Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aim for his Head Dammit

So Sidney Crosby is down 0-2 against the The Capitals so far. Last nights game could have went either way, and again it didn't go our way. Until someone else scores a goal the Pittsburgh Penguins will now be recognized as Sidney Crosby. You don't say the Pens play tomorrow night, you say Sidney Crosby plays tomorrow night. He just put this team on his back and is trying to get them through it, but without any help i don't know if the even the great Crosby can accomplish this. Even the Ever so impressive Alex Ovechkin needed a little help last night to accomplish this feet. It doesn't take much, One goal here, one goal there. Ovechkin got help from Steckel, Crosby got help from Nobody.

I can't say anything about Fleury, He may be getting out played by the rookie, but he is playing well enough to win some games. Fleury made a bunch of key saves to keep this under-achieving team in it. Once you go beyond those two, there is nothing. The Art Ross trophy winner has disappeared as usual, whether thats has more to do with him or his less than Stellar Wingers, it needs to be turned around. The Potent 3rd line has fizzled out to nothing more than filler.

The only difference from game 1 to game 2 was i though the Capitals played a lot better for the most part, but Sidney Crosby still had the better of the play. The Power play finally produces a goal. Things were looking up. And it would have been fine if Crosby and Ovechkin would have kept trading off. but Steckel had to get his lucky ass in there. The Puck deflects right to him, Fleury was there, but it looked like there was a little room under his pad.

But at the end of the day good teams take advantage of home ice, The Capitals took advantage of home ice, now it's the Pens turn to do the same. We take the next 2 at home, get the momentum, steal game 5, finish at home. This is how I see all of this playing out, in my head anyways.

The one thing that I was wrong about, and now worries me is this goaltender for the Caps. I thought the Sidney Crosby (formally known as the Pens) could get to him but, He has been nothing but amazing for the first 2 games. So the question arises, How do you get into the head of a young goalie? The answer is quite simple, take a page from the Philly Philosophy ( I know, I went There) the first 5 or 10 shots in game three should be hard slapshot from anywhere on the ice and aimed directly at Varlomovs' head. This is exactly what Philly did to Ron Tugnutt in the Eastern Conference finals. None of the shots hit him, but it did get him thinking, as a matter of fact, I don't think we won another game after that. Get something like that in the back of his mind, and he will start opening up a little.

The Sidney Crosby will get back into this at home.

Game three Tomorrow

Go Sidney Crosbys'

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