Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He Shoots It Wide

I'm sure everyone heard that Forbes Magazines voted the Penguin fans the best in the League. Well, we definitely earned it last night. It takes a special kind of fan to watch the Pukefest that took place at Mellon Arena last night. My Hatred for the Devil is the highest it has ever been, It's almost in the same ballpark as Philly right now. To be honest, Winning that game last night was not the biggest thing on my mind yesterday, It was just scoring a goal, Is that too much to ask? in 60 minutes of play score a goal. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of respect for Marty Brodeur and I wanted him to get his shut out record, I just didn't want it to happen against the Penguins. I only like the Pens associated with records that they accomplish, not the one accomplished against them.

the Devils opened up the Scoring early in the 1st period when Bryce Salvador (seriously) scored from the circle. Thats no joke, it was Salvador. Gonchar decided Fleury was getting an unfair advantage by being able to see the Puck so he sets a nice screen in front. When the devils score early, the rest of the game is pretty much worthless. The 1st period ended that way. 1-0 Devils.

The 2nd period didn't go very well. Goligoski was called for being stupid late in the 1st so the devils would start the 2nd period with the man advantage. yeah that went well. Some no name who can only score against the Penguins ruins the Chances of Maf being the starter for team Canada. The Following few minutes will go down as total domination. The Pens looked like a junior team. It actually looked like the Devils were shooting 3 different pucks at Fleury. I couldn't keep up with all the Rubber flying by him.

So with the Pens down 4-0 whats left? The Leafs and Sabres were playing over on versus. That one is heading into overtime. (The Sabres would get the game winner, dont ask me who scored it though.) You can't do that. I never once turned the Channel during a Pens game in my life, I decided to sit through this thing just hoping the Pens would get a lucky bounce and get on by Marty. The only one getting lucky was Brodeur. Crosby would hit the pipe late in the 3rd marking the first scoring chance the Pens would get in the game. There was 1:40 on the clock.

On a side note, I have been Practicing to do NHL Play by Play and who better to learn from than the great Paul Steigerwald, Seriously, I've been his worst critic at times but this guy is lights out this season. Stiegy with Errey? it doesn't get any better. Anyways this is what I know. When the Pens are on a power play this is what you say, "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide", "He Shoots it Wide". Sometimes throw in Malkin and you can handle a Pens power play.

**The scary part is we will meet these guys in the spring.

**Jordan Staal is a beast. Did anyone expect him to finish that game.

** "Not as hard as Hobey Baker went down, though. He went down in a plane crash." That was Epic.

**Congrats Marty Brodeur, it would be hard to argue that there ever was a Goalie better than him........Hasek and Roy?

Go Pens

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