Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Game 7-It's big time now

The Pens let the Caps off the mat and back into the fight with a game 6 overtime loss in Pittsburgh none the less. First thing about the game that comes to mind is the Crowd. This is a Hockey game your allowed to make noise. It seemed like the crowd was completely out of it even though there wasn't a moment we were out of the game. If anyone in attendance can tell me different let me know.

The Pens had this game for the most part, but if you out shoot your opponent 18-5 in the 1st period and can only muster one goal you give them a chance. The game should have been over in the 1st but no dice. The Penguins severely out shot their opponent the entire game, Washington had no business being within 3 goals but, as i always say, the goaltender is the great equalizer and Varlamov definitely gave the caps a chance to win. I can't say Fleury played bad. I wouldn't blame him for any of the 5 goals the Caps got behind him. He had a few nice saves in the process. I can however give a little advice to Hal Gill, if you want to play goal, clear it with the coaches and let Fleury know. I'm not saying Fleury would have made that save, but he would have had a better chance at it. The game was like every other game this series, total domination by the penguins but unable to get a 2 or 3 goal lead. The Power play was clicking, Goal scoring machine, Mark Eaton, Pots one with 33 seconds left in a period, Crosby was a beast all night, The Pens were keeping the caps bottled up in their own end, everything was working. Except for getting more goals behind Varlamov. I know 4 goals should be enough, but sometimes it isn't.

So now we have to wait for a game 7 in Washington on Wednesday. Is the Momentum on the Capitals side? Maybe. So far the the momentum swings have been so unpredictable, if they do have the momentum, it could change in a hurry. We proved we can win in that building before and there is no reason to believe we can't do it again. i will put my faith in the fact that Sidney Crosby does not accept defeat lightly. The Captain will again put this team on his shoulders and take them to the next round. Malkin has not made his statement yet, Fleury has not stolen a game yet, Kunitz has not even put on in the net yet. This series is far from over.

So on Wednesday let the better team win, and if you have been watching this series, it is clearly the Penguins.

Go Pens

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