Thursday, May 7, 2009

From Now on, That's the Way You Play

The Pens needed a win last night, and thats just what they did. Things that have been talked about in papers and on message boards all over, like waking Malkin up, secondary scoring, containing AO were all settled last night. Fedotenko, Malkin and Letang were the goal scorers. Crosby was his normal show stopping self, but came up short in the goal category. AO would have done the same if it wasn't for the gift that Fleury gave him early in the game. I really don't know what happend but why did it Have to be AO there.

That was a bad way to start the game and it really took the legs out from under the Pens for the 1st 10 minutes or so of the first period. After that, it was 60 minutes of Penguin domination. The Pens were firing shot after shot at the Caps Rookie netminder, Holding the Caps in their own zone for extended time, but it still took a 30 minutes of Hockey to get the game tied. Fedo got what i would call a lucky bounce off a Capital defenseman to pot the first goal. If Dupuis knew that you are allowed to shoot the puck up stairs he would have had the second goal, but instead he slid it across the ice to make Varlamov look even better than he already is.

Malkin on the other hand knows where to put the puck. On one of the 7 power plays the Caps are still whining about, Malkin move into the shot and wrists one right under the crossbar to give the Pens the lead. Hopefully that goal will get some pressure off the shoulders of Malkin and he will continue to dominate in the games to come. That goal would give the Pens a one goal lead that they would hold on to until 2:28 left in the 3rd period, when Dupuis would put the Caps on a power play. "I seriously was hoping there was a little trap [door], so I could go right in the penalty box," Dupuis said. yeah, no shit dude. He owes me a goal for that one. It wouldn't take long for Backstrom to tie the game up and send this thing into overtime.

A little more than half and overtime period is what it would take for Letang to win it for us. Directly off a faceoff win by Crosby, Letang send a slap shot that defrects off a Caps defenseman in settles in behind Varlamov. Game over. The Pens are still down a game, but 2-1 feels a lot better than 3-0.

This is maybe the best Playoff series I've ever watched. Both teams loaded offensively, Both goaltenders are making unbelievable saves and bith teams are laying out checks all over the ice, with both teams being loaded with young talent, we are almost certainly going to see this for years to come.

Next Game Friday in Pittburgh. Go Pens.

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