Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Game 3 Belongs to the Pens

Like the Pens needed someone to tell them that a loss would pretty much be the end to all Stanley Cup hopes. Game 3 was a huge win and one that maybe should not have been. In my opinion the pens played there worst game of the series so far only to end up with there first of 4 wins. The Croud was rocking and the pens came out flying.

You knew it had to be a special night with 66 dropping the puck.

Max Talbot had the best game of his playoff season with 2 goals and a post. Malkin Was right there with 3 assists and Crosby finally got on the point sheet with an assist. I'm not saying Fleury played bad in the first 2 games, but last night, that was the Fleury we are used to seeing and thats the Fleury that needs to show up the rest of this series.
All the rumors floating around yesterday about Letang being scratched for last nights game, i don't know where they originated but, he must have heard them. He turned in maybe the best game I've seen him play. His defensive zone coverage was incredible and for once he winds up a slapshot and actually put it on the net. Maybe Staal could learn something from that.

Game 3 was a huge win yes, but it didnt take long after the final whistle to realize that we still have work to do. After coming off an emotional high (among other kinds of high i imagine) Thursday is game 4, which is another huge game. It all starts over. The score is 0-0 and The Wings can not get a 3-1 lead. Like the Ole 29er said "this is the same pattern as last season". Thursday is where it needs to change.

If the Pens can play the next game like they played the 3rd period of game 3, i like our chances.

Go Pens