Friday, May 29, 2009

Let The Games Begin

The Penguins will travel to Detroit this weekend for 2 games against the Dicks called the Redwings. The Wings outsted the Chicago Blackhawks in game 5 to Eliminate any chance of a long lay off between the Conference finals and the Stanley Cup finals. Look on every message board, the scheduling is a conspiracy to get Crosby the cup. I hope thats the case.

First things first, The Edmonton/Islanders comparison. They even had an interview with messier about this upcoming series and what happened in the oilers series. Their are definitely similarities but that was then and this is now. it's fun to talk about but it doesn't really mean anything.

Then the Hossa situation. Marian Hossa rejected the Pens offer and defected to the Reddicks because it was a better opportunity to win the Cup. I was upset about it at first, but the way things turned out, i think the Pens are better off now without him. It will be nice to watch him come up empty again. The Pens have a well rounded team that probably wouldn't be possible if Hossa was here chewing up the Salary cap.

The biggest thing for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one, is revenge. Since the end of game 6 last season I wanted a rematch. Revenge is the best motivation you can have. Forget about Hossa, For get about Edmonton, the fact that last season the Wings stood between the pens and the Cup is enough. It could have been a close series if we didn't spot them the 1st 2 games. Lidstrom and Datysuck injured? i hope not, I want the Pens to beat the best the Wings have to offer.

There is no mistaking the fact that the Reddicks do have a good team. World Class Talent, some of the best offensive defenseman in the League, 3rd and forth line players that could be top line talent on most teams in the league, some of the best defenseman in the league. The same thing applies to the Penguins. The Penguins have a clear cut edge in net. I don't care what anyone says about Osgood, The only people that call him an elite goalie are the Homers from Detroit. A product of the system if you ask me.

The 1st of back to back games is tomorrow night in The dump that is called Detroit.

Go Pens


Originalsixer said...

Cute post. Kinda girlie. Yup. I'm a Detroit homie that thinks Ozzie Dangerfield's not the liability you hope he would be. His name's on THE CUP enough to shut you out on that one. Here's a little'heads-up' for Cyndy and Milkie!

Toad268 said...

Yes, this was a game of bounces. To be exact, three of them. All leading to Detroit goals. I believe that this game will prove to be the easiest for the Wings. They will see a whole new level of tenacity and drive in game two tomorrow night. I also don't see too many changes from our perspective. I like how we played. I don't like the back to backs, but it is out of our hands. I have confidence that the Pens will prevail. Don't worry.

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Toad268 said...

Think about it. It could be taken two different ways. It could mean last years finals, where we went down two games to none. We eventually lost in six to these same Detroit Redwings. It could also be referring to the Conference Semifinals against the Washington Capitals this year, where we ended up ahead three games to two and eventually won the series in seven games. What do you think? I have my opinion, and I think I am right.

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