Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Varlamov or however you say it, spell it or pronounce it. Anyway, we need to shake this kid up! And that means hammering him with shots. And that means you Staal, and you Malkin and you Cooke and would somebody please wake up Sykora! For crying out loud get a few behind the kid. I cannot say anymore than PSqy has already about Crosby doing all the work in this series. Fleury is playing well. He is keeping them in it while they are turning the puck over and failing to score. They can't even keep the puck out of their own end. I don't even think Malkin knows that we are in a new series.

We have to start to play like a team again. Ovechkin. Snaggle toothed retard. I have never seen someone so ugly. No matter how ugly or retarded he is, his team was still there to back him up. We can win this series. We really can. It's up to you fans tomorrow night that are lucky enough to have tickets. Show your team that you love them and scream your full heads off! We are the best fans around with the best team in hockey! So let's rock the Caps!

It is frustrating, cause I know we can win this! LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!

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