Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's All Good

What is Wrong with this Flyers team? I'm about as far from a Flyers fan as one can get and I don't really buy into this team having "so much Talent", but i do agree that they should at least stand a chance to win a game or 2. Last night marked the 2nd game of the season between the Flyers and the Pens. The Pens won both games, the first was a tight 5-4 game, but last night was just brutal. The Pens just manhandled the Flyers from the drop of the Puck.

All this top Talent that the Flyers seem to have didn't show up last night. Where was the worlds best Captain Mike Richards at. If you ask me to name one thing he did last night I would have trouble because I dont Remember seeing him. Jeff Carter, a 40 goal scorer, Rang one off the pipe and got run over by Crhis Kunitz, Scott Hartnell took his usual dumbass penalty late in the game to ensure the Flyers defeat. I've said it about the Flyers before, you can win as many fights as you want, but at the end of the day, thats all it will be. I dont even want to bring up thier goaltending issue. Goaltending wins championships and right now the Flyers aren't even close to having it.

It is the 1st game of a Home and Home for the Pens and Flyers and if the Flyers continue this way it will be a long week for them. Now this post might make it look like I care about the direction the Flyers are going, don't let it full you, The downward spiral that Philly is something that lights up my day like nothing else, But it's hard to continue a rivalry that has been so one sided for 3 seasons now. I guess if the Flyers continue to goon it up every game that will keep a healthy hatred going but it has nothing to do with me worrying about losing to the Flyers anymore. Maybe the front office may consider changing more than just the head coach. Maybe try to win games instead of trying to beat your opponent into submission. The days of throwing your weight and pushing hockey teams around are over. Now it seems you have to have a little talent to go along with the Grit.

Our Friends At Bestonium

Is anyone even going to watch the game on Thursday?

Go Pens

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