Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IT was Bound To Happen

It was a night of firsts for the Carolina Hurricanes. Alberts gets his first goal since California Seals changed their name to the Oakland Seals, but not only that, last night marked the first road victory for the Hurricanes since the Semi finals of last years playoffs. thats 1 win in 16 tries or something. Like I always say around here, if it's gonna happen for the first time, is gonna happen against Pittsburgh.

The Penguins came out flat in the first period and were not prepared for the offensive Juggernaut that is the Carolina Hurricanes. The Pens just decided to let the Canes dictate the play for most of, if not all, of the first period. It's just something that shouldn't happen to a far more superior team. Bill Guerin tried his luck against Tim Gleason to maybe ignite the the Pens. Guerin might have ended up on top, but if you ask me he took an ass whoopin. The Ass whoopin did work for the rest of the period, and even into the 2nd before Whitney made it an embarrassing 3-0 Carolina. The kid deciding enough was enough, puts the team on his back, as he does far more times than he should need to, puts the Pens on the board about 6 minutes into the middle period, making the score a, still embarrassing but not as much, 3-1 canes. 49 seconds later none other than Mike Rupp pulls the Pens within 1. Rupp is making Ray Shero look like more of a genius than he already is. At this point did anyone think the Canes even stood a chance to win the game. The Pens are down by 1 in the middle of the 2nd, put it in the books, the Pens win this one. Not this time though, the Mike Rupp goal would be the final goal scored and the Pens fall 3-2 against the Canes.

It wasn't without great chances for the pens. in the final 30 minutes of play the Pens did manage 2 failed power plays. All the message boards and chat sites are calling for Mike Yeo's head. He just doesn't know what he's doing. Well, How about Malkin not cough the puck up every time he touches it. He was just not on at all last night. Their were glimpses of him at times, but i found myself in the 3rd period screaming at the TV "don't give to Malkin he'll cough it up. Guerin almost tied it up late in the 2nd but it took him 25 minutes to settle the puck giving Gleason time to get his stick in the way. It's alright, The older you get the slower you get, 10 years ago thats money.

2 points you waste now is 2 points you don't have in March and the Pens definitely wasted 2 points.

Letestu is heading back to WBS. He was called up for the Crosby injury. he had a good game against the Hawks, we will see this kid again.

Fatso tied Terry Sawchuck with 103 career shutouts against the Sabres last night. a 22 save shut out.

The Leaders in Goonery lost another game last night. I know, it's not really big news but isn't it great seeing the Flyers struggle. How about getting a goalie?

Talk about Hockey Player being tough, The Islanders Brendon Witt Was hit by an F'ing car and is still planning on playing tonight. Its seems Philly will do anything to get an advantage right now. Paying fans to run over the opposing team is about as low as you can go. Stay Classy Philly.

Alex Ovechkin returns after a 2 game suspension and scores 2 goals for the Caps. Maybe the Flyers can arrange to get him hit by a car. Their would be nothing he could do to retaliate, you can't take a car out at the knees.

Next up The Montreal Canadiens on Thursday. Go Pens

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