Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 Stanley Cup Champions

So there it is. The Stanley Cup Finals close out about the best possible way it could have, with the penguins taking home the cup. Their were so many different scenerios going on in my head before game 7, and a 2-1 game was never there. And Max Talbot getting both goals, i don't think anyone could have seen that. The Pens put together the perfect game, Actually game 6 and game 7 the Pens put together a perfect game.

To all the Pens bashers out there, It doesn't matter what happens you can't take this away from them. They knocked off the Champs and they won 4 out of 5 games to do it. A total team effort to get it done as well, so you can stop saying "if you shut down Sid and Geno. you shut down the Pens".

But all in all that was a great series. It's a shame someone had to lose.....oh what am I saying? Suck it Detroit. All the Cocky ass fans of the Redwings can eat it. All I heard all series long was the Pens can't do it. It's been done.

As far as the Wings go, they are a good team their is no denying it. They were beat up, they were out of gas, they just couldn't get it done. I must admit I'm not a big fan of Chris Osgood, he was solid for sure. He wasn't the reason they lost. The big guns for the wings were fairly quiet offensively through out the series, as well as the Pens big guns. They more than made up for it on the defensive side of things.

It was a tight series where every game could have went either way, (excluding game 5 of course) I have no problem saluting the wings players for such a good competitive series, but after going through what their fans have been saying since game 6 of last season, this feels good.

Draper get over the handshake thing. Maybe Lidstrom should have waited a little longer. You lost, take it like a man.

Next up, of the 10 or so players up for free agency, who are the Pens going to resign.

Go Pens


Toad268 said...

Now, the past couple years, our dear city has had a ton of success in terms of sports teams and events. We now have two Superbowl wins, two Stanley Cup Finals appearances and a Stanley Cup Victory. The Pirates are finally on a rise, however small, it is still just that, a rise. Pitt is always trying to move up, we will see this coming season. We seemed to be poised with some great success for years to come. That is why we claimed the name, the City of Champions!

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Anonymous said...

We now have two Superbowl wins, two Stanley Cup Finals.

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