Thursday, May 14, 2009

Game 7? That's All You Have Left?

I must say, after the game 6 loss, the stress level endured, the sleepless nights, the constant worrying, considering all outcomes of how the Pens could win and how the Pens could lose only to reach game time and have a blow out like this. Fleury started off the Penguin dominance with a huge save off an cherry picking Ovechkin. That goal goes in, things may have been different, who knows, but it was just nice to see Fleury finally get the upper hand. Thats about all the Caps had left in the tank. The Pens would score, and score often. The game was over early in the second period. AO would get a gift from Fleury to get a goal, again i was saying to myself, "why did it have to be him." Someone else scored for the Caps, but by that time it was irrelevant.
It took 7 games to get to the young goalie, but the Penguins finally did. The Pens played game 7 pretty much the same way they played every other game, only this time the brick wall was more like a picket fence. Varlamov was chased in 2nd period after giving up 4 goals. It was a tough game for the goalie, but the way he played this series the Caps and their fans shouldn't be complaining. He kept them in games they had no business being in.
Ovechkin is a Dick we all know that, but i hated seeing number 8 go through the neutral zone with speed, thats for sure. He has a Wicked shot and can score when it looks like there is nothing available. The taking runs at people and leaving his feet for big hits will turn around and bite him at some point. Last night may have been one of those occasions, he takes his usual mile and a half race at Malkin only to miss and put Backstrom flat on his face. Rumor coming out of Washington is Backstrom called the NHL and demanded Ovie get fined for the hit. After Ovechkin and Varlamov and maybe Backstrom there was a big drop off in production, Semin couldn't hit the net to save his life. Mike Green Was breaking in a new stick, that was his excuse anyways. Fedorov was there i guess.
If I was giving out the MVP for this series it would be Sidney Crosby, hand down. He simply would not let the Pens lose. Unsung hero award goes to Fedo. That dude definately showed up for this series.
It was maybe the best hockey i have ever watched, but its time to move on. The Pens take on the winner between Carolina and Boston tonight. The series is tied at 3. If Carolina wins the Pens will enjoy home ice advantage, but i have a feeling we will be playing Boston. Either way, i like our chances.

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