Monday, June 1, 2009

What Is This?

This is certainly a spot i didn't see the Pens in come Monday morning. I thought for sure there would at least be a split. As I said before, you don't Panic until a home game is lost. The Pens are still in this. We were in every game. The Lucky bastards that from Detroit are getting some key bounces, some key non-calls, I see an interference call Detroit gets away with every time the Pens enter the offensive zone. Hossa should have been sitting in the Penalty box not celebrating his teammate scoring the second goal. I usually do not say anything about it until it's started somewhere else and The Game announcers were even saying it. The Penalty Malkin was called for was simply unbelievable. Call me a whiner all you want.

Enough about the Refs, that is something that the pens can't control, it is something that they will have to deal with. As far as what the Pens need to do to get back in this is more of the same i think. Unlike last season, the Pens were in both games. There were some posts hit, some good looks that were shot wide or deflected. If the bounces start going the other way we could find ourselves right back in this thing by the end of the week. It's not like there is a brick wall in net for the Wings. If the Wings goalie is a construction cone it would have the same results, As long as Henrik Zetterberg makes a few saves for it, not to mention he can go ahead a freeze the puck in the crease, don't worry the refs wont say a word about it. At one point in game 2 i think the entire Redwings team was behind Osgood keeping the Puck out of the net. At some point the Pens will make Osgood look bad.

Oh and No Malkin will not be suspended, The ruling was that Detroit gets away with too much already.

The pens have a day off to regroup. Its a race to 4 and we gave them a head start.

Go Pens

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Toad268 said...

We have been here before and will be here again. We are down, but not out. We were beaten, but not defeated. We lost a couple battles, but not the war. Pick any cliche you like, they are all true. It is officially us against the world. According to them we are down and out. According to them, we have already lost. According to them, we can't. We are finally coming home to a hostile crowd, thirsty for a taste of what is to come, eager to prove that we can!

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