Friday, May 15, 2009

And Now We Know

The Pens vs. Carolina Hurricanes in the Eastern Conference finals. The Canes knocked off the number one seeded Boston Bruins last night in Game 7.

The Pens get through Philly in 6 games, it takes them 7 games to get through the Caps, both huge rivals. Now the Pens play Carolina. I hated Philly and I hated the Caps going in. That makes it even better as a fan. How can I build a healthy hate for the Hurricanes. We don't see them much through out the regular season, There is no playoff history, and on top of that, Tom Barrasso is there goalie coach and Ron Francis is an assistant coach, both of which i have a lot of respect for because of what they did for the Pens. It's going to take at least 2 games for me to start hating this team.

One thing the Pens have going for them is home ice advantage this series, and something that maybe overlooked a bit is the fact that Jordan Staal always elevates his game when he is playing against a family member. Which I know it won't take me very long to get sick of "Jordan and Eric are brothers" every 5 minutes.

The series doesn't get underway until Monday. Go Pens

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