Friday, June 5, 2009

The Best of 3..........

Game 1 Detroit wins
Game 2 Detroit wins
Game 3 Pens win
Game 4 Pens win

The Games are starting to get more one-sided as they go on. Game 4 the pens were dominating, it looks like the Wings just couldn't keep up. So what do you do if you're a Wings fan? Start breaking out the Conspiracy Theories. " Gary Bettman wants Sidney and the Pens to win the cup". The Problem is, Detroit thinks they should win because they are Detroit, and if they aren't winning well obviously there is some conspiracy against them. This is the SCF you can't just go through the motions and think that the cup is yours. The Wings look tired, they look frustrated.

Game 4 was something that you usually don't see happening against a Redwings team. 3 goals in a little over 5 minutes. 2 of them of the tic tac toe variety and one being shorthanded. After the Pens get the 2 goal lead, the rest of the 2nd period and the entire 3rd period, there wasn't anymore pressure put on the by the wings, I didn't see any desperation in their play. The Pens got a 2 goal lead and just choked the life out of Detroit for the remainder of the game. The only thing I saw different with the Wings is frustration. Another thing the wings should be worried about is MAF. He is getting better with every game. When Fleury is on his game you don't beat him. It looks like Osgood at the other end is declining a bit.

The saying goes, you don't worry until you lose a home game and as of the first 4 games both teams have held serve on home ice. Game 5 switches to Detroit. In order to accomplish what they want, the Pens have to win one on Enemy ice. I can't see any reason why that can't happen Saturday in the dump that is called Detroit.

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