Monday, May 4, 2009

Game 2-More of the Same?

Is is a bad thing to say you want more of the same coming off a 3-2 loss to the Capitals. For the most part of game one i thought the Pens put it to the Caps. Sure there was a little let down in the middle of the second, but for the most part that game was ours to lose. Take away Matt Cookes idiotic penalty and that is a completely different game. I was actually impressed with the way the Pens played considering it was a 1:00 start. We all know how the Pens handle afternoon games.

Orpik and Fedo got there signals crossed which led to another Washington Goal. Fleury maybe shouldn't have given that rebound up, and listening to Mcguire, Maf should be kicked out of the league for making such a horrific play. you wanna blame that game on Fleury go ahead. I'm pinning it solely on the so-called power play the Pens are putting on the ice. The Capitals aren't afraid to push the Envelope on interference or obstruction because what happens if the refs do catch it? Absolutely nothing. The Power Play needs to light up. o-17 and 0 for 4 games, thats not going to get you far in the playoffs.

Something else that didn't happen. i was waiting all game for the big Kunitz hit to set the tone for the game, but nothing. Did he even play? oh yeah he dished it to Crosby for the big save. other than that, he was a non-factor.

There is a lot of talk about the Save Varlamov made and don't get me wrong it was a beauty, but lets talk about the Mark Eaton goal. He saves that one, he doesnt need to make the stop on Crosby, or the goal Crosby scored, in my opinion, stoppable. Seems to me that glove side is where you wanna be shooting. 36 shots on net for the Pens. keep it the same but get some bodies in front the net, Varlamov will be a spectator on the bench.

So Game 2 is tonight? A must win? nah. We can spot them another one if it makes them feel better. There is no doubt in my mind the Pens are the better team, it just depends on which team wants to show up. I will continue leaving the room for Power plays until we score one or the league makes a rule allowing teams to decline Penalties.

7:00 on Versus

Go Pens

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