Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 Down...

As round 3 begins I feel myself no more at ease than rounds 1 & 2. The last 2min or so of that game seemed to last forever! I know what these Hurricanes have done in the first 2 rounds. It seems so intense this year. One game 7 after another. Nobody wants to give up! Especially these Canes. They play until the final buzzer! Fleury almost saw that resilience first hand on a deflection off Eric Staal's stick in the last minute or so of regulation.
Fleury was not to be beaten! So all of you who had questions about our so called goal tending issue, you can shut up now! The PENS are gettin' it done!
As for the Staal dilemma. I love my #11! P.Sqy, the goals will come! Stop being such a hard ass. He's a beast.
Once again fans, their job is to play 60min of hockey! Our job as fans is to CHEER for 60min of hockey! If you're lucky enough to be at a playoff game, do not get caught on camera sitting there picking your nose!


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