Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh Where Art Thou Malkin??

Where is Malkin you ask?? I ask, where are the Penguins? Because Malkin won the Art Ross Trophy it has become his fault the pens are losing??? What about the rest of the team? How bout Staal, Letang or hell even Sykora. Sure Malkin should be scoring goals but how long do you think Malkin and Crosby can carry the team on their shoulders. I hold Penguins fans to a higher standard than Steelers fan but its getting harder to tell the difference! Everybody screaming for MVP two weeks ago and now id swear some are Flyers fan's ! Wheres the support and dedication. If you want to blame somebody maybe you look at who was suppose to be defending Ovechkin, or who was Suppose to be Goaltending?? Its called a TEAM!!

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