Sunday, June 7, 2009

And The Academy Award Goes To...

...Hank Zetterberg, The Officials & the entire Detroit Red Wings team. Bravo guys, Bravo. Outstanding performance. I hope Zetterturd is feeling okay today. That vicious slash by Crosby must have left a terrible bruise on his shin. I mean the force Sid must have used to bring him down to the ice like that. How scary it must have been for him. Pathetic!

I thought diving was a penalty. Apparently it's not, but merely touching a Detroit Red Wing is. Once again, Detroit getting away with shit cause they're Detroit. I have never seen anything like that game last night. It was hard to watch.

I learned alot from these play offs this year. The Pens have more than just the red wings to overcome to get the cup.

I am bitter today. We didn't have our best game. But things could have been different if the red wings didn't get so many ridiculous calls. They had 3 power play goals. It was such a blur.

I love ya Fleury.

Yesterday is a memory. Forget about it. Get your game back for game 6 in Pittsburgh. Go PENS! It's not over.

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