was the Fleury we are used to seeing and thats the Fleury that needs to show up the rest of this series.
All the rumors floating around yesterday about Letang being scratched for last nights game, i don't know where they originated but, he must have heard them. He turned in maybe the best game I've seen him play. His defensive zone coverage was incredible and for once he winds up a slapshot and actually put it on the net. Maybe Staal could learn something from that.

Game 3 was a huge win yes, but it didnt take long after the final whistle to realize that we still have work to do. After coming off an emotional high (among other kinds of high i imagine) Thursday is game 4, which is another huge game. It all starts over. The score is 0-0 and The Wings can not get a 3-1 lead. Like the Ole 29er said "this is the same pattern as last season". Thursday is where it needs to change.

If the Pens can play the next game like they played the 3rd period of game 3, i like our chances.

Go Pens

Monday, June 1, 2009

What Is This?

This is certainly a spot i didn't see the Pens in come Monday morning. I thought for sure there would at least be a split. As I said before, you don't Panic until a home game is lost. The Pens are still in this. We were in every game. The Lucky bastards that from Detroit are getting some key bounces, some key non-calls, I see an interference call Detroit gets away with every time the Pens enter the offensive zone. Hossa should have been sitting in the Penalty box not celebrating his teammate scoring the second goal. I usually do not say anything about it until it's started somewhere else and The Game announcers were even saying it. The Penalty Malkin was called for was simply unbelievable. Call me a whiner all you want.

Enough about the Refs, that is something that the pens can't control, it is something that they will have to deal with. As far as what the Pens need to do to get back in this is more of the same i think. Unlike last season, the Pens were in both games. There were some posts hit, some good looks that were shot wide or deflected. If the bounces start going the other way we could find ourselves right back in this thing by the end of the week. It's not like there is a brick wall in net for the Wings. If the Wings goalie is a construction cone it would have the same results, As long as Henrik Zetterberg makes a few saves for it, not to mention he can go ahead a freeze the puck in the crease, don't worry the refs wont say a word about it. At one point in game 2 i think the entire Redwings team was behind Osgood keeping the Puck out of the net. At some point the Pens will make Osgood look bad.

Oh and No Malkin will not be suspended, The ruling was that Detroit gets away with too much already.

The pens have a day off to regroup. Its a race to 4 and we gave them a head start.

Go Pens

Friday, May 29, 2009

Let The Games Begin

The Penguins will travel to Detroit this weekend for 2 games against the Dicks called the Redwings. The Wings outsted the Chicago Blackhawks in game 5 to Eliminate any chance of a long lay off between the Conference finals and the Stanley Cup finals. Look on every message board, the scheduling is a conspiracy to get Crosby the cup. I hope thats the case.

First things first, The Edmonton/Islanders comparison. They even had an interview with messier about this upcoming series and what happened in the oilers series. Their are definitely similarities but that was then and this is now. it's fun to talk about but it doesn't really mean anything.

Then the Hossa situation. Marian Hossa rejected the Pens offer and defected to the Reddicks because it was a better opportunity to win the Cup. I was upset about it at first, but the way things turned out, i think the Pens are better off now without him. It will be nice to watch him come up empty again. The Pens have a well rounded team that probably wouldn't be possible if Hossa was here chewing up the Salary cap.

The biggest thing for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one, is revenge. Since the end of game 6 last season I wanted a rematch. Revenge is the best motivation you can have. Forget about Hossa, For get about Edmonton, the fact that last season the Wings stood between the pens and the Cup is enough. It could have been a close series if we didn't spot them the 1st 2 games. Lidstrom and Datysuck injured? i hope not, I want the Pens to beat the best the Wings have to offer.

There is no mistaking the fact that the Reddicks do have a good team. World Class Talent, some of the best offensive defenseman in the League, 3rd and forth line players that could be top line talent on most teams in the league, some of the best defenseman in the league. The same thing applies to the Penguins. The Penguins have a clear cut edge in net. I don't care what anyone says about Osgood, The only people that call him an elite goalie are the Homers from Detroit. A product of the system if you ask me.

The 1st of back to back games is tomorrow night in The dump that is called Detroit.

Go Pens