Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now Bring it Home

The Pens went from down 0-2, to up 3-2 in the best of seven series with the Washington Capitals. The Back to back games came out almost the way the Pens wanted them to. The only problem I would think they would have with it, is the loss of Gonch from a Knee on Knee hit from Alex Ovechkin. One thing i learned from watching this series, The only difference between AO and every other Goon in the League is AO can score, he can't pass or play defense, but he has a shot. The Blatant slew foot on Malkin in the Corner in game 5 was also a good one. Gonchars agent is Clearly calling out the NHL for what he is calling out the Nhl's double standard on what they consider Punishable hits. Did anyone actually think AO would be fined or suspended for the hit. I'm not surprised and it will more than likely happen again. The problem is, the NHL won't do anything about it so discipline will happen on the ice. AO's time is coming. Karma can be a wonderful thing.

As far as the games go. I thought game 5 may have been the worst game the Pens played this series and they still come out with a win. Again, the scoring was spread around, Other than Ovechkins goal from the parking lot, Fleury was solid. How Solid was Feds? This guy is definately showing up in this series. 1 for 2 on the Power play, the 1 being the overtime winner. An attempted pass from Malkin to Crosby that was deflect by the Caps d-man Tom Poti. It makes it better that a Capital actually lost both overtime games for them. It will give them something to think about.

It was also nice to see Jordan Staal finally get on the board. He has been huge in this playoffs, And if he starts putting the Puck in the net, there is no telling what would happen. Next up, Kunitz needs to get a goal or 2.

The Penguins did a complete 180 on this series, Wining there 2 home games and stealing one in Washington. With a 3-2 lead the Pens have a chance to close out the series in Pittsburgh on Monday night. No word yet on Gonchar but, if i were a betting man, i would probably put my money on Gogo.

Game 6 at home, up 3-2. Surely The Pens know what they need to do.

"Against a team like that you want to put them away as soon as possible. We don't want to let them stick around."- Brooks Orpik

Go Pens

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